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37 Best Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Apply NOW [2021]

Today I am going to show you several exclusive car cleaning tricks to get:

A. Take away the dust particles both from interior and exterior parts
B. Maximizes the longevity of the vehicle
C. Give your car a new look
D. Cope with the DIY hack and save labor cost

Generally, most of the car owners seem that the cleaning process is a quite tedious job. Yes, the conventional cleaning system is a bit challenging. Moreover, the method is costly and time-consuming too.

But my discovered tricks are relatively more accessible and cheap enough. Cause, here you will need fewer tools and materials as well. Use the best waterless car wash for super result.

And most of the tools are household and available everywhere. You can check our throttle body cleaner vs carb cleaner article.

37 amazing cleaning hacks for your vehicle:

Hack 1: Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for the brightest wipers:

The wipers are used to clear your windshield correctly. If it gets stained, it can block the view that could lead to a severe accident! To avoid this problem, clean it regularly.

But the conventional cleaning process is not enough. I present you a new trick. To enjoy the best result, use IPA to wash the wipers. Cause, this alcohol has an excellent capability to eliminate tight spots and stain.

Moreover, it can eliminate the non-polar compounds.

You can apply it through a spray bottle. Even you can soak a cotton cloth on alcohol and wipe with it. Spray can bedliner will be a lot of help for it.

Even you can use it to clean the exterior surface of a vehicle. Another interesting part is it can remove bad odor.

Let’s see its more application:

A. Eliminating the old sealant or wax
B. Take away the haze from the window, mirror, and windshield
C. Removes the residue sticker
D. Renovates headlight lens
E. Removes the existing polish

However, consider some the following things when applying it:

A. Amount:
Based on the experts’ opinion; the perfect ratio is 10 to 25 % Isopropyl to distilled water.
B. Avoid using undiluted IPA.
C. Do not require any extra pressure at the painted surface.

Hack 2: Gel Toothpaste for headlights cleaning! (An incredible technique):

Toothpaste is not only for cleaning our teeth anymore but also it has a vast application in different areas. The interesting fact is it is used for washing your car headlights!

Yes, it comes with remarkable cleaning property. Its included fluid helps to eliminate the dirty and foggy headlights powerfully.

The smoked lights give your car an ugly and old look. Applying this trick, you can give your vehicle a stylish new look.

Lets’ see the process of applying:

Step 1:
Use any quality tube or the pack of toothpaste and make a layer over the headlights.

Step 2:
Leave it for a while.

Step 3:
After a couple of minutes later, wash it with normal water.

You will get a magical change.

This method is the cheapest and easiest way I have ever seen.

Hack 3: A unique element for car exterior, Clay:

If you prefer a shinier car, using clay could be a great option. Cause, this component comes with a powerful shining capability.

This excellent ingredient provides an extraordinary shine over the outer part of the car. Alao, use the best scratch remover for cars.

This stuff is a tacky and soft material. It can roll out into any size and shape. Typically, you will get two kinds of clay.

These are:
1. Natural or organic
2. Synthetic

(The synthetic one is more durable and preferable for tedious cleaning process)

And it is available in two different grades.

1. Medium (For coarser materials)
2. Light

It can significantly eliminate the hidden contaminants from the car surface. Also, you can take away the old paints, wax, and polish with this fantastic material.

Process of Applying:

At first, you need the following tools:

1. Clay bar unit: It includes lubricant and bar.
2. A bucket
3. Sponge or wash mitt
4. A dry towel

Now, lets’ see the trick:

At first, clean the car surface thoroughly. In this stage take away all visible mud and grit.

Step 2:
Wait at least 15 to 20 minutes. (Let it dry). If it is a sunny day, move your vehicle into the garage.

Step 3:
Now, take 1 to 4 pieces of the bar and add a few amounts of water (5 to 10 ml). Then, mold it with your palms and make a good shape.

Step 4:
In this step, add a certain amount of lubricant to make it smoother.

Step 5: (Final stage)
Rub the bar into the surface area. Do not give excess pressure. In the end, wash it with normal water and rinse it.

For a successful claying you will need not more than 30 minutes. And it is one of the cheapest methods for dust removing.

Hack 4: Vacuum to remove animal far:

Pet hair on the car seat is an annoying matter, and removing it is a tedious job. But I use a simple trick to remove pet hair instantly. it works well with peg perego convertible car seats.

You require a spray bottle, a vacuum, and a squeegee. Then, follow the given techniques.

