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Best Diesel Injector Cleaner

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner

Diesel engines are far more dependable than gas engines. Those have better speed and torque. Vehicles that have diesel engines run more smoothly.

But with time, you will get soot and deposits that can build up the fuel injection system. But adding a fuel injector cleaner can solve your problem.

The performance will increase, and you can see a visible change in your car. If your vehicle has a diesel injector, then you should also keep it clean.

If you have to build up dirt, then sooner or later, your car will break down. You can use the diesel injector cleaner will take care of these issues.

You will find plenty of diesel injector cleaner in the market. But not all are up to the mark. So, we are here to help you. We have selected the top diesel injector cleaner from the market.

They have consistent quality and give a good performance. If you are looking for an injector cleaner, then go through the rest of the article and select the best suits your car.


How often should you use diesel injector cleaner?

The best way to keep your engine good is to use diesel injector cleaner often. A good cleaner will increase the fuel economy and the performance of the engine.

This will also increase the life of the injector. A good cleaner protects your engine from scuffing and wear. If you regularly use a cleaner, then you can protect your engine from unwanted buildup.

Modern cleaners not only clear up the buildups but also prevents any future buildups. So, make the cleaner a regular use then there won’t be any problem at all.

But always follow the instruction written on the bottle of a cleaner, as it differs from each other.

How to Identify Bad fuel Injector?

If you are new to car maintenance, you might find it challenging to identify a bad fuel injector. So, it gets risky to buy anything new for your car.

Here are some key factors that will help you to understand about good or bad fuel injector.

Power level fluctuation

You will notice a fluctuation in the power level of the engine. A dirty fuel injector can not provide fuel to the engine.

So, the power will get disconnected. You will notice power fluctuation on and off. It will show changes in the RPM gauge.

Engine Misfire

This is a common issue you will see if the fuel injector is not good quality. The engine will suddenly stop, hence cause the engine misfire. The probable reason would be the injector might be clogged.

Fluctuation in idle level

When your engine is on, when it is off or idle, you can observe fluctuation. A dirty diesel injector is the prime cause of the problem. The power level may be too weak to operate.

Fuel smell

If there is any leakage, you can smell strong fuel scent. There is a possible chance that any of the internal parts have leakage. Look for any seal damage for the strong smell.

Less MPG

Less mileage is not a small issue. If there is any problem at the valve of the injector, then it makes less MPG. If there is any diesel dropping problem, then you can get reduced MPG.

Top 5 Best Diesel Injector Cleaner

Here comes the central part, discussing the best diesel injector cleaner that you can buy. All of these are safe to use and readily available too.

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

This is a premium quality cleaner for your car. This works as a fuel additive. It has a 6-in-1 formula that takes care of the cleaning and handles other jobs for your engine.

It increases the capability to reduce buildups in your engine. You won’t get any future buildups for a long time. This also fixes the failure of your fuel parts.

If you face problems of low sulfur or ultra-low sulfur, this cleaner will solve that too. If water gets inside the tank, this cleaner will take care of that also. You will be safe from future corrosion.

This cleaner provides better combusting of your engine. As a result, you get a more powerful engine with better speed and torque. This cleaner increases horsepower and gives better fuel efficiency.

It also proved improved cold starts. Use this cleaner every 6 months, and your car engine would be good as new.


  • It treats corrosion.
  • This cleaner works inside and outside both to clear up the buildups.
  • You get better fuel economy.
  • Increases the performance of the car engine.
  • Premium quality cleaner.


  • It has a strong scent.
  • The packaging is not that good.

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

This is another bestseller from the market. This cleaner cleans up the internal deposits, which are difficult to clean. That’s why you get better horsepower if you use this cleaner.

This cleaner reduces reaction inside the engine. You won’t observe any corrosion. You can use this cleaner in other car parts to clean up. Your car will run smoothly every time you start it up.

This is one of the best diesel injector cleaners you will find in the market. The car will start up smoothly and run correctly, even on the highways. You will get 4% better MPG after using this cleaner.

The fuel efficiency turns out to be okay after using this product. This cleaner can work in biodiesel fuel also.


  • You can clear the entire engine with just one bottle.
  • Good value of money.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Better horsepower.


  • It does not work in all car models.
  • The bottle design does not allow you to see the water level. 

Power Service Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost Fuel Additive

Power Service Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost Fuel Additive

This is another popular cleaner you can get for your car. This cleans inside and outside of the fuel injector. Slick diesel lubricator smooths out pumps and injectors both.

The fuel will be burned efficiently. As a result, you will get a more powerful engine. The cetane boost capability will help you to start the engine during cold weather quickly.

It also eliminated black smoke. The life of your car engine will be extended. You can get this cleaner in a set that helps to do all your car’s maintenance work.

So, in a kit, you are getting everything you need. The collection includes different colored bottles. One is perfect for winter and the other one for warmer weather. The price will also fit your budget. You can also use this cleaner in the biodiesel engine.


  • It cleans internal and external injector.
  • Increases horsepower.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Affordable in price.


  • It doesn’t work in trucks.
  • Doesn’t improve mileage.

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

This cleaner from Riyal purple deep cleans your engine. It prevents future buildups too. It eliminated dirt and deposits and cleaned everything deeply.

It also solves different fuel injector problems. Problems like reduced mileage and power fluctuations will be solved by using this product. It works in the combustion chamber too.

Better combustion results in better engine power. One unique feature of this cleaner is it works in both diesel and gasoline engines.

This cleaner is made with eco-friendly formula. It emits less harmful gases. This product works in a variety of vehicles.


  • It removes deposits and buildups.
  • Better engine performance.
  • Deep cleans your entire fuel system.
  • Eco-friendly formula.


  • It doesn’t boost mileage.
  • The idle improving is not consistent. 

Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment

Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment

Last but not the least is the Lucas fuel treatment. It deeply cleans your engine buildups and also has conditioning properties. It enhances the overall performance of the engine.

Your car runs smoothly, even in the highways. Your vehicle engine gets a better and extended lifespan. You get better mileage from this cleaner.

It is a cleaner and lubricant combined formula. The price is also affordable. You can often use this product.

This also works in both diesel and gasoline engines. This also neutralizes any chemical reactions.


  • It reduces toxic emissions.
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • It increases mileage.
  • Deeply cleans the inside and outside of the diesel injector.
  • Extends the lifetime of the engine.


  • The packaging is not good.

Final Thoughts

It would help if you did not overlook the diesel injector cleaner because these small precautions will help you in the long run. Maintaining your car correctly will reward you.

For better performance of the vehicle, you need an excellent diesel injection cleaner. With time the engine will likely have buildups. My favorite from the list is the Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer.

The eco-friendly formula makes it the top on my list. It doesn’t emit any harmful gas. Plus, the engine performance also increases. It not only cleans everything but also prevents future buildups. 

Try any of the cleaners that we mentioned and take care of the car engine. These little maintenances will give you a smooth drive and better-performed vehicle.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is injector cleaner good for diesel engines?

Ans: You should use a diesel inject cleaner quite often. It penetrates the buildups and also makes the engine run smoothly.

Can you use too much diesel injector cleaner?

Ans: It is not safe to use more than what is required. If you put more cleaner, then you will get higher combustion that will increase the engine temperature. This can lead to engine failure.

How long does an injector cleaner last?

Ans: The normal life of an injector cleaner is 36 months.