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5 Best Hitch for Truck – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Best hitch for truckTypically, a trailer hitch is applied for a tow trailer’s safety. It can hold a tremendous amount of weight and pressure.

Some vehicles include this object. But most of the case; the automobile owners require an aftermarket set-up.

Comparatively, this item is more essential for a heavy-duty vehicle such as SUV, truck, caravan, etc.

That’s why this content: We share the best hitch for a truck bed with a distinctive review.

If you are an SUV or pickup truck owner; this review will be a perfect guideline for you. Also check our hitch cover reviews for the best quality covers.

Best Hitch for Truck Comparison Chart:

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5 Best Hitch for Truck Reviews [2021]:

1. B&W Hitches TS20048B Adjustable Hitch Ball Mount w/1-7/8″x 2″ x 2-5/16″ Tri-Ball and 5/8″ Black Receiver Hitch Lock Bundle (safest trailer hitch):B&W Hitches TS20048B Adjustable Hitch Ball Mount w/1-7/8"x 2" x 2-5/16" Tri-Ball and 5/8" Black Receiver Hitch Lock Bundle

B&W includes an adjustable five inches drop. This can attach with every standard type 2.5 inches receiver.

Also, you will get 3 tow balls. The first ball can hold up at least 35000 pounds weights. On the other hand: the rest of the 2 tow balls can hold 75000 and 14500 pounds weights respectively.

Formulated with high-grade steel construction; completely rust-free and has remarkable corrosion prevention. Even, the clips and pins are highly decay protected.

These derivatives make the entire package extremely long-lasting and serviceable.

The B&W produces a high-quality fifth-wheel hitch, and you will not face any issue with their product. They are the top reliable brand for hitch and other auto accessories.

Overall, this is an ideal object that offers a reliable performance all the time. Top anti rattle hitch device will increase the product performance.

b&w hitch accessories:

A. Hitch lock (made of stainless steel)
B. Drawbar
C. Tow and sow replacement pin

b&w hitch tow and stow:

It comes in multiple ball sizes and adjustable height setting. Moreover, you do not require to get any extra ball mounts. You can use it for variable sizes receivers such as 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches.

b&w hitch pins:

The pin includes a beautiful clipper clip, and this is extremely durable in service. The item is sturdy enough, but it is pretty thin and flexible.

b&w hitch installation:

Its set-up system is remarkably simple and a fast DIY process. Moreover, it requires less time, and this is highly cost-efficient.

Special facts:

A. Long-life span
B. Corrosion protected
C. Tolerable
D. Universal fitting

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2. CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Black Fits 2-1/2-Inch Receiver, 6 Drop, 5-1/4-Inch Rise, 2-Inch and 2-5/16-Inch (best hitch for lifted truck):

CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Black Fits 2-1/2-Inch Receiver, 6 Drop, 5-1/4-Inch Rise, 2-Inch and 2-5/16-Inch
This model comes in high towing weight capacity. (it can bear up to 14000 pounds weight easily)

This is designed for versatile fitting with compatible application feature. It includes multiple holes to convert the height and other settings easily.

It ensures you smooth towing because it comes with an adjustable drop hitch that is constructed with an anti-rattle feature. This excellent feature adds an extra value to this item because you don’t need any external anti-rattle device with this product.

Moreover, you will get a sturdy shank with ball size caters. Also, the company ensures its ultimate durability. It is made of high-quality steel with a high-grade coating (black powder coat).

As a result: this is free from rusting, corrosion and sticking issues. Even, you can keep safe from harmful UV rays, scratching and quick damaging.

In a word, this is a fantastic model. You will enjoy its mind-blowing performance. You can use it as the top gooseneck hitch.

Special facts:

A. UV safe
B. Easy setting
C. Effective
D. User-friendly

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3. Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3405 6″ Drop/Rise | Includes 2″ x2-5/16 Dual GREASELESS ALUMIBALL Ball | Ball Mount Rapidly Adjusts | Includes 2 Bumper Stickers | Fits 2″ Receiver (best hitch for diesel truck):

Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3405 6" Drop/Rise | Includes 2" x2-5/16 Dual GREASELESS ALUMIBALL Ball | Ball Mount Rapidly Adjusts | Includes 2 Bumper Stickers | Fits 2" Receiver
Anderson offers a beautiful six inches rise and drop attachment. It can set with standard 2 inches receivers.

