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5 Best Car Window Shades for Baby – Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

best car window shades for baby

In the market many categories of baby gears are available. It is difficult to state which are necessary and which are not.

But the baby protective products deserve the priority. Those are essential to provide your baby with the highest level of security.

Among all the necessary and essential protective product, one of the critical items is the best sunshade for car.

It has importance in many ways. It saves the baby from sun rays and other negative impacts. The concern parents always own it for their child’s safety.

To assure your baby’s comfort as well as safety; you must think about the best baby car window shade. It is a matter of concern that, your baby is suffering in the back seat of the car. Use a the best rear facing baby car mirror as well to be tension free.

The reason is for sun rays, and your baby is already getting heated. On the other hand, the baby is under the threat of dangerous Ultra violet rays.

Best Car window shades for Babies Comparison Chart:

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The baby skins are comparatively more sensitive and delicate. That’s why they require additional protection.

If you ignore to provide this, it will bring an adverse impact on your baby’s health. So, the best option is to consider a baby shade. In several ways, it will give shelter to your beloved kid.

As the product is for your baby, you need to be aware. Many companies are manufacturing these types of sun shade. But are all maintaining quality?

The answer is no. In the market, some excellent products are also available. They are superb in design, feature, and service.

Those products are capable enough to fulfill the consumer`s demand. The result makes the user an ultimate satisfaction. If you chose any of them, then hopefully you can carry out your required necessity.

In the below we are unveiling their features, characteristic, essentiality, given facilities and also limitation. Let’s take a closer view and let’s introduce those items.

5 Best Car window shades for Babies Reviews:

  • Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade
  • Enovoe Car Window Shades
  • Premium Car Windshield Folding Spring Sun Shade
  • ZOTO Car Rear Window Sun Shade
  • Punada Sunshade for Side Window

1. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

It gives a dark mesh. It helps to keep the eyes safe. It is relatively big in size and shape. So it can cover the window very nicely.

That’s why it is pretty much suitable for the minivan. For affixing the window, it is using static cling. It ensures a comfortable feel against overheating and sun glare for your baby.

It includes three packs with a beautiful carrying case. The installation procedure is easy.

This is a heat sensitive product that can easily reduce heat. If you want to reduce the temperature, you can use it in your car or truck.

The transportation is also effortless. Another amazing thing is when you need to remove it you can do it without any damage.

What are the advantages?

  • It can protect a minimum of 97% UV rays.
  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is excellent in value
  • It can cover the entire window area

What are the limitations?

  • Unfortunately, it is not suitable for too small vehicle
  • It contains PVC

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2. Enovoe Car Window Shades Enovoe Car Window Shades

It can match with the SUV or minivan. It is completely UV protected and well-recognized car shade.

This is a dual-layer design, especially mesh design is just fantastic that gives you proper protection. And the other layer is made with high-quality plastic materials.

You will enjoy the long-lasting guarantee, easy installation and excellent performance.

What are the cons of this object?
It strongly blocks UV
It is offering two shades
It can fit for big windows

What are the cons?
It contains PVC

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3. Premium Car Windshield Folding Spring Sun Shade:

Premium Car Windshield Folding Spring Sun Shade

Sticker sun shade:
It comes with stickers. Those are belonging messages and recreation. Your kid can learn many things from those pictures.

It is pretty much dark. So it can save the eyes correctly and resists the UV rays. It is made of mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is fantastic.

If you want to protect direct sunlight, it will give you the best result.

What are the facilities?
It is simple to install
It can match all types o car windows
It blocks up to 90 % UV rays.

What are the limitations?

The problems are nothing special. The only significant problem is it contains PVC.

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4. ZOTO Car Rear Window Sun Shade ZOTO Car Rear Window Sun Shade

The product is innovative in design. It can provide the total coverage of the car window. It can assure you the ultimate safety of your child.

The installation method is incredibly simple. The product is strong and durable. The experts highly recommended this for the end-user.

What are the facilities ?

  • It never loses the suction
  • It covers the window totally
  • It strongly blocks the UV

What are the cons?
It cannot cover SUV, minivan.

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5. Punada Sunshade for Side Window Punada Sunshade for Side Window

It comes in 4 pack shades. For skin and eye protection, it is dark. The suction cups can be removed.

It is very easy to install, just open the door and swipe it over the car window.

The servicing quality will surprise you. You cannot imagine how popular it is in the market. So you can blindly rely on this item.

What are the pros?

  • It is highly UV protected
  • It is perfect for all kind of car
  • The visibility is superb

What are the cons?
Nothing particular, it is a little bit small in size.

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You may also consider these shades:

  • AutoMuko Car Window Roller Shade Retractable Car Sunshade for Side Window – Blocks Harmful UV Rays and Offers Effective Sun Glare Protection (2 Pack)
  • Shade Sox Universal fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2pc) | Protects Baby and Kids from the Sun| Fits All (99%) Cars Most SUV’s | Travel ebook included!
  • PONY DANCE Car Curtains Foldable Blocking Out The Light/Sun Protect Endothelium Seat Portable Auto Accessories Panels Drapes, 27.5″ W by 20.5″ L, Curtain-27.5″ W x, Black

What is the car window shade?

The shade means a cover, protection. It can protect a human or animal even any goods.

The car window shade refers to the shade that is provided on the car. Usually, it is given for saving the passenger of the vehicle. The shade can prevent the sunrays, UV rays and also wind, dust, and others.

It is manufactured for little kid. This item not only ensures safety but also gives the little passenger an ultimate comfort. Then the car journey becomes a fantastic moment for the kids.

How many categories of window shades are available?

Various types of sun shades are manufacturing and selling in the market. They are varying in shape, size, color as well as quality.


The shape is rectangular. With the aid of suction cups, it is fixed to the car window.


You can quickly pull this up or down. It depends on the weather condition and your necessity.

Static cling:

You can use it without the help of suction cups. It is easy to remove. So you are allowed to move it when you do not need to use this.


It is just like a dull window tint. You can remove or reuse it easily.

Why do you require a car window cover?

Before knowing this answer; let’s check out the horrible effects of the Ultra violet rays.

What is Ultraviolet ray? What are the bad effects of this ray?

The UV ray is a very harmful ray that comes from the Sun. It can destroy the ozone layer.
It causes:

  • Premature aging
  • It harms the skin very roughly. It is responsible for skin cancer.
  • It also the reason for immunity suppression
  • It maximizes melanoma risk
  • It is also a threat to eye cancer

So you need to be careful. You have to conscious of this when you go out the side in the summertime. It is more dangerous for small kids.

That’s why you should use a car sun shade. It will create a barrier. The barrier is between your baby and the sun.

It will create a protective layer. It will also be able to give your child enough comfort. The seat and cushions can get heated by the sun.

Then it will create discomfort for the seated passenger. But if you can attach a sun shade then most probably you can prevent it.

What do you need to look before buying this item?

Check the shape, size and the UV protection capability. If any of those are missing then avoid buying this.

After getting the mentioned properties if it can offer more facilities then it will be fine. Besides those you also think about the cost as well as durability.

To get a good item, brand value is also essential. Our offered products are full of the above requirements.

So buy the best car window shades for the babies and will you never need to worry about how to protect baby from the sun in the car seat.