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Best Oil for Jeep Wrangler

Best Oil for Jeep Wrangler

Wrangler is a great model of Jeep. They have been on the market for years, and people love them. Oil is an essential factor for any vehicle. Especially for Jeep Wrangler, it plays a vital role.

You can’t just use any oil for your Jeep. It has to be of good quality. Otherwise, you can have problems with your jeep engine.

If the oil quality is not up to the mark, then the result can be hazardous. Every vehicle needs a good oil to keep it moving smoothly.

There is a variety of oil for jeep wrangler in the market. But not every one of those is right in real. So, in this article, we will pick the best oil for your jeep wrangler. These are reliable and perform best.

We will help you to find fuel for your jeep wrangler, for old and new both. Wrangler is an efficient model, no doubt.

But to take proper care, you need to select the best oil for its engine. Please go through our article to choose the best oil for your wrangler jeep.

Oil Viscosity

This is a significant factor for oil. It is a rating. The oil we will discuss in this article has an oil viscosity rating for a jeep wrangler.

For jeep wrangler, it is 5W-20 for most of the models. This number explains the viscosity of the particular oil. This number means a fluid’s resistance to flow.

For jeep wrangler, the rating number is 5W-20, 5 stands for degree Fahrenheit. W stands for winter. So, it means in winter how low the temperature can go before the oil is very viscosity.

The second half, i.e., 20, indicates the highest temperature that allows the oil to become excessive runny. The ideal viscosity for your Jeep is 5W-20, so make sure the oil you choose has it.

Reset Oil change Indicator

I am talking about a few basic things before going into the oil you can buy for your jeep wrangler.

This is a common problem that the oil change light is still light up in your dashboard even after you have changed the oil. In this case, you need to adjust the indicator manually.

Here are the steps to change the oil indicator manually:

  • Turn to ignite switch ON before turning on the engine.
  • Push the accelerator 3 times within a 10 second period.
  • Turn the ignite switch to LOC.
  • Then start your Jeep, the problem will be fixed.

Our top picks for the best oil for Jeep Wrangler

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5 QT

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5 QT

This oil has a 5W-20 viscosity rating. This is ideal for most of the temperature. It is best for jeep wrangler. It works even in winter and also in extreme heat.

It stays thick even if in the coldest winter. In summer, it doesn’t get too runny. This oil comes with other viscosity ratings. So, you can use it in a variety of vehicles.

This oil is perfect for the jeep engine. It extends the engine life by making the mileage continued. Another unique feature is this oil comes with a lot of antioxidants.

So, there won’t be oil breakage and buildups. It also has detergent components that bond with the sludge and deposits and eventually removes them from the system.

This product comes with seal conditioners that prevent leakage. The oil comes in good packaging. There won’t be any leakage.


  • It gives fuel efficiency.
  • Gives maximum engine efficiency. 
  • Removes buildups.
  • Prevents any leakage.
  • Easy to pour. 
  • Stays in excellent condition throughout the year.


  • Not suitable for a low mileage engine.
  • It can get watery in extreme heat.

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil, SN Plus, 5W-20, 5 Quart

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil, SN Plus, 5W-20, 5 Quart

This synthetic oil is top-rated among users. This oil is specially designed for a high mileage engine. You will get a different option for low mileage engines too.

So, depending on your vehicle’s engine, you can choose the one that suits you best. The wide variety of viscosity supports every environment. No matter how cold it gets or hot it gets.

You don’t have to change the oil for at least a year. The long-lasting formula keeps the engine good for a fair amount of time. You get a good value of money with this oil.

This product has a high resistance to temperature and any thermal breakdown. This oil is designed to prevent sludge and buildups. It also prevents corrosion and rust.


  • Different viscosity ratings.
  • Prevents sludge and buildups.
  • Extends the engine life.
  • It reduces emissions.
  • It comes with resistance to thermal breakdown.


  • Old buildups can’t be cleared.
  • You can’t see the oil level in the bottle.