Step 1:
At first, pour a little amount of water into the container. Then spay it over the car seats.

Step 2:
Now, rub the squeegee over the place. You will notice that the hair moves away. Finally, you should vacuum it and get the mess-free seat.

Hack 5: Vacuuming (a particular technique)

A vacuum cleaner gives the ultimate solution, and it is quite simple to operate. The problem is its prices are a bit costly, but many quality vacuum cleaners are also available at a cheap rate.

In this case, the household vacuum objects are not applicable. These are too big. But you need a small item to reach the tiniest part easily.

It helps to eliminate dirt, dust from every corner of your car. Even you can apply it to the exterior part of the vehicle.

The most reliable and effective vacuums are:

1. Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
2. Makita XLC02R1B Compact Cordless Vacuum
3. Foxnovo Portable 12V Vacuum Cleaner
4. Black + Decker MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum
5. Dyson V7 Car + Boat Cordless Handheld Vacuum

All of these products are quite light in weight (2 to 4 pounds).

And the maximum voltage is 10 to 12 volts and has an excellent power source.

Hack 6: Magic erasers:

A magic eraser is incredible both for cleaning the exterior and interior part of the vehicles. It provides an excellent solution with a couple of minutes.

But the condition is you have to rub it gently. Hard rubbing can affect the parts.

Hack 7: Trash can:

Perhaps this is one of the most simple hacks to follow and very unique. This can is a preventing technique. Putting a trashcan helps to lessen the cleaning time.

But many users claim that having a box hampers their appearance.

Considering this fact, I discover a new trick. You may put a reusable plastic bag as a trashcan.

Hack 8: Wet wiping with napkins:

Brushing and vacuuming are useful tricks for car cleaning. Besides this, your car needs a wet towel.

Unfortunately, the upholstery gets much stain and spot. (Most of the case, coffee or tea on the seats makes a rigid stain. Vomit is another crucial reason for wicked stain)

This type of situation only vacuuming is not a beneficial solution. That’s why you should wipe the entire car with a wet napkin.

You can use any good quality cleaner, and even the household detergent is preferable.

Hack 9: Eliminate the dashboard dust with a simple toothbrush:

A toothbrush is usually for dental hygiene. Even it is a great tool that is exceptionally effective for vehicle cleaning.

There are many tinniest area of a vehicle’s interior that is quite difficult to reach with a big brush or a cloth.

In this case, a toothbrush is mainly a practical object. Its small bristles give easy access into the deepest crannies and nooks.

This hack is specifically more supportive of the dashboards.

Cause, the panel typically has buttons, dials, and small knobs, and challenging to reach at well.

Hack 10: Add a few drops of bleach solution

You can use this powder to clean up car tires and other parts. Take some mixtures of bleach in a bucket of water. Use a spray bottle to use/apply this mixture.

You can directly implement it over the vehicle parts. You can also use the best water based tire dressings.

(Caution: Too much bleach can cause decay.)

Hack 11: Dryer sheets:

Bugs on the car grill are a disturbing matter. It destroys the vehicles’ appearance. The great way to eliminate pests is by using dryer sheets.

At first, you should soak the car with warm water. Then, wipe the car body with the dryer sheet.

(Caution: Too warm water is harmful to car parts and particles)

Hack 12: A tiny paintbrush for scrap removing from upholstery (cheap and simple process but highly capable):

The most annoying fact is the car’s upholstery quickly gets dirt, dust stuck, and crumbs. And it is arduous to avoid. Like the dashboards, its areas are tinny and unreachable.

That’s why I suggest a small paintbrush. It could be an impressive trick to get into these areas quickly.

Its bristles will catch up the pesky particles in a significant way from your upholstery. (Make sure that the vacuum is turned to avoid the car floor messily)

Hack 13: A flat screwdriver to move up tiny cracks:

For cracks removal, the toothbrush is compelling enough. But if there is any stubborn dirt, it is difficult to remove. That’s why I offer you a new trick.

Take a flat screwdriver with a thin cotton cloth.

Cover the edge of the driver with this cloth.

Step 3:
Now gently scrape it on the tiniest areas to clean up the tedious dirt. (The reason for this cloth is to avoid scratching on the car.)

Hack 14: Coffee filter:

Like the toothpaste, this is another unique element for cleaning and simple to apply. It comes in a powerful anti-dust formula that sharply reduces wrong spot and dust pretty quickly.

This filter can powerfully soak up the mess. For more effectiveness: add a little vegetable or olive oil. Then apply it over the car.