For ultimate durability: The company applied excellent aluminum polish. This helps to prevent rusting, chipping, quick decaying and damaging. It gives a premium look to the ball mount that is durable and 100% secure for carrying any towing equipment.

Also, this can powerfully prevent horrific UV rays, even the raindrops. It can easily tow short bed trucks and also heavy trailer.

That’s why; you do not require any additional grease or lubrication.
In plus, this can bear a massive amount of weight. And for this excellent performance; the package meets SAE J684 and V5 certifications.

You can enjoy friendly and flexible maintenance. This is on of the best tow hitch.

Special facts:

A. 6 inches drop
B. Rusting-proof
C. Ease of maintenance
D. Do not require lubrication

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4. Trimax TRZ12AL Razor Aluminum Adjust Hitch-Dual Ball (best adjustable hitch for lifted truck):

Trimax TRZ12AL Razor Aluminum Adjust Hitch-Dual Ball
This reputable model formulated with high-grade aluminum. Additionally, this is nicely coated with black powder.

And this comes in standard dimension with the universal setting option. Moreover, you can get a flexible and friendly operating facility. Also, its maintenance is relatively simple. You should pick an adjustable tow hitch to keep in level both of them.

Another remarkable fact is; it can withstand a high-volume of pressure and extremely stable under adverse weather condition.

In general: this is one of the best hitches for your heavy-duty automobiles. This is great for weight distribution. This is one of the best adjustable hitch.

Special facts:
A. Endurable
B. Friendly operation
C. Powerful coating
D. Durable

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5. Reese Towpower 37042 Class III Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch with 2″ Receiver opening (best trailer hitch for pickup truck):

Reese Towpower 37042 Class III Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch with 2" Receiver opening
If you prefer a cheap but quality hitch; I recommend you Reese Towpower. Yes! You can get this impressive object incredibly at a lower rate.

However, this is generated with a high-tech formula. Its anti-corrosion feature and resilient construction make this highly long-lasting.

Moreover, this can hold a considerable amount of weight. Its stability and withstand power is tremendously high.

As well, you can get a flexible installation formula, and it is versatile in settings. Additionally, its maintenance and operating process are noticeably user-friendly and straightforward.

In a word: this device is fantastic in performance and pretty adorable to its end-users.

Special facts:

A. Simple operation
B. Maintenance-free
C. Flexible installation
D. Affordable

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How to select a tow hitch?

Trailer Hitch Pre-purchasing Guide:

A trailer is used for carrying Pickup vans, caravan, RV, even marine boats. To provide its ultimate support; you must fix a quality hitch.

Otherwise, a trailer cannot bear this high-volume load. So gross trailer weight is very important.

However, to get the exact hitch for your truck or lorry or cargo, you should consider the following fact at the buying time.

A. Rust Prevention

First of all, you have to confirm that the item is strongly rust protected. Also, it needs to be protected from early decay, sticking, fading, etc.

In this case: Only the coated item can provide this safety guaranty. That’s why; you should select the object that is adequately covered.

B. Sturdy construction:

You should check the raw items. The steel or metal sheet should be resilient but flexible. Mainly, I prefer aluminum items. Even, you can take any other reliable steel.

C. Tolerability:

This device has to withstand a high—volume of pressure and excess load. Moreover, it should be strong enough to stable under extreme weather.

D. Others:

It must be durable and has a simple operating facility. Furthermore, you can check the price and warranty period.

Towing Weight Classes and Ratings:

The towing classes are classified into different categories. (to reach the targeted weights)

The various types of towing classes are:

A. Class I :

Its towing weight is up to 2000 pounds, and the tongue weight is 200 pounds. This object is fit for the maximum types of vehicles.

B. Class II:

Its towing and tongue weight is respectively: 35000 pounds and 2000 pounds. This is adjustable with mid-size automobiles.

C. Class III:

Towing weight: 5000 pounds and Tongue weight: 500 lbs. You can use it for medium-range truck, SUV, pick-up vans, automotive, jeep, etc.

