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5 Best 5w30 Synthetic Oil – Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

Best 5w30 synthetic oil

Are you looking for the Best 5w30 Synthetic Oil? You are in the right place.

You need to pick such oil that performs better and does not need to change often.

What is the primary organ or part of our unique body system? Have a guess, its heart. Because of Heart, our body functions beautifully.

Like our body, the central part of a vehicle is an engine. An engine is the heart of a car.

As we are unable to do anything without our heart, same systems apply to the vehicle. Because of the engines, vehicle functions smoothly.

As humans, we need to maintain ourselves with healthy foods. And the engine needs oil to work. But there are thousands of varieties of oils.

The perfect fuel for your vehicle is synthetic oil. As the right foods keep our heart healthy, synthetic oil cleans your vehicle’s engine and keeps it healthy. It increases the viscosity index.

You know there are lots of motor oil company in the market. But most of the oil is not good for engine protection. Scientist saw it as a huge problem, so they invented synthetic oil to solve it.

Synthetic oil provides extended performance than most of the oil found in the market; it also protects the engine wear of your vehicle from getting damage and keeps the engine clean and healthy.

Synthetic oil is a type of good lubricant for your vehicle engine. It keeps it lubricated so that it can deliver high performance without any problem.

There are different type of synthetic oils found on the market for different engines. Examples: 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-40, 5W-30 and many more. 5w-40 synthetic motor oil is the latest.

Also, have a look at the best octane boosters for better performance. Also, have a look at the best synthetic engine oil review for more options.

Best 5w30 Synthetic Oil Comparison Chart: 

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5 Best 5w30 Synthetic Oil Reviews:

1. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oil:AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oil

Amsoil is one of the oldest synthetic oil manufacturers. It started its production in 1972 and still manufactures it.

It is one of the best synthetic motor oil brands in the synthetic oil industry. They are bringing synthetic oils with a lot of additives in a bottle.

AMSOIL Signature Series provides high protection for the engine life of your vehicle. It is balanced, so it doesn’t go too thick or thin.

It brings lots of features to the table. This product improves strength and helps to run smoothly.

They provide high protection to the engine. Besides that, Synthetic Oil also stops most of the problems that are caused by conventional oils. It would not wear and tear the engine because they apply some advanced formula for preventing it.

This oil also provides high mileage. AMSOIL brings this fantastic synthetized oil with cool features because of the additives. Though it is costly, it’s worth it. They are compatible with most fuels and engines.

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2. Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Review:Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

One of the most trusted synthetic oil companies is Mobil 1. NASCAR industries and supercar industries believe in this company. The additive technology is very high.

Mobil 1 gained trust by delivering high-quality synthetic oil. It comes with a lot of features.

The best part is, no additives are mixed with it. This improves engine performance a lot. Some of the features are smooth oil flow, no blockage, very high mileage. Best motor oil for high mileage engines

With high mileage vehicles, you don’t have to worry about changing oils for months. Mobil 1 5w30 motor oil also protects your critical engine parts actively. This a heavy-duty engine oil that provides high lubrication in multi-valve fuel arrangements.

Mobil 1 synthetic oil is also balanced oil which can be used in almost every auto. Mobil 1 can also be used in winter seasons too.

This is recommended or can be used by big vehicles like truck, SUV and many more. This oil is the best motor oils for new cars. it helps with the ignition time. this is one of the best synthetic engine oil.

People who tried to use this oil was pleased with its performance as it is quieter and smoother than most of the synthetic and mineral oils.

They can generally go up to 10-12 miles without changing the oil. It is different from conventional motor oils. This is one of the best oil for 6 powerstroke.

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3. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil:Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

There are only a few 100% synthetic and regular oil companies. Pennzoil is one of the companies provides high quality 100% synthetic blend oil.

Pennzoil is trusted by many of the big car engine manufacturer and supercar companies because of their unbeatable high-quality product.

It provides lots of features. Pennzoil protects and keeps the parts of the engine lubricated, so the engine remains smooth and noise-free. Because of this, the noise from the engine reduces a lot.