(Note: You can use it for your car interior cleaning. It gives an instant result.)

Hack 15: Carpet mark Remover for car cleaning!

A carpet mark remover is a common household item. Generally, it is used to remove the visible mark from carpet, curtain, and doormat.

Yes! It could be a fantastic item to clean up your car seats and other parts. This homey item is relatively cheap and quite accessible.

Moreover, it will never affect the materials where you will apply. It is applicable both on fabric and leather seats.

Hack 16: Vinegar:

Vinegar is a common homey item that is typically used for cleaning. Also, you can apply it to clean up your vehicle. It is compatible to use both on the inner and outer part of the car.

To wash your upholstery, windshield, mirror glass and the other parts of the car, vinegar with regular water is an excellent remedy.

Moreover, it is cheap and available.

Hack 17: Coca-cola:

Coca-cola is a world-wide favorite soft drink. The interesting fact is it applicable for various cleaning purpose.

It is particularly useful for clean up the glass, mirror, steel, and plastic items. But it is not suitable for fabric items.

Step 1:
Pour a certain amount of coca-cola (1/2 liter) over the outer part of the car, windshield, and mirror. (Use a spray bottle)

Step 2:
Then, take a woolen cloth and rub it with this cloth. Hopefully, you will like the magical change.

Hack 18: Pool Noodle:

You must set a pair of pool noodle behind the garage wall. It protects the car from chasing with the wall. Also, you should attach it to the side area and behind the vehicle.

It keeps the car safe on the road and intensifies its beauty. But be aware of color matching.

Hack 19: Baking soda:

Like the vinegar, baking soda is a great cleaning substance. It is natural and safe. Moreover, the price is less costly. It is used both for washing the interior and exterior part.

Even you can use it over the leather seats, tires, and mirrors.

Applying process:

Required materials:

A. Baking soda mixture
B. A bucket of normal water
C. Spray bottle
D. Towel

Step 1:
Add 5-milligram baking soda into the water. Stair it and make a perfect mixture.

Step 2:
Use a spray bottle to apply it into the car surface. Even, you can soak a cloth or foam into the bucket. Then, rub it over the vehicle.

But spraying is the easiest trick and requires less time.

Step 3:
In the end, rinse the water and wipe out with a dry towel.

Hack 20: Castile Soap:

Castile soap made of oil plant. This natural organic substance is 100 % safe. It is an excellent cleaning soap that applies to the car.

It provides a proper cleaning. The remarkable fact is it never affects the painting. Moreover, it has no bad, and its price is pretty low.

Hack: 21: Air fresheners:

For many reasons, the inner part of your vehicle gets an odor. This odor is irritating and unhygienic too.

To get rid of this horrific trouble, you can use any quality air fresheners. These can actively eliminate the lousy smell and provide a fresh feeling.

Hack 22: Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is another extraordinary remedy to get rid of the bad smell. Comparatively, it is cheaper and safer too. Cause, the commercial air fresheners consist of chemical elements.

The maximum case, these are not suitable for your health and has a considerable side effect.

That’s why I prefer lemon therapy to get an odor-free fresh air.

(Required quantity: ½ liter juice is enough and uses it in a spray bottle)

Hack 23: Clean your wheels easily:

Comparatively, it is more difficult if you want to carry it properly. Cause, many people tend to clean the wheels without removing it.

But the better way it at first, remove it from the car, then wash it. You can use any types of quality cleaner, even the household detergents.

Hack 24: Use foam:

Foam can be used both for wet and dry cleaning. It can quickly capture the dust and dirt. Also, it catches the pet’s hair.

This foam requires for cleaning glass, windshield, tires, and mirrors. Even you can use it for cleaning the seat covers. But for leather seats avoid water.

Hack 25: Removing bumper sticker with a blow dryer:

Stickers lose the car appearance. You must remove it and never put any label further. But removing the old tags is not a simple job.

To remove the stickers, you can take help from a blow dryer tool. It can actively loosen the adhesive element from the plastic or metal parts.

Hack 26: Olive oil for leather seats:

Water is not suitable for leather seats. Water can minimize its longevity. That’s why I prefer dry cleaning for my leather seats. But it cannot give any shine, remove the dust.

To get extra shine and glossy look, I apply olive oil. Besides cleaning it enhances the leather shine and maximizes its durability.

Also, it is an excellent remedy to remove vomit and food stain.
(Required amount: 10 to 20 ml)

Hack 27: Shine up chrome wheel:

The shine wheels are more attractive. But it becomes dirty. Its cleaning process is a bit difficult.

