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5 Best Hitch Cover for YOU – Review and Buying Guide [2021]

Best hitch coverToday I am going to share you the essentiality of a hitch cover and why should you use it.

A trailer hitch cover not only keeps a secure hitch receiver but also adds a stylish back view of your vehicles.

Most of the car owners are unaware of its importance.

In this review, I described the functionality of this vital item. Please have a look at our tonneau cover reviews as well.

Best Hitch Cover Comparison Chart:

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5 Best Hitch Cover Review [2021]:

1. CURT 21728 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover with 4-Way Flat Wiring Holder Fits 2-Inch Receiver (Best Caravan tow hitch cover):

CURT 21728 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover with 4-Way Flat Wiring Holder Fits 2-Inch Receiver
About the item:

The receiver often clogs with dirt, dust and road grime. The cleaning and unclogging are quite tricky. That’s why; better to protect the receiver.

In this case, CURT 21728 Hitch Tube Cover can provide you with a perfect solution. It can protect the entire hitch perfectly. Then you can keep safe from foreign dust particles.

This model is formulated with high-grade rubber and comes in excellent compatibility. Also, you can enjoy a friendly setting feature. In plus, you do not require any pin or clip attachment.

Even, it can prevent the loss problem and increase the gripping property. This object includes an electrical connector for a flexible and advanced towing solution.

Overall, this is fantastic stuff and has excellent reliability. It works well with the truck hitches.

It covers the receiver tube very nicely.

Special facts:

  • 2 inches x 2 inches type opening option
  • Generated with high-tech black rubber
  • Keeps the hitch dirt-free

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2. eVerHITCH USA American Color Stainless Steel Embossed Metal Flag on Metal Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2″ Receivers :

eVerHITCH USA American Color Stainless Steel Embossed Metal Flag on Metal Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" Receivers
About the item:

This stuff is perfect fits for 2 inches receivers. This cover is coated with high-quality black powder and has a stainless steel finish.

This can save your hitch from dirt, dust, and grime. You can easily insert a hitch pin. The product is made very intelligently, and you don’t need to remove the cover every time.

Even, it can protect your vehicle from dangerous UV rays. In plus, this is exceptionally water-proof. As a result: You can also keep safe from rainwater and fog. It works well with adjustable hitchs.

Within a reasonable rate; this cover could be your great choice.  (A downside is: It makes many sounds)

Special facts:

  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable
  • Black finish
  • Water protected

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3. CURT 22180 tube cover, Black, 2″ X 2″:

CURT 22180 tube cover, Black, 2" X 2"
About the item:

The significant fact is this is a lighted cover and delivers slight illumination. The included lid light contains appealing shininess chrome finish.

That’s why; this is a reliable partner for the night journey. Even, you can get reliable performance at the day session.

As well, it offers you the easy fitting option. This is adjustable with 1.25 inches to 2 inches tube opening. Moreover, you will get four-flat connectors for simple wiring.

For perfect protection with unique characteristics: this is one of the best models in the market competition.

You may think about why you need a cover for a stainless steel hitch. The answer is simple when you are not towing anything, and it doesn’t look good blank receiver hole. If you have a cover, it provides an excellent view, and also it is secure for the hitch.

Special facts:

  • Easy to set-up
  • Durable Led light setting
  • Perfect fitting

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4. Reese Towpower 86523 Hitch Cover (Skull Lighted Chrome Finish) (Best trailer hitch ball covers):

Reese Towpower 86523 Hitch Cover (Skull Lighted Chrome Finish)
About the item:

This traditional brand presents super compatible and versatile service. Also, this stuff ensures a long-time using guarantee. Yes! The object is highly durable and universal in application.

It confirms optimum protection from grim, dirt and dust. Eve, it can protect the hitch lock from the fog, rainwater, and harmful UV rays.

In general: this is an excellent model and available at a budget-friendly rate.

Special facts:

  • Free from rusting effect
  • Ease to set
  • Effective
  • Easy to store (when not in use)

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5. Pilot CR402 Propeller Hitch Cover:

Pilot CR402 Propeller Hitch Cover
About the item:

This device is quite similar to the boat prop. It is incredibly sturdy in construction and a perfect model for long-time using. Also, you will like its comfortable and adjustable fitting features.

Moreover, the item is strong corrosion protected and free from fast fading and damaging. It delivers ultimate protection and safety to your hitch from foreign grim, rainwater and sun rays. This way it maximizes the longevity of the vehicle.

Special facts:

  • Highly effective
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Long life span
  • Reasonable

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You may also consider the following brands:

  • Toyota hitch covers
  • vw atlas hitch cover
  • Metallica hitch cover
  • BMW hitch covers x5

Buying guide of trailer hitch cover:

To provide you with the exact covers for your car; there are several facts that you should apply:

Hitch covers types:

Usually, these are made of the following elements:

  1. Plastic
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Rubber
  4. Chrome

Among these: I mostly prefer steel type covers. Cause, these are highly durable and effective enough.

Receiver Size:

The cover and receiver size should be adjustable. Otherwise, you cannot set it, and you will face the loose-fitting problem.


These are available in a different model. But make sure, you get the accurate dimension. Also, it should be sturdy in construction and highly water-proof, worn protected, and UV protected. (To maximizes the durability and stability)


Check the price tag, warranty period and give the brand value. (Better to rely on our suggested brands for an effective result.

Hitch plugs for trucks:

The heavy-duty plug covers are suitable for vans and SUV. In this case, better use the steel made item that highly studies and nicely coated.

Even, you can use the rubber type item. But the rubber must be resilient in quality. Moreover, it should have a high level of endurance limit.

You can use them like a tube cover plug cap. They will fit properly and easy to install.

Metal hitch covers:

The hardcovers are usually generated with high-class aluminum sheet. Comparatively, these are better than the rubber or chrome items.

But the condition is: It must be coated to avoid quick decaying. Yes, this item should have robust construction; but it should be flexible to use and set. Use them on the mounts.

Final Verdict:

To protect the hitch as well as the vehicle; these covers are incredibly significant in quality. Cause, these are made of high-tech formula and ensure the durable performance.

However, I recommend CURT 21728 Hitch Tube Cover. Cause, this brand is highly reputable and has excellent reliability to the end-users.  If you have a budget issue: You can consider Everhitch USA American. This is exceptionally cheap but provides satisfactory service. These are the best hitch covers. You can use them as hitch receiver cover as well.

Even, the rest of the models are good enough and reliable for the expected feedback.