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10 Best Jeep Lift Kit for the Money – Buying Guide [2021]

Best Jeep Lift Kit for the MoneyThe lift kit is typically used to raise the body of a wrangler. The body lift helps to maximize the distance between the body and frame.

On the other side, the suspension lift intensifies the frame’s distance from the body.

For several reasons, people set a lift kit. The maximum time the purpose of lift installation is to carry out only for aesthetics fact. Off-roading is also a vital reason for lifting.

Your primary duty is to balance maintaining between the off-road postponement flexibility and the on-road drivability. The suspension is considering the most critical part of the equation.

After a survey, we selected ten unique products that maintain high quality and gains end-users reliability. Below we are presenting these market-dominating products with a comprehensive description.

You can acquire a basic idea about the product’s features, the pros as well as cons. For buying the accurate one, we provide a simple buying suggestion. Also, we added several informative instructions to utilize it correctly. You should also check our article on 3 ton floor jack reviews.

Best Jeep Lift Kit Comparison Chart [2021]:

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10 Best Jeep Lift Kit Reviews:

1. True Two JK 2.5″ Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit:

True Two JK 2.5" Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: Jeep JK
2. Lift height: 2.5 inches
3. Weight: 7.75 pounds
4. Tire size: 35 inches

A. Affordable price and universal features:
True Two JK 2.5 includes essential elements and offers the users an affordable price. It has two front spacers and rear spacers for providing up to 2 to 2.5 inches lifting. It provides quality coil spacers. You may need 3 to 5 hours for installing with a coil spring compressor.

B. Sturdy and long-lasting:
The spacers are formed with a resilient polyurethane material that makes these quite sturdy and ensures adequate durability. You will enjoy a cool service for the long run.

C. DIY installation facility:
Yes, the company does not give any installation guide, but the entire process is pretty simple and completely a DIY method. As a result, you can save the labor cost as well as time.

D. Compatible:
The weight of the item is light enough that gives enough space for the 35 inches tire. It is fit for use on the maximum type jeep wranglers JK.

Things you will like:
1. Includes both rear and front spacers
2. Extremely durable
3. Straightforward installation facility

Does not include instruction guides.

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2. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit For 07-18 JW and JK-635:

Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit For 07-18 JW and JK-635
Item specification:
1. Applied for: JK 635 and 7-18 JW
2. Tire size: 35 inches
3. Weight: 25.1 pounds
4. Lift height: 2.5 inches

A. Affordability:
This is an ideal item for the 2007 to 2018 wranglers JK 4WD models. It presents adequate clearance, and the prices are comparatively lower than other things.

This body lift kit is a good one about this price point.

B. consisting of materials:
This kit consists of a brake line bracket, relocation bracket, and a coil spring spacer. Also includes the rear truck bracket, rear bar link and several essential hardwires.

C. Quick installation:
It offers 100 % bolt on set-up procedure that makes it relatively more natural and faster. You need 2 to 3 hours only to carry out the installation job.

D. Ground service:
This gives you an impressive ground clearance facility and levels the first jeep perfectly. Moreover, the retention keeps the spring in the exact place in the articulation period.

Things you will like:
1. Simple and quick installation
2. Spring detention construction
3. Level with a front layer.

The provided instructions are a bit vague.

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3. Rough Country – 670N2-3-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/Premium N2.0 Shocks for Jeep: 84-01 Cherokee XJ 4WD:

Rough Country - 670N2-3-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/Premium N2.0 Shocks for Jeep: 84-01 Cherokee XJ 4WD
Item specification:
1. Applied for: 07 to 18 models Jeep JK.
2. Lift height: 3.5 inches
3. Weight: 48.4 pounds
4. Tire size: 37 inches

A. Effectiveness:
This item can create sufficient room for the 37 inches tire and the height lifting capability is up to 3.5 inches. After installing it, you will get a great off-road performance.

Additionally, you are getting a super easy installing facility that requires less time and effortless! The entire process takes 4 to 5 hours only. It comes with a shock absorber that reduces shocks very effectively.

B. Stability and durability:
Each part of the component is highly durable and extremely stable. Cause, these are made of heavy-duty quality materials.

C. On-road performance:
Another cool advantage you will enjoy its fantastic ground clearance property that delivers an excellent off-road performance pretty effectively.

Also, the on-road service is very fantastic and satisfactory enough.

Things you will like:
1. Maintains a flexible on-road ride
2. Maximizes ground clearance
3. Turned springs

Requires exhaust modification

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4. Teraflex JK 4 Door Unlimited 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit:

Teraflex JK 4 Door Unlimited 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: JK 4 (2007 to 14 models)
2. Weight: 30.4 inches
3. Lift height: 2.5 inches
4. Tire size: 35 inches

A. Effectiveness:
This is a complete kit that provides all kinds of essential hardwires and other types of equipment. It confirms a durable and practical service. You can install 35 inches of tires for the outdoor excursion. You also get a nice ground clearance from this kit.

