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5 Best Ball Joint Press – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

There are two parts to the car’s suspension system shock absorbers and ball joint, which should keep in good condition. The shock absorbers absorb the bumps, and the ball joints control driving in a straight line.

The car may occur something unwanted, or you may lose control while driving if it’s worn out.

Either you are a professional, or an automotive enthusiast’s ball joint press set is essential for you if you like to do repairs to your vehicle.

A ball joint press will help you to remove or replace ball joints from different types of vehicles.

It also has some uses like brake anchor pin replacement, tie rods, U-joints, and other specific automotive jobs. So if you are a vehicle’s owner, you should have good ball joint tools.

You may need to purchase kits with larger C-frames if you want to work on larger ball joint components. Professional mechanics should buy a large and expensive kit to fit the different requirements that they face.

It is impossible to replace ball joints without a ball joint press because they fit tightly together and need extreme pressure. You should use the best grease for ball joints with these.

Let’s take a closer look at find out your desired one.

Best Ball Joint Press Comparison Chart:

5 Best Ball Joint Press Reviews [2021]:

1. Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press – U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4×4 Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks:

Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press - U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4x4 Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks

About the item:

It is a perfect toolkit for beginners and experienced mechanics to meet all your mechanical needs.

This tool is made of professional-grade material, making it very durable. They are also suitable for removing corroded and rusted parts.

The instruments are also fully compatible with a large variety of automobiles. It will fit most American domestic and imported 2WD and 4WD cars and light pickup trucks.

This package also includes a 3x receiving tube and all other kits that you may need for replacing ball joints for different vehicles.

This tool is easy to use and contains all the components that you may need, like receiving-tube, removal adapter, and install cup adapter.

It is a heavy-duty forged steel tool that is good for the removal or installation of press-fit parts. It is also capable of removing rusted and corroded parts.

You can also use this item to replace universal joints. This joint service tool can be used for light trucks.

Things you will like:

  • Professional grade quality
  • Portable and durable toolset
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Custom molded case
  • Long-lasting ball joint press tool

Product information:

  • Brand: Orion Motor Tech
  • Item Weight: 17.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14-inch x 11.9 x 3.5 inches
  • Exterior: Painted Steel

2. ABN Ball Joint Press Tool Set – 10Pc Ball Joint Remover Tool Ball Joint Press Kit Service Tool Kit with Adapters:

ABN Ball Joint Press Tool Set - 10Pc Ball Joint Remover Tool Ball Joint Press Kit Service Tool Kit with Adapters

About the item:

The ABN Ball Joint Press is designed to use for years. It is an outstanding ball joint tool package that is made with heavy-duty forged steel. 

You can easily carry this tool as well as store it. This is because it has a sophisticated shaped container that securely protects the equipment.

This package comes with a total of 10 pieces in the box, so you don’t need any extra equipment for repairing or removing the ball joint.

You can also use this item for removing or replacing control arm bushings. You might be effective these tools for lower and upper control arm bushings.

The package includes the essential kit like the removal adapters, C-frame press, and screw, among others.

This tool makes the critical tasks easy for you, like the u-joints, ball joints, and brake anchor pins. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Things you will like:

  • Blow-molded carrying case
  • It will last for long term service
  • Made with durable materials
  • Super easy to use and comfortable
  • It contains all the tools that you may need for your automobile job
  • Include 4WD adapters
  • Compatible with most of the vehicle

Product information:

  • Brand: ABN
  • Item Weight: 18.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 15 inches

3. Orion Motor Tech 22PCS Master Ball Joint Press | Upper and Lower Ball Joint Removal Tool | Automotive Mechanic Tool Set:

Orion Motor Tech 22PCS Master Ball Joint Press | Upper and Lower Ball Joint Removal Tool | Automotive Mechanic Tool Set

About the item:

If you are a professional, this Ball Joint Press might be the best choice for you. OrionMotor is such a brand that never compromises its quality.

The product Constructed from carbon steel, which has high tensile stress and will instantly become your favorite item.

