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5 Best Serpentine Belt of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Best serpentine beltThe serpentine belt is one of the most crucial components of a vehicle. This is a long and winding type belt.

It keeps the alternator, steering pump and the air condition smooth and active.

Also, it helps to run the water pump frequently. It supplies to power all of these components.

There was a time when automobiles used multiple belts for individual functions. But, due to the efficiency of the latest models, all have been replaced with one.

Thus, the usability of the product has increased than ever.

In the past decades, the car owner used several belts for their functions. But it made the work complex and maximized the cost.

In modern vehicles, only a single strap is used that has excellent efficiency and capable of multiple functions.

Best Serpentine Belt Comparison Chart [2021]: 

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If you are seeking such types of belts, you are in the right place! Because, in this content, I am sharing a list of independent serpentine belts review.

Also, you will get special buying tips, maintenance techniques, and some essential information. As a result, you can acquire the perfect product easily and utilize it properly.

5 Best Serpentine Belt Reviews:

1. Bando 6PK1040 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt (Best of the best):

Bando 6PK1040 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt
About the item:

Bando could be the best choice for you because it is a traditional brand and has enormous popularity all over the market.

It provides high-quality raw materials for manufacturing the good. The equipped features are highly satisfactory and ensure superb durability. This high-end belt is a versatile product that you can use for Toyota Corolla and other brands.

The most significant fact is it gains the OEM certificate. That refers it is incredibly efficient and excellent in quality.

It includes six ribs, and the measurement is 84.1 inches approximately. It ensures you perfect fit.

The product is made in the USA, and hopefully, it will last 10 years. Besides, you will like it’s simple installation feature.

Moreover, it is compact in design. You will get a sturdy tensile cord that carries a considerable amount of loads and has massive horsepower.

The surprising fact that this belt never loses its power stretches. You will get an expected level of output from this fancy model.

That’s why I highly recommend this cost-effective good for you. This is one of the best serpentine belts in the market competition.

It would be a good quality belt at a great price. You can replace the old power steering belt of your car with the serpentine belt.

1. Maintains OEM qualities
2. Long-lasting
3. Wear resistant
4. Cost-effective
5. Sturdy

Not suitable for every type of automobile

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2. ACDelco 6K905 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt (A reliable name):

ACDelco 6K905 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt
About the item:
ACDelco is an excellent option for the professional driver. This presents a couple of attractive features and facilities.

For its different derivatives, it reaches the top position in the race of competition.

Comparatively, the model is more conventional and acceptable. It can operate the crooked accessories very nicely and maximizes the efficiency.

EPDM is used as its principal raw element that is well-known for its super strength and flexibility.

That’s why it ensures a long-lasting performing guarantee. This material has an exceptional level of withstanding capability.

It can stay stable under a massive amount of heat. It can tolerate in the cold weather too.

This is highly crack-proof. Also, tear and wear resistant. For its excellent flexibility, it can tolerate both the upside bends and downside bends.

In a word, this is one of the best serpentine belts and gives the highest level of satisfaction. You should purchase it to get excellent output.

If your air conditioning compressor seizes, you can use it. It will fit perfectly.

1. Awesome durability
2. Highly efficient
3. Suitable for the maximum types of vehicle’s car
4. Delivers seamless functionality

Not fit for SUV, truck and pickup van

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3. Continental OE Technology Series 4060882 6-Rib, 88.2″ Multi-V Belt (One of the cheapest belts):

Continental OE Technology Series 4060882 6-Rib, 88.2" Multi-V Belt
About the item:

Continental Elite is a leading brand and has immense popularity and reliability towards the end-users.

The advanced technology is applied to manufacture this fancy stuff. You will enjoy a couple of unique features and facilities.

It’s the most remarkable derivative is it is a solid object that has a surer tolerance power. It is torn and water-proof.

Another surprising fact is you will never face any irradiating sound. Cause, the device is it is a pretty cool object that works silently.

It is durable enough for long time use, and the price is reasonable for the limited budget buyers. Moreover, research shows that it can stable enough in different types of rough situations.

To realize its value, you can check the customer review and see the experts’ comments. You should not run with a bad serpentine belt.

I highly suggest you purchase this good. Hopefully, you will like the item’s impressive service and excellent durability.