B. Design and power:
For its low weight property, you can enjoy an unlimited jeep wrangler lifting. The included free stabilizer designed for working with converted suspensors as well as an oversize tire.

As a result, it can minimize the front-end wobble and the bump steer.

C. Suspension and installation:
The set-up technique is straightforward and takes less time. It requires a couple of hours only to complete the entire task. Even it is free from drilling and cutting requirement.

Things you will like:
1. A complete package lift kit
2. Free from drilling and cutting

Not includes any exhaust extension

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5. Rough Country 907S 4″ Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler:

Rough Country 907S 4" Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler
Item specification:
1. Applied for: 03 to 06 TJ, 04 to 06 LJ
2. Weight: 130.18 pounds
3. Tire size: 37 inches
4. Lift height: 4 inches

A. Price and performance:
It has a massive range of lifting capability and suitable for larger tires. The item is reasonable in price and a reliable name to all professional drivers.

B. Clearance:
This model has a superb ground clearance and excellent in off-road service due to the N3 shocks. It is a complete tool.

Cause, it includes all essential materials and hardwires. The provided springs and the lower tubular arm help to control both the front and the rear gears and the shocks.

C. Set-up:
The set-up is effortless, but you have to give proper concentration and spend a bit time for this process. Additionally, it is free from maintenance-cost and highly economical.

Things you will like:
1. Intensify the ground clearance
2. Excellent in both on-road and off-road performance
3. Level front layer

The set-up process takes a bit of time.

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6. Rough Country – PERF678-2.5-inch Suspension Lift System w/Premium N3 Shocks for Jeep: 07-18 Wrangler JK 4WD:

Rough Country - PERF678-2.5-inch Suspension Lift System w/Premium N3 Shocks for Jeep: 07-18 Wrangler JK 4WD
Item specification:
1. Applied for: 07 to 18 JK 4WD
2. Weight: 31.4 pounds
3. Lift height: 4 inches
4. Tire size: 37 inches

A. Endurance limit and capability:
Rough country is very compatible and stable to withstand every type of weather and condition. It can provide at least 4 inches lifting capacity.

B. Installation and performance:
The installation is relatively flexible. Even the operation is simple and user-friendly. You will get a satisfactory level of ground clearance and excellent on and off-road service.

For ensuring the useful functionality, it provided coil controlling plates and placed it on the proper angle.

C. Maintenance and durability:
You can get a long-time cool service for its incredible strength. Also, you will like its maintenance-fee highly economic characteristics.

The thing you will like:
1. Amazing floor clearness
2. Bolt-on set-up.
3. Easy to adjust
4. Efficient and durable

Some model requires exhaust modification.

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7. Rough Country 66330 Long Arm Lift Kit:

Rough Country 66330 Long Arm Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: 97 to 06 TJ 4 WD
2. Weight: 286.9 pounds
3. Tire size: 37 inches
4. Lift height: 4 inches

A. Capabilities:
It can lift at least 4 inches and adequately fit for larger tires. Also, it includes all types of essential equipment and hardwires that makes it a complete and useful tool. It highlights on the durable truck bar, high performing shocks.

Keep in mind, all jeeps are different, and you may need a track bar. If you take your lower control arms off, you don’t need a spring compressor.

B. Service:
The floor clearness is fantastic, and the provided long arms are another great addition. It delivers excellent articulation and optimum alignment.

C. Set-up:
The installation process is a bit complex and time-consuming. But you will get a better service for an extended period.

Things you will like:
1. Sturdy and durable
2. High performing shocks
3. Inclusive kit
4. Optimum articulation and alignment

1. A bit expensive
2. Complicated installation procedure and takes much time

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8. Rubicon Express RE7143 Short Arm Lift Kit:

Rubicon Express RE7143 Short Arm Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: JK4
2. Weight: 175 pounds
3. Lift height: 3.5 inches
4. Tire size: 37 inches

A. Compatibility:
This is a bit expensive model, but it could be an excellent investment for you. Cause, it offers some unique features and services.

The tool is remarkable great for its fast and straightforward set-up feature. It is a complete kit and highly compatible.

B. Effectiveness:
It includes all forms of essential materials and hardwires. It is designed in such a way that it can perform both on and off-road in a proper way.

Additionally, you will get a fantastic floor clearance.

C. Strength and lifespan:
The item is sturdy and gives a long-lasting service for its excellent durable character. It is suitable for larger tires and delivers adequate performance.

