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5 Best Grease for Ball Joints – Buying Guide [2021]

Best Grease for Ball JointsWhat are ball joints:

A Ball joint is a hard thing that used in an automobile. Its primary duty is connecting the control arms with the steering knuckles.

Also, it allows a free movement and smooth rotation.

It has two major parts. One is bearing stud, and another is a socket.

Both are made of steel and enclosed in a case. The case is rubber from. It removes the dirt and eliminates vibration problem.

5 Best Grease for Ball Joints  Comparison Chart:

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5 Best Grease for Ball Joints Reviews:

  • Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz.
  • Lubrimatic 11404 Marine Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Valvoline SynPower Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Sta-Lube SL3121 Trailer & Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

1. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz.: Best of the best:

Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz.
About the manufactured goods:
Lucas is a well-leading brad. The latest model 10301 offers you a lot of unique properties. Its noticeable features are-

Key features:
A. Water-proof:
The solution is significantly great for its highly water-proof capability. This makes an active layer over the object`s body. That’s why it is an excellent tool for marine vehicles.

B. Quantity and longevity:
The item is near about 1.09 lbs. The amount is adequate. Moreover, it is highly durable for long-time using.

C. Temperature tolerance:
Another great derivative of Lucas is it can withstand a massive amount of heat. Also, it is stable at below temperature level.

D. Multiple applications:
Besides ball joints, it is pretty suitable for wheel bearing and other metallic substance. This is safe for plastic and rubbers. You can use it with the best ball joint press. You can use it as the best wheel bearing grease. So, this heavy-duty Lucas is highly recommended for you.

Things you will like:
1. Versatile performance
2. Durable service
3. Cheap in price

1. I did not get any severe level problems in this model.
Overall, it is a great product. I highly, recommend you to consider this.

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2. Lubrimatic 11404 Marine Wheel Bearing Grease: Editors Top Choice:

Lubrimatic 11404 Marine Wheel Bearing Grease
About the manufactured good:

Lubrimatic 11404 is a well-leading favorite brand. It presents a lot of unique properties with exceptional facilities. It is made of calcium sulphonate and petroleum. You will get a high range of viscosity. It will not melt even in extreme pressure and temperature.

Key features:
A. Temperature withstands power:
Users like most of its excellent reinforcement ability. It can tolerate at least 550 degrees of heat!

B. Corrosion-proof:
Another cool thing of Lubrimatic 11404 is it is extremely corrosion resistant. As a result, the vehicle keeps safe from early damaging. It increases longevity.

C. Water-insoluble:
The water-proof character is satisfactory. Even it can vigorously protect the salt water that is more dangerous. So you can utilize it on the river.

D. Application:
This is suitable for the maximum types of land cars. You can apply to winches, pins, swivel hinges and anchor chains.

1. Grade: 2 NLGI
2. Elements: Calcium Sulphonate
3. Size: 16 ounces

Things you will like:
1. Multiple applications
2. Endurance limit
3. Long-lasting service

1. I noticed that the item is not good enough for heavy-duty

In a word, this is an ideal product. Keep it on your top list. It works well with ball joints for jeep jk.

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3. Valvoline SynPower Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease: The cheapest one:

Valvoline SynPower Automotive Wheel Bearing GreaseAbout the manufactured good:
Valvoline SynPower is an excellent brand. It is highly effective for heavy-duty functions. This is one of the best wheel bearing grease. Most lubricant experts recommend this one for ball joints and other components that produce high temperatures.

Its primary ingredient is lithium complex. It used to thicken the oil and makes the operation more fruitful. This is a fully synthetic grease that you can use for the ball joint. Use a quality grease gun to apply grease easily and spread it into every point of the joint.

Key features:
A. Temperature Withstand capability:
It can survive both in extreme level of heat and cold. It can tolerate a minimum of 400 to 425 degrees F heat.

On the other hand, the tolerable cold limit is below 40 to 45 degrees F.

B. Pressure reinforcement:
Like the heat and cold, it can endure a massive amount of force. This property helps to keep safe from accidents and significant damages.

C. Water-insoluble and corrosion- proof:
The water protecting rate is satisfactory for land vehicles on rainy days. But this ability is not enough for marine vehicles.

It makes a barrier over the surface. So air foreign particles cannot react with the metal, and it saves from decay.

D. Versatility:
It is extremely versatile. This is a fantastic product for the maximum types of land cars. Also, it is fit for plastic and rubberized things.

Things you will like:
1. Offers you a reasonable price
2. Multiple applications
3. Compatible in rough weather.

4. Provide wear protection

1. Not applicable to naval areas

1. Ingredients: Lithium complex, Molybdenum disulfide
2. Size: 14.1 Oz
3. Typical NLGI rate: 2

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4. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease: Significantly great for versatility:

Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing GreaseAbout the manufactured good:
Timken GR224C is a well-recognized wonderful product. It presents a couple of exclusive properties. In the expert’s eye, it is very efficient and reliable. If you have an off-road vehicle, you need to check the joint carefully, and if it is grease thirsty, apply grease on it.

Key features:
A. Water-proof:
The water-proof capability is at an average level. This is acceptable only for the land vehicle. But you cannot apply it for marine boats.

B. Cartridge gun:
It includes an excellent cartridge gun. This is very helpful. It makes the moving process straight-forward and faster.

B. Pressure and temperature resistance:
It has high endurance capability. The coolest thing is it can cope up with both extreme heat and cold.