Some other impressive features are, no sludge or blockage build-up, almost no problems in high temperatures, no leakage, high mileage and many more. They work well in cold weather condition.

This oil is the best oil in its price range. The customers all over the world loved this for its impressive performance.

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4. Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil:Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

The royal purple company manufactures one of the best synthetic oil mixed with useful additives.

Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil provides the feature of 100% synthetic diesel engine oil at a much lower price.

This company is famous for manufacturing its impressive quality. Royal purple provides high protection, enhance the performance of the engine and many more.

People all over the world were very impressed by its feature and quality.

People were also happy as it was cheap than most of the competitors.

People were delighted to invest in such a product which has the quality and performance of top synthetic oil brands at low cost. It gives lubrication and wear protection. This is one of the best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel.

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5. Castrol 03084 EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil:Castrol 03084 EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol is a very famous oil brand. They sponsored lots of car racing teams.

They also hosted many substantial racing tournaments. Lots of award-winning race teams have used Castrol’s oil. It has been around in the oil market for quite long.

Professional racers highly trust them. Castrol is also believed by many of the supercars manufactures for their impressive high-quality oil.

It brings high protection to the engine, smooth transaction, almost no noise from the engine, high mileage, no sludge build up, great cleaning and lot more. No wonder why supercar drivers or car owners use this. It also works well in extreme temperatures.

All these features come with no side effect as no additives are mixed with the oil, that means its 100% synthetic motor oil.

Castrol edge synthetic oil is the best and most premium oil on the market. This premium oil is a bit expensive. But with the features and quality the oil provides, I think it is a reasonable price.

What I assure you is you used this oil one you will be in love with it. Castrol works in almost every vehicle. This is a good diesel engine oil.

People who invested in this oil was highly satisfied with its performance. I highly recommend you to check this oil for your car.

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How to choose the best 5w30 synthetic oil:

Choosing the right product is very crucial. Always have a good oil break down. Use the best oil drain pan for effortless work. For this you should consider the following factors:


High-grade synthetic oil reacts differently at a different temperature. If the temperature is at 0 degrees F, the Synthetic crude becomes thick.

If it becomes thick, then you might have to face some issues as more power is needed in the engine to keep the smooth flow.

At 212 degrees F then the Synthetic oil starts to get thin. If Synthetic oil gets too thin, then it won’t serve its purpose. The velocity also depends on the use of the car.


Almost every Synthetic oil has its unique additives to solve problems like the blockage, slug build up, oil leaking. Additives also improve lifespan, provide better lubrication to prevent friction, dirt, and many more.

Always have a good look at the base oil and additives. Make sure it supports diesel and gasoline engines.


The price range is high. But cheap oil can cause a lot of problems. If you buy cheap synthetic oil, then you might end up getting an inferior product too.

Regular conventional oil does a lot of damage to the engine, so it’s always better to buy synthetic oil than traditional crude. So choose wisely.


Almost all manufactured oil provides high mileage. But some artificial oil fails to do that because of poor manufacture. And these poorly manufactured oils are very cheap, so some people fall into the trap.

Be careful from this poorly constructed synthetic oil. Improved fuel economy and fuel efficiency are very important.

Regional temperature:

The temperature of every region in the world is different. And fully synthetic oil reacts differently in a different heat. Thus it doesn’t work up to its full potential.

So buy the one which can tolerate and works perfectly at your regional temperature. Always use the best oil filter for extra support and benefit. Good driving conditions will support your vehicle. Use good injector cleaners.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Extend engine life:

Synthetic oil can remove deposits and keep clean that helps your engine to run smoothly and efficiently. And thus, it extends the engine’s lifespan and other components.

Improve fuel mileage:

You know that high-quality synthetic oil reduces the friction between the components that usually increase MPG.

How synthetic oil is good for your car:


Choosing the best 5w30 synthetic oil can be a pain. So we took the initiative and found the best synthetic engine oils on the market. Synthetic lube saves your engine from being damaged.

This fuel keeps you from wasting lots of money after engine repair. The above mention synthetic oils give the best performance in the market, and we can assure you it will be a significant investment and you won’t regret it.