Things you will like:
1. Super on-off road performance
2. Serviceable ball joint
3. Adjustable control arm

A bit costly

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9. Skyjacker TJ401BPH 4″ Lift Kit:

Skyjacker TJ401BPH 4" Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: 97 to 02 TJ
2. Weight: 126.1 pounds
3. Tire size: 37 inches
4. Lift height: 4 inches

A. Serviceability:
This is a 4 inches lift and serviceable for larger tires. You will get a sound performance both in on and off-road.

It provides all necessary hardwires and other components and becomes a complete too that gains the end-users reliability.

B. Appearance and longevity:
The presentation is very eye-catching and maximizes the vehicle`s beauty. It has super strength that ensures adequate durability.

It needs fewer materials to complete the installation process, and the whole procedures are straightforward and need less time.

C. Extremely tolerable and maintenance-free:
This is very stable, even in the rough weather, it works effectively for its high tolerance capability. The floor clearance is mind-blowing. This is entirely free from maintenance cost.

Things you will like:
1. Includes all sorts of essential materials
2. Excellent floor clearance
3. Needs fewer tools for installing and takes only a couple of hours.

1. No cons.

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10. JKS 9904 1-1/4″ Body Lift Kit:

JKS 9904 1-1/4" Body Lift Kit
Item specification:
1. Applied for: Jeep TJ
2. Weight: 9 pounds
3. Lift height: 1.25 inches
4. Tire size: 35 inches

Key features:
A. Suspension and affordability:
It offers the suspension lifting facility and confirms that it will never affect the spring rating.

The price is affordable enough, and the on-road riding is relatively smooth.

B. Ground clearance and durability:
The item provides additional floor clearance features that are safe for center gravity.

You can use the stuff for a long-run for its strength and its user-friendly mechanism.

C. Installation and performance:
The set-up system is straightforward, even the replacement is flexible wholly and enough a DIY process.

It never requires any modification for the fuel tank, brakes, and air conditioning system.

Things you will like:
1. Faster installation
2. Tolerable effect on center gravity
3. Never affects suspension geometry

1. Never increases floor clearance.

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The classification of lifts:

The most common types of jip lifts are

1. Small Wrangler Lifts 1 to 2 inches:

If you require additional clearance for your tries, the Small Wrangler Lifts could be the perfect option for you. It has several space coilers that help to lift the near shackles and front height.

It maintains ride quality and offers a reasonable price. You will enjoy a faster and easier set-up procedure.

Typically, these Jeep lift kits will provide between 1 and 2 inches of lift, and they consist of some space coilers for lifting the front height and extended shackles for the rear.

But, if you have some strong and new springs, you can also go with blocks for the back.

2. Big Wrangler Lifts:

To give the vehicle an aggressive and appealing look, the big wrangler should be a perfect choice. It designed in such a way that it can lift at least 2 inches upwards.

It has a superior clearance and maintains a stable on-road ride smoothly. It is a bit expensive but offers comparatively more components than a small wrangler.

3. Body Lifts:

Body lifts are relatively more affordable and free from excess replacing mechanism. It delivers high space and bolts the body and frame very nicely. It can run large tires and gives high clearance place.

4. Budget Boosts:

The budget boost is a Jeep lift kit that results in just a small increase in the Jeep’s suspension height. This kit will mostly use coil spring spacers for the front and larger shackles for lifting the rear.

The installation is pretty flexible, and it accommodates bigger tires.

5. Short limb Lift:

This is a very common type of lifts and also known as a suspension lift. It prevents vibration actively during the driving time.

It has a super ground clearance facility and fit for larger tires. But for is higher gravity it is less safe and less comfortable. Moreover, it can affect the riding quality.

6. Long Arm Lift:

It gives a comfortable and quality riding. The ground clearance capability is tremendously tremendous and perfect for suspension angles.

But the problem is the price is very high, and the installation process is a bit difficult and time-consuming.

Best Jeep Lift Kit Buying guide:

Jeep kits pay a vital role in driving experience very strongly. That’s why you should afford the accurate one.

The following facts you should keep in mind during the buying period.

1. Lift Height and Tire Size:

The lift size should match with the tire size. Make sure the selected items height is perfectly fit with your vehicle’s tire.
The lift height that you want to achieve and the tire size that you want to run.

2. Kit Components:

The components must be sturdy enough to deliver the best performance and durability. The raw materials should be resilient and environment-friendly.

3. Installation Time:

Prefer the DIY process installation system to save labor cost, and it should require less time and complex-free.

How to install Jeep Lift Kit:


Lifting maximizes the jeep beauty and functionality. Also, it gives an aggressive look. That’s why choosing the perfect one is badly essential, and in this case, my offered items should be the best option for you.

Finally, my advice is to give proper attention and install it correctly. Ask help from the experts and follow the instruction guide. Make your journey safe and enjoyable.