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5 Best AC Recharge Kit – Review and Buying Guide [2021]

Are you using R 13 refrigerant on your car? That’s why you cannot recharge your AC with the DIY process! Cause, this is only applicable in R12 old model vehicles.

But modern automobiles use only R13 type refrigerant. So what is the best way to recharge your AC?

In this case, using a good quality ac recharge kit can give you a perfect solution like high quality radiator stop leaks.

Most of the garage you will find out a common type recharge unit. But it cannot provide you with a useful result. Below, I am presenting you with a list of high-class products. These can ensure you an expected sound service. You should try the best fog light as well.

Let’s take a closer look:

Best AC Recharge Kit Review Comparison Chart:

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5 Best AC Recharge Kit Review

1. Interdynamics A/C Pro Ultra Synthetic A/C Recharge R-134a (20 ounces): (Best of the best):

Interdynamics A/C Pro Ultra Synthetic A/C Recharge R-134a (20 ounces)About the manufactured goods:

Key features:
A. compatible:
The product is suitable for the maximum categories of vehicles. You will get a flexible operating process. Also, it ensures adequate safety. Another cool thing is you can use it for a more extended period. Cause, the device is highly durable.

B. Leak-proof:
It comes with an excellent sealing mechanism. It actively seals the surface area and prevents leakage. That’s why there is no chance to penetrate foreign dust and bacteria. Even it protects bad odor and gives you a fresh feeling.

C. Provided ingredients:
The given elements are 100 % safe for the environment as well as for the human body. It contains a lubricant and ultra synthetic gas and a duct cleaner.

D. Others:

To use this product, at first, you have to identify the low-pressure AC port correctly. Otherwise, you can not use this item. You may watch the manufacturer’s video that will be helpful for you.

The product comes with a pressure gauge that is easy to use, and the hose attachment is also pretty decent quality. And you can reuse it.

After successfully use this item, you will get cooler air conditioning, and you will feel a big difference between before and after.

Things you will like:
1. Durable
2. Simple mechanism

1. A bit costly.

Item specification:
1. Product weight: 2.1 lbs
2. Dimensions: 13.8 inches x 7.7 inches x 3.8 inches
3. Model Name: ACP-100N

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2. Robinair (34288) CoolTech R-134A Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine (Editor’s top choice):

Robinair (34288) CoolTech R-134A Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging MachineAbout the product:
Robinair is a leading name in the market competition. This is very demandable and reliable to the end-users. It comes with a lot of unique properties and facilities.

Key features:

A. Simple application:
The device is a plug and play system. It makes the working process easier and faster. You will get a straight-forward quick set-up feature. Comparatively, it is more helpful to new users.

B. Facilities:
The product presents an auto oil drain. The drain passes the excess oil easily. Also, you are getting a refill and air plug. You will like most its beautiful multilingual display. The display gives you the updates data and information. It shows how much oil you need to replace.

C. Durability and applied areas:
This gives you a superb accuracy. It can recover and refill within a couple of minutes! The model is an ideal model for the maximum modern heavy and small duty cars. Moreover, you will get a satisfactory and durable service.
Overall, it is a great item. I highly recommend you to consider this.

The things you will like:
1. Simple and quick set-up system
2. User-friendly mechanism
3. Multilingual display

1. There is no severe level of problem.

1. Weight: 232 lbs
2. Package Dimension: 54 inches x 36 inches x 28 inches
3. Model/ Brand Name: Robinair

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3. Robinair RG3 Twin-Cylinder Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine – 115V AC, 60 Hz (Multiple functions):

Robinair RG3 Twin-Cylinder Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine - 115V AC, 60 HzAbout the manufactured goods:
This is another unusual item from the famous Robinair brand. It presents a lot of innovative advanced features. It gains the users` attention and reliability.

This recharge kit can do the job perfectly, especially for automotive applications. One drawback of this item is they do not provide a manual guide that could be a big problem if you are not a professional.

If you live in a hot climate, it is preferable for you. It will save a lot of money and help you a lot.

It can quickly find diagnostics chase problems. It makes your AC work job easier, and the product would be a worthy asset for your business.

key features:


The most remarkable property of RG3 is its impressive versatility. You can use the device in different areas. For example, it is pretty good for home use, office or other residential places. But it is most helpful and usable for your car.

Another great derivative of this gadget is it is very light in weight. The weight is merely 18 pounds! That makes it an easy carrying portable object.

Capacity and performance:
It has a high volume capacity that delivers you a great operation. It can recover both vapor and liquid. The process takes less time. It includes a condenser layout and a fan. These two materials do the primary function. Additionally, it confirms a quick and natural installation facility.

The model gives you an advanced auto safety formula. When the pressure crosses up to 500 psi, it automatically shut down the machine.

