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5 Best Hitch Pin Locks – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Best hitch pin lockTo provide ultimate safety of your trailer hitch; a hitch pin lock plays a significant role. Different types of clasps are available in the market today.

These are:

1. Hoop lock
2. Wheel lock
3. Trailer door lock
4. Hitch pin lock

But I noticed that among all of these categories; the lockable hitch pins are comparatively more effective.

That’s why in this content, I share a review of the best hitch pin lock with a comprehensive description.

Best Hitch Pin Locks Comparison Chart:

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5 Best Hitch Pin Locks Review [2021]:

1. Connor Trailer Hitch Lock – 5/8″ Black Nickel Hitch Pin for Class III, IV, V Hitches, 1615190 Receiver Lock (best anti rattle locking hitch pin):

This incredible trailer hitch lock comes in the universal fitting. Yes! This is highly compatible and adjustable for most of the trailer or vehicles.

The exciting part is it can make the work relatively more comfortable and faster. Cause, its installation, operating system, and maintenance are remarkably time-saving and straightforward.

And you can enjoy an exceptional level of versatility. Furthermore, it delivers a long term using guaranty for its durable construction. In plus, the master lock key is nicely coated and highly corrosion resistant.

Overall, it can meet all of your basic requirements perfectly. This is ideal in the trailer coupler lock and extremely useful. The wheel lock fits all couplers swivel head nicely. It doesn’t get easily damaged from dirt and easy to replace. They work well with your tow hitch.

If you are fade up of using different lock and even including master lock, it would be the final solution for you. The product is made with solid, robust materials. That’s’ why it keeps the receiver and ball mount securely and also prevents from stolen.

A. Long-lasting
B. Ease of application
C. Heavy-duty construction
D. Adjustable

Limited warranty

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2. Coco web C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 1/2 Inch Hitch Pin (best trailer hitch pin locks):

Coco web C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 1/2 Inch Hitch Pin
This model comes in the market with high-grade features with optimum reliability. It ensures you total protection and keeps the trailers safe from burglars threat.

Also, you will like its versatile nature and compatible characteristics. This is pretty easy to set-up and offers fast operating process. The interesting fact is you do not require any additional drilling and manual efforts.

This receiver lock is very easy to use and capable of taking heavy loaded pressure.

Moreover, the model is highly weather-resistant and has a large type of stability. It can withstand a massive amount of load and pressure.

And the company ensures your lifetime durability.

A. Extremely stable
B. Multiple applications
C. Adaptable
D. User-friendly

Better to check the dimension during the buying time

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3. Coco web HL-58BK | C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 5/8 Inch Hitch Pin – Black:

Coco web HL-58BK | C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 5/8 Inch Hitch Pin – Black
This product is an ideal model for substantial duty activities. It ensures your containers` 100 % security. The locking mechanism is really interesting and simple to use.

This item offers 5/8 inches number pin lock. Also, you will get a fast and flexible set-up procedure. Even, the moving process and maintenance are quite straight-forward.

In plus, this object is extremely versatile and pretty user-friendly. This can serve you for a more extended period. Cause, the resilient construction, and perfect polishing make it sturdy and rust-proof.

Furthermore, its withstand capability tremendous in a word. And comparatively, this is a budget-friendly good. This is not a trailer coupler lock. It locks the ball mount with receiver.

A. Weather protected
B. Versatile
C. Durable
D. Advantageous features
E. Highly secured



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4. C.T.Johnson KPL King Pin Lock (4):

C.T.Johnson KPL King Pin Lock (4)
The specialty is it offers you 11 different locking positions. The rest of the features are also satisfactory enough.

The object is nicely adjustable with every standard dimension trailers and hitch. This upper body is formulated with high-grade aluminum. That’s why this is highly sturdy and durable.

Also, this is appropriately decay protected for its permanent black powder coating. Relatively you can get it at a reasonable price, and this can give you adequate safety. It is rust and corrosion proof.

The advantage of this type of lock is if you use it, you don’t need any hitch pin. Basically, the lock system can do the job of a pin.

A. Aluminum sturdy construction
B. Easy application
C. Advanced lock


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5. Blue Ox 84-0140 Tow Bar Replacement Retaining Pin 1/2 in. Incl. Clips For Use w/Blue Ox Tow Bars 2 pc. Tow Bar Replacement Retaining Pin (6):

Blue Ox 84-0140 Tow Bar Replacement Retaining Pin 1/2 in. Incl. Clips For Use w/Blue Ox Tow Bars 2 pc. Tow Bar Replacement Retaining Pin (6)
Blue Ox 84-0140 is an industrial-grade excellent model. This can provide long-lasting, reliable performance. The product is made with durable stainless steel materials that ensure proper safety and longevity. It also secures from wear and tear.

And it offers you super compatibility and user-friendly performance. You can set it, and then removing process is also quick and straightforward.

But, the most remarkable fact is this product is highly tolerable and pressure adjustable. It can easily stand in every type of extreme weather situation.

In general, this model is one of the best hitch pin locks in the market and very easy to install.

A. Effective
B. Adjustable
C. Versatile
D. Compatible


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You may also consider these locks:

  • motormic Trailer Hitch Lock – 5/8″ Extra Long Black Pin with One Locking System – 1 Safety Clip, 5 Anti Rattle O-Rings – Tow receivers 2″ and 2.5 inch (Class III,IV,V)
  • Master Lock Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8inch 2inch and 2-5/16inch Couplers – Trailer Locks #389DAT

Hitch pin lock buying guide:

At the purchasing time; you should keep the focus on the following facts:

A. Quality:

Always your priority should be taking a quality item. In this case; the brand value is a significant fact, and I suggest you consider the mentioned goods for better quality.

B. Durability and corrosion protected:

I remarkably prefer the robust aluminum metallic sheet for durable construction. Moreover, it should be polished or coated nicely.

Then, you can use this device for a more extended period, and it should be kept safe from rusting, chipping, sticking, etc.

C. Compatible:

The item should be versatile and consistent in the application. Also, it should have a straight-forward installation feature. Moreover, the operating or running process should be user-friendly.

Even, for more flexibility and reliability; the storing and maintenance must be cost-efficient.

D. Others:

Try to get the affordable item. Always check the owners’ manual and users’ review. And inspect the warranty period.

Best way to lock a trailer:

I think: Using the best padlock is the only acceptable option to secure a container. It can provide the ultimate safety and security.

But make sure; you set the object correctly to get the specific feedback.

Best class vs. Locking hitch pin:

The conventional locks are ordinary in performance and service. These are not highly reliable. On the other hand, the hitch pins are more compact in design and come in better reliability.

Now a day, the pins are more popular than another advanced locking mechanism system.

Stainless steel locking hitch pin:

Always I recommend my client to get the stainless steel made hitch pin. And in this case, my most favorite metal is an aluminum sheet. Cause, these are sturdy and durable but has enough flexibility and pretty light in weight.

These are quite glossy and ultimately decay-resistant.

Final verdict:

Keep your hitch protected from unwanted stealing or robbery. To prevent the burglars` disturbance properly; get the best quality hitch pin lock.

And get this article as an informative guide; to find out the exact good successfully. You can go for the dual purpose coupler lock as well. Some even have rubber caps. They are very handy.