This tool set comes with everything that you may need. Not only that, it includes some multi-size adapter, ball joints, U-joints, brake anchor pins, and more. It is such a tool that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

It is constructed from heavy-duty forged solid carbon steel with the anti-rust black-oxide finish on adapters. It offers maximum strength and longevity that resists rust and corrosion.

The best part is it offers nine adapters, one center rod, C-Frame, install adapter, screw, and Sleeve. That means they didn’t forget to add anything.

They also provide an exceptional case that is easy to organize, storage, and even safe storage and quick organization. If you are new to adjusting ball joints, then don’t be concerned as the press comes with an incredibly detailed manual with diagrams that are easy to understand.

Things you will like:

  • Fit most American domestic and imported vehicles
  • The excellent carrying case that ensures the safety of accessories
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Made with solid carbon steel that ensures hardness and durability
  • Comes with every tool that you may need as a professional

Product information:

  • Brand: Orion Motor Tech
  • Item Weight: 27.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 x 19.7 inches
  • Exterior: Painted Steel

4. Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-wheel Drive Adapters:

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-wheel Drive Adapters

About the item:

Astro Pneumatic 7865 Ball Joint Tool are contracted with Heavy-duty forged steel that is perfect for removal or installation of press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joint, and truck brake anchor pins.

It helps remove rusted and corroded parts. The package comes with almost every essential part that typically needs to remove or repair a ball joint like C-frame press, receiver tubes, installation, and removing adapters.

This is a perfect package for 4WD vehicles. They also include the molded case for secure storage and carrying. The overall usability of the item is easy since the weight is just 0.16 ounces.

Everything you need to make a replacement is going to provide with your purchase. It’s pretty hard to believe that such a first-class product comes at such a reasonable price.

But this is the truth. We can assure you that your money is not going to be wasted.

Things you will like:

  • Maximum Duty Ball Joint Press
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Includes Universal Adapters & Sleeves
  • New Forged Alloy
  • Comes with all needed things
  • Compact and easy to store

Product information:

  • Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 14 x 3.2 inches
  • Cover Included: 1 Astro Pneumatic Tool Branded Product

5. OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit with Storage Case:

OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit with Storage Case

About the item:

You can easily remove and install various vehicle parts when necessary, with the help of the OTC Ball Joint Tool.

It is a widely compatible toolset, which you can use for most of the vehicles. The molded case is excellent to look at, and the carrying handle comfortable.

The parts of this tool are designed for heavy-use and to serve for years, so if you buy this package once, you can use it for ages because it made of robust and durable stainless steel material.

It comes with everything such as U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin that is suitable for ball joints, universal joints, and other jobs. It contains three-receiver tubes, one installing cup, receiving cup, and an installing adapter.

Things you will like:

  1. It has three receiver tubes
  2. One receiving cup and installing cup
  3. Ideal for all vehicles
  4. You can easily carry it to your job field
  5. They are durable and long-lasting tools

Product information:

  • Brand: OTC
  • Model: Ball Joint Service Kit
  • Item Weight: 17.1 pounds
  • Item model number: 7249
  • Cover Included: Instruction guide included

Buying guide for the best ball joint press:

You may be driven to a bad investment by a hasty decision. To get the best ball joint press, you have to consider a few things before you make the purchase.

Compatibility and Versatility: The ball joint and the brake pin can vary based on the types of vehicles. So you have to concern about this factor.

Rust Formation Prevention: In the market, there are numerous toolkits with rusting material. So, looking for such presses that are coated with black oxide.

Portability: Portability is a vital issue because you may need to carry it near or far.

Package contains: You should also check what you are going to get with the toolset.

Materials and Durability: Strong steels like carbon steel are an excellent choice. Make sure you have a long service, and you get your money’s worth.

Final Verdict:

With low-cost options, a home mechanic will probably fix just one-time ball joint repairs. It’s hard to beat for the enthusiast or professional mechanic who is looking for good quality precision at a low price.

OTC products are always high quality, so OTC 7249 is my recommendation if you want a tool that won’t let you down. The best ball joint press can make your mechanics job more enjoyable and faster. That’s why you should choose the top quality tool.