D. Class III :

This category is the most potent hitch. Its towing weight: 12000 pounds and Tongue weight: 200 pounds.
This object is applicable for full sizes vans, trucks, caravan and SUV.

5th wheel hitch:

This is a unique type hitch. Comparatively, this is more powerful than any other towing hitch. This can bear at least 25000 pounds of weight capacity.

And it is a perfect item for RV (Recreational vehicle) and many other high-duty vehicles.

Adjustable Trailer Hitches:

Another popular form of hitches is Adjustable hitches. These come in the perfect size ball mount, receivers, pin, and other kits.

Also, its wheel connection is comparatively better than a conventional snag.

Installation process:

The snag ties with a receiver. And this receiver is adjusted with the rear of the car. (Most of the cases you can set it at any place. But better to fix it on the front areas) Make sure you have proper safety chains and wiring harness. use proper hitch kit.

However, let’s see its installing process:

Installation kit:

It requires some essential tools. First of all, you should take a good quality socket set. Then, you have to collect a wrench that has a powerful impact and a trolley jack.


(Step by step)

A. At first, use the trolley jack to ensure exact clearance
B. Follow the manufacturer`s specification (avoid tightening any nuts and bolts)
C. Now, make a drill into the chassis area. (the hole size should be less than 1 to 1/16 inches)
D. To connect the chassis to the trailer: use the C-clamp and placed the incorrect bolt location
E. Finally, test every electrical component. Indicators, backlights) make sure, this is ready for work.

(Note: the entire process is the pretty DIY and straightforward system. But for the new users; it is better to ask the experts’ advice. Moreover, you should concern about perfect dimension and fitting)

Tongue Weight:

It refers to the sliding force. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation: it should be 9 % to 16 % of the gross trailer’s weight. It is also applicable for gooseneck hitches.

Additional tips:

A. You should use a coupler lock for extra safety. (It prevents unwanted stealing.)
B. It should be attached with a receiver.
C. The size and dimension should be ideal and universal.

Best weight distribution hitch with sway control:

To keep your vehicle stable and balanced; the weight distribution hitch is remarkably beneficial. This can minimize losing chance and ensures optimum safety.

Mainly, this tool is more advantageous for heavy-duty vehicles.

Here are some perfect models of Best weight distribution hitch:

A. 10K Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch:

This is standard for universal application, and you can enjoy a great versatility. Additionally, this device is quite simple to handle, and it comes in a secure installation guarantee.

B. Husky 32218 Center Line TS Hitch:

It remarkably property is it has a beautiful spring bar that makes the gripping flexible and relatively more straightforward. Even, its maintenance and storage system is reasonably straightforward.

C. Andersen Mfg 3350 No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch:

This item can correctly prevent sway, wobbling and chipping issue. This stuff is highly compatible and comes in a unique chain connection.

D. Blue OX BXW 1500 Hitch:

This gadget is mainly generated for recreational vehicles (RV). Also, you can use it

both for lower and heavy-duty cars. Even, this is good enough for marine boats.

E. Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight Distribution Kit:

This item is a perfect model for camping and long drive. It offers you a pre-fixed glitch ball, chain, and a U-bolt. It confirms exact balance and prevents losing problem.

F. EAZ LIFT 48069 Hitch:

It is highly reliable for a smooth and safe ride. It holds stability and perfect balance. In plus, the device is reasonably long-lasting and faithful to the users.

Moreover, this is prey compatible and suitable for most of the vehicle types.

Best trailer hitch receiver:

Usually, a receiver is connecting to the bike rack and ball mounts. This is replaceable and moveable.

In my opinion: the CURT brand’s receivers are the best in the market competition. Also, you can consider the B&W and Anderson models. It works well with a front mount.

Trailer hitches accessories:

It requires some additional components. These are:

A. Trailer ball
B. Ball mount
C. Receiver
D. Pin
E. Coupler
F. Receiver tube

Final verdict:

All the suggest hitches (mentioned in this content) are ideal for holding heavy loads. It ensures proper safety and reliability. These are the best hitch for truck. You can also check our article on jeep lift kit reviews.

The most refreshing fact is, You can get a quality service at a reasonable rate. Moreover, these goods are extremely friendly in operation. Select the one where no additional drilling is required.