In a word, it is an excellent product. Defiantly, you can rely on it.

Things you will like:
1. Portable
2. Multiple in function
3. Safe and secured.

The set-up process is simple, but only for the experienced users.

1. Package Dimension: 14.8 inches x 11.4 inches 8.5 inches
2. Brand Name: Robinair
3. Model number: RG3
4. Voltages: 115 volts

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4. DuPont 3 Cans R-134a Suva A/C Automotive Refrigerant/Freon R134a (12oz Cans) (Universal fitting):

DuPont 3 Cans R-134a Suva A/C Automotive Refrigerant/Freon R134a (12oz Cans)About the manufactured goods:

DuPont 3 presents a couple of exclusive properties that intensifies its accuracy. That’s why it becomes the most reliable name towards the consumers.

key features:
A. Universal:
You can use the stuff for every type of the latest automobiles. Even it is perfected for old model cars. Cause it can recharge both R12 and R13 refrigerant. Also, you can use it on your residential areas for its superb versatile nature.

B. Zero additives:
The company confirms that you will never get any glue and other additives. It maintains purities issues and ensures your proper safety. That’s why there is no possibility of AC warming.

C. Cost-effective and flexible operation:
Comparatively, it is cheaper than other products. Additionally, the operating process is quite easy. Even new users can easily handle it without facing any problem.

In a word, DuPont is a fantastic brand. I highly suggest you own this excellent item and enjoy the result.

Things you will like:
1. Cost-effective
2. Maintains safety and purity
3. Flexible operation

1. No noticeable cons.

Weight: 15.8 ounces
Package Dimension: 8.9 inches x 4.8 inches x 2.7 inches
Model/ Brand Name: DuPont

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5. Arctic Freeze Ultra Synthetic Automotive Refrigerant 134A (22 oz.):

Arctic Freeze Ultra Synthetic Automotive Refrigerant 134A (22 oz.)About the manufactured goods:

Key features:
A. Easy installation and replacement system:

It is a perfect solution to charge your AC system. The device is an ultra synthetic auto refrigerant.

You will get a more comfortable and faster set-up procedure. Also, the removing and replacement system is trouble-less.

B. Seal-proof:
The device has a fantastic seal-resistant capability. It prevents dust and impunities. The powerful formula protects to build up moisture and acid. As a result, you keep safe and relax on the traveling time.

C. Accuracy:
Users like most of its excellent accuracy. It has an adjustable trigger that makes the operation more comfortable and more accurate.

The provided temperature dial and gauge give the exact data. So you will get an efficient performance with extreme durability.

Overall, it is a perfect product that maintains good quality. And you can take it at a reasonable price. In the experts’ eye, Arctic Freeze is one of the best ac recharge tools.

Things you will like:
1. Easy installment and replacement
2. Affordable
3. Versatile
4. No additional tools required

1. No Cons!

1. Weight: 8 ounces
2. Package Dimension: 11.4 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.9 inches
3. Model/ Brand Name: Arctic

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Recharge kit buying guide:

Four essential tips before buying a recharge kit-

1. Accuracy and capacity:

This is the most critical fact. But how can you judge its accuracy? Ok, I am unveiling the secrets.

If it includes sufficient features, you can handle it effortlessly. Also, it will help you to collect correct data.

2. Installation:

Always a good quality product gives a natural installment feature. It saves your time and labor cost. On the other hand, it should be easily removable too.

3. Safety:

Make sure; your selected right provide you with a perfect seal-proof feature.

4. Others:

Check the versatility, durability, and affordability. Always prefer a portable item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Why should I avoid DIY recharge system?

A: Yes, it is cheap, but you cannot get a reliable service. Even the performance is not satisfactory. The most alarming matter is it causes severe damage to your automobiles.

Q: How much time takes an AC charger to work?

A: The excellent class recharger needs less time to complete the work. The average time limit is 40 to 45 minutes. Within this time, it completely removes the old gas and replenishes with fresh refrigerant.

Q: Can I recharge the AC when the car is running?

A: Of course, you can. There is no problem with it.

Q: How does an AC recharger work?

A: The primary duty of this tool is refreshing the air. So it has to remove the old gas and refill it. The old gas is harmful to the human body.

Q: What is the standard PSI rate?

A: The low side PSI should be 30 at 90 degrees F. For the high team, the PSI rate is near about 50 plus.

Q: How do you know if your car ac needs recharged?

A: If you noticed the following signs, immediately you should charge the AC.

1. Minimizing cooling ability
2. Failing the clutch
3. Refrigerant Leaks


The standard features of my mentioned goods are-

1. These are highly efficient.
2. The provided functions are advanced in formula
3. These goods are 100 % safe and reliable.
4. Simple operation and easy maintenance
5. Long-lasting

So for expected feedback, my offered products could be your perfect option.