Royal Purple 51520 API-licensed SAE 5W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51520 API-licensed SAE 5W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

This engine oil is a bit expensive. But it gives you top-quality performance. For the high quality, this oil gets pricey. But be assured this will be an excellent investment for your jeep wrangler.

This oil comes in a variety of viscosity ratings. This product can be used in lower mileage and as well as old vehicles too. The company recommends using this oil after your engine has reached 2000 miles.

For diesel engines, the markup is 10,000 miles. This oil has excellent compatibility with fuels that has ethanol. It removes the buildups and sludges.

The high mileage variation comes with fuel efficiency. So, you don’t have to think about extra expenses.


  • This oil gives excellent mileage.
  • It offers fuel efficiency.
  • It removes buildups.
  • Available in a variety of viscosity ratings.
  • Gives protection from damage and wear.
  • Extends engine life.


  • It can’t be used in brand new cars.
  • The price is high.

Kendall GT-1 Endurance 5w-20 w/Ti – 12/1 qt. Case

All love this premium quality synthetic oil. It is recommended on vehicles with gasoline engines with over 75 thousand miles. You also can use it on lower mileage engines.

This oil enhances the performance of your engine. It comes in a properly sealed plastic bottle that prevents any leakage. This also prevents any friction and wear and tear of the machine.

This oil has liquid titanium mixed with it. This oil also removes buildups and sludges. Your jeep engines run smoothly like never before.

SealMax seal conditioner helps to recondition and revitalize the engine. This also prevents any viscosity breakdowns. This oil has fuel efficiency too. It reduces the usage of fuel over time. 


  • It revitalizes the old engine.
  • It supports the fuel economy.
  • Extends engine life.
  • Removes buildups.
  • Premium quality oil


  • It is sold in the full case of 12 bottles.
  • Expensive.

Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor 5W-20 (6 QUARTS)

Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor 5W-20 (6 QUARTS)

This oil comes in a 6-quart bottle and an affordable range. If you want engine oil that comes in a budget but doesn’t compromise with the quality, this is the right product.

This oil is available in different viscosity ratings. You can choose the one that suits your vehicle. This oil is designed to use for at least 700 hours or 25 thousand miles.

So, it lasts for a long time. This increases the engine life of your jeep wrangler. It increases fuel efficiency too.

This oil reduces buildups and sludges. It keeps the engine clean. This oil prevents corrosion, rust, and other thermal issues.


  • Fuel efficiency.
  • Increases the life of the engine.
  • Removes buildups.
  • Keeps the engine clean.
  • Removes rust.
  • Enhance engine life.
  • Low friction


  • Not API certified.

How often you need to change engine oil?

How often you need to change the engine oil, is a fundamental question that comes into mind. It mainly depends on the brand and its formulation. 

High-quality synthetic oil doesn’t need to change frequently. The best quality oil can go for 20 thousand miles.

Conventional oil should be replaced after 5 thousand miles. It is better to use high-quality oil to take care of your jeep engine.


Oil for your jeep wrangler is essential. The engine performance depends on it. Low-quality oil can create problems on the engine that can cause a more significant issue.

We always recommend you to buy the best quality engine oil for your Jeep Wrangler. In the long run, you won’t face any problems. The engine life will extend, and you will stay relived.

Our favorite from the list is the Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. The fuel efficiency you get is the maximum in the market.

This oil has a premium quality that takes care of the engine. The overall performance increases with this oil. It also removes buildups. So, your motor runs smoothly.

All the oil we have mentioned in this article are from reputed brands and have the best quality. Depending on your budget, you can choose any of these.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil goes in Jeep Wrangler?

Ans: High-quality motor oil goes in Jeep Wrangler. These could be a bit expensive.

Should I use synthetic oil in My Jeep Wrangler?

Ans: Synthetic oil should be changed every 7500 to 10,00 miles. Using synthetic oil is safe in Jeep Wrangler.

Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

Ans: Synthetic oil has fewer impurities. It goes longer than conventional oil.