The offered cleaners on the market are quite costly. But I follow an alternative trick. I use vinegar with regular water to wash my chrome wheels.

Hack 28: Remove Crayon:

Kids may leave crayon on the back seats. Removing it is highly expensive. But you can fix it quickly with a simple DIY hack.

You require a wax paper and an iron. Melt the crayon with the iron. Then use the wax to remove it quickly.

Finally, clean the mess with a cloth.

Hack 29: Club soda:

Club soda presents a satisfactory cleanness by providing a miracle performance. Its powerful stain removing capability makes the fabric seat cover shiner and more gorgeous.

Notably, it is excellent for removing a wine stain from a car seat successfully. (If the dye is excess level, maximize the volume of club soda while preparing the solution)

Hack 30: Vaseline

Vaseline has an excellent glazing property. Also, it comes with stain remover power. You can use it to shine your car glass.

Even it is applicable over the metal part.

Moreover, I experimented with the leather, and I noticed that it is also usable on lathers.

You can apply it over the car mirror and glass. It will help to eliminate the stain and gives a glazy look.

Hack 31: Give a rain bath:

During the rainy day, you can follow this trick to clean up the exterior parts of the vehicle. This method is the easiest way to clean your entire car and an enjoyable technique.

(But on the industrial area, this is not a safe process. Cause, there is a massive possibility of acid rain, and it can affect the paint and metal)

Hack 32: Wax the car:

Take a good quality wax product. Apply it over the car surface. It will help to remove dirt and stain, and your car gets a new look.

In my opinion, you must wax your vehicle every three months later. And you can wax it at your garage. Cause it is entirely a DIY process.

Hack 33: Polishing:

Some people seem to wax, and polishing is quite the same. No, waxing is only for stain removing. But a proper polish will give your car a shiny appearance.

Your vehicle will look brand new. Use the best car deep scratch remover for a better result.

Hack: 34: Use hair conditioner (a fantastic alternative to wax products):

Of course, you should wax your car regularly. But if you think the commercial waxing elements are a bit expensive; you have another option.

You can use hair conditioner. It has a tremendous capability to take away dirt and dust. Moreover, you will get an optimal level of shine and glossiness.

(Required amount: 5 ml conditioner with a bucket of water)

Hack 35: Use laundry blemish remover for floor mats cleaning:

The homely detergents are also applicable for car cleaning, particularly for floor mats. It can powerfully move away from the food stain, coffee spot, even the vomit.

(After cleaning it, turn on the fan, or you can open up the windows for natural air. It will help to dry the mat quickly)

This process is comparatively cheap and requires less time.

Hack 36: Frequency cleaning:

Provide your car with an extra TLC. Cleaning the vehicle prevents the chance of dust growing.

It is better to wash your car twice per month. Spend a bit time (Not requires more than a couple of hours) and effort to get the expected feedback.

As a result, your car always looks brand new. Also, it will be more durable.

Hack 37: Slime:

Slime is s an adorable toy to the kids. But, it has versatile applications, especially for car cleaning!

Cause, it has an excellent natural malleability. That’s why it can easily reach on the crannies on the car. And pick up the dust particles with its adhesive capability.

The great feature of the object is it never damages any parts of the car. Moreover, its prices are low enough and available.

3 things you should avoid:

  • Never use too warm water. It may affect the car parts.
  • Avoid acidic solution. But you can use lemon.
  • Never use any metallic object for rubbing.

What is the best method to use steam car cleaning?

For steam car cleaning, the best techniques are circular movements. It works very well.

How do you get the odor out of my car?

Using detailing and steam cleaner, you can get bad smells out of the car. Also, you can use an air freshener.

What are the components of auto detailing?

There are different types of detailing, like the exterior, interior, and engine detailing. You need different components for different purposes. For exterior, you need exterior detailing. However, exterior detailing has been completed by 3 steps; those are cleaning, polishing, and protecting. For this purpose, you need many tools and equipment. On the other hand, for interior and engine detailing, you need just cleaning.

What is auto detailing?

Auto detailing is the process of having your car cleaned, inside and out. Auto detailing can be a good idea before you sell it, as it will make your car look and smell much more like a new car than if you did not have it cleaned.

Final verdict:

Implement all of these techniques to make your vehicle brand new. Also, you can boost up its performance and longevity as well.

The fact is you can save a vast amount of cash. Cause, these DIY hacks reduce the necessity of extra labor cost.