C. Lubrication:
It has an awesome lubricating feature. It makes the materials surface super smooth. This also intensifies the metals durability.

Things you will like:
1. Unique for drum disc and drum functions.
2. Delivers a smooth finish
3. Cheap in rate

1. Not applicable to aquatic motors.

1. Elements: Lithium complex
2. Size: 14 ounces

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5. Sta-Lube SL3121 Trailer & Marine Wheel Bearing Grease: Specialized for marine boats:

Sta-Lube SL3121 Trailer & Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

1. Elements: Aluminum complex
2. Size: 14 ounces

About the manufactured good:

Refined oil is used to form this item. Also, it includes blue and tacky grease. Its adhesive power is quite impressive. You will get a smooth finish. It also works great for any automotive bearings. You can use it for the accessories of heavy-loaded vehicles.

A. Salt-resistant:
Salt is a significant threat to the metallic stuff. It decays the metal quickly and decreases the long-lasting capability.

To get rid of this, you can use Sta-Lube SL3121. Cause, it actively fights against salt and saves your vehicle parts from corrosion. That’s why it is more applicable in the marine motors.

B. Environment-friendly:
Its maximum consisting of ingredients are natural and toxic-free. Also, it is free from bad smell. That’s why it is 100 % save for the environment. Even it never hampers your health.

C. Warranty:
This is pretty durable. The company offers you a long-time warranty.

Things you will like:
1. Perfect both for marine and land motor cars
2. Superb versatility
3. Fit for heavy duty application

1. Comparatively heavier than other models.
In general, it is a great model. You can rely on it for your expected feedback.

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Grease for ball joints:

Metal tends to rub with another metal. That’s why corrosion occurs, and it decreases the object`s longevity. Also, it is responsible for creating noise that is very irritating.

Another big problem is it causes sparking! It is a massive threat. So how can I attach two or more metallic objects?

To solve this problem, several types of methods are discovered. Many people give a rubber coating over the surface. The process is good enough. But do you want to apply more effective and most comfortable way?

In this case, you can think about grease. Yes, it is an excellent option for automobile manufacturers as well as owners.

This can lubricate the surface nicely and makes it proper smooth. Furthermore, it prevents contamination actively and keeps the real net and clean.

The significant elements of a grease solution are:

1. Oil
2. Thickener
3. Additives

The primary function of grease:

1. Lubricating the surface
2. Saves the material from corrosion
3. Maximizes the durability
4. Makes the metal smoother for flexible operating.
5. Eliminates impurities and removes contamination.

However, to get a sound result, there are no alternatives to a class product. To find out the perfect item, I made a market survey. I noticed several products on the market. These are varying in quality, quantity, and form.

Buying hacks:

1. Corrosion-proof:

A classy grease item has a robust resisting power against corrosion. It has to fight against foreign particles.

2. Pressure and temperature endurance rate:

It has to endure excessive heat and cold. That means it should compete against every rough and tough weather situation. Also, it requires pressure bearing ability.

3. Lubricating Power:

This is another essential requirement. Lubricant prevents noise, sparking and makes the operation flexible. So never ignore to check it.

4. Elements:

The included ingredients must be safe for the human as well as the environment. Prefer the natural ingredients. Avoid toxic and smelly chemicals.

5. Others:

You should also check the affordability, warranty, and versatility. Make sure your selected item is perfect for your materials.

How to use Grease on Ball Joints:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: Are Grease and Oil the same?

A: No, these two liquid substances are entirely different. Oil is a significant component of grease.

Q: What kinds of oil are used for making grease?

A: Different types of oil you can use for making grease. I prefer most refined petroleum oil. Also, vegetable oil, mineral oil, synthetic oil, and biodegradable oil are usable.

If you deserve viscosity, then mineral oil is best. Its typical thickness is 100 to 150.

Q: What is thickener?

A: Thickener is applied for lubricating the surface. In my opinion, lithium soap is the best thickener.

Q: What is called additives?

A: This used for removing impurities and dust. It is consist of disulfide, anti-corrosion, molybdenum, EP, etc.

Q: How much grease should I pour on the object’s body? Can excess using be harmful?

A: The amount of solution depends on the vehicle category and size. Most of the case, I notice two or three drops are far enough.

But you will face trouble if you cross the limit. Its excess uses it can cause severe damage to the car’s parts.

Q: Do you need to grease new tie rod ends?

A: Of course, you should grease on new rods. It has more possibility of sparking and making decay.

Q: How to put grease in a ball joint?

A: The process is straightforward and takes less time. Most probably you will need a couple of minutes. To carry out this job:

1. At first, take a grease cartridge gun.
2. Load grease on the gun.
3. Aim the target closely.
4. Finally, trigger on the targeted location.

Q: What can I do if I have no cartridge gun?

A: A cartridge gun can make the work easier and faster. If you cannot collect this, use a spray tube.

But will waste a tremendous amount of grease. Another problem is, you cannot get a perfect penetration. So the better suggestion is using a gun.

Q: What is NLGI?

A: NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) is a standard organization. It regulates the usual level of grease. The satisfactory NLGI grade is 2.

Q: Why grease colors are different?

A: Colours represents the ingredients categories. For example, if the grease color is green, it is consist of lithium.


My mentioned goods are highly efficient and maintain quality. These offer you super service for a more extended period.

If you can properly utilize this, you will get satisfactory feedback. So, rely on the best grease for ball joints and carry on.