1. Reasonable cost
2. Great in quality and performance
3. Effective tension

Comparatively the size is a bit bigger

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4. Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt( Editors’ top choice):

Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt
About the items:
This is another particular model form Bando series. It presents huge derivatives that are manufactured advanced formula.

For its satisfactory service, it gains the users’ good impression and reaches the top position in the market competition.

You can set it very quickly on the vehicle, and it takes a few minutes only. This is widely used in Toyota, GM, Nissan, Honda, and many other cars.

The manufacturer applied OEM technology and used high-class rubber as the ingredient. The staff includes seven ribs, and the size is approximately 68.2 inches.

The strength of the product is relatively higher and has a super endurance capability. The wear and tear-proof power are entirely satisfactory.

Another fantastic thing is you will never get any annoying noise for its quiet performing mechanism.

Overall, Bando 6PK2135 is a high performing belt that can serve you for an extended period. You should consider it to buy. It will be the best selection for your automobile.

1. Good-class raw materials
2. Affordable
3. Fit for various car brands.

No cons!

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5. Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt

Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt
About the item:
Gates K081264HD is a fantastic model that is very adorable and demandable to the consumers. Its properties are a unique and built-in advanced formula.

The constructed design is simple that makes the entire operation easier but effective.

It’s the most important character is its unusual endurance limit. It is formed in such a way that it can perform in a very harness situation. It has a great level of load capacity.

It works quietly and protects deterioration vigorously. The company ensures you a long time performing guarantee. Even the price is pretty reasonable.

In a word, Gates K081264HD is a combination of durability, affordability, and stability. In the experts’ eye, this is one of the best serpentine belts in the market.

1. Long-lasting
2. Remarkable delivery
3. Compact design
4. Compatible

A bit expensive

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6. Continental 4060855 OE Technology Series Multi-V Belt:

Continental 4060855 OE Technology Series Multi-V Belt
About the item:
Continental Elite is one of the cheapest models in the market. But the company never compromises with its quality.

It ensures that you will get a pleasant performance if you rely on this product.

It is made of a great type of synthetic rubber that is highly resilient and maximizes the objects’ lifespan. Also, it can eradicate the squeaks and chirps very strongly.

It provides you with a unique type staggered cog profile. It delivers a noiseless operation. The flexibility is fabulous, and the resistant power is fantastic.

The item is tremendously heat-proof and abrasion and tear resistant.

The researchers and experts tested the material several times and gave a favorable report. So you can keep trust on this item. You will enjoy the result.

1. Calm operation:
2. Shear-resistant
3. Heat-proof
4. Efficient

Not universal in performance

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7. Bando USA 5PK875 Belts:

Bando USA 5PK875 Belts
About the manufactured good:
This model is a bit costly, but you can take it as a significant investment.

This is a premium type belt and holds the top position in the market competition for its fancy derivatives.

It followed the OEM specification that makes it an adorable and highly acceptable product towards the end-users. It has an impressive reinforce capability and a high volume of tensile strengths.

That’s why it can bear a massive amount of load and survive in every rough weather situation. This is a celestial object, and the operation is straight-forward and noise-free.

This is an ideal belt that delivers a mind-blowing service for an extended period. In my opinion, this is an excellent belt for every type of car.

1. Durable in service
2. Tear resistant
3. Wear resistant

Small pulley

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8. Gates K081223HD Multi V-Groove Belt

Gates K081223HD Multi V-Groove Belt
About the item:
Gates is another impressive model from our suggested list. Its eye-catching features and fabulous facilities make it one of the most popular belts for every professional driver.

Its primary ingredient is super-class synthetic rubber. The rubber is relatively flexible but has enough tensile strength. So the object is extremely durable and perfect for adaptable application.

Moreover, it is entirely heat-proof and quite stable in extreme situation. You will get proper compatibility and flexibility to use this.

It fulfills the standard requirements and gets a favorable report from several tests. So the device can deliver you a better service and maximizes the engine efficiency.

1. Impressive performance
2. Long-lasting
3. Suitable for various types of automobiles

A bit costly

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Frequently asked the question (FAQ):

Q: What are the merits and demerits come from a serpentine belt?

A: The merits and demerits of a serpentine belt are
1. Merits:
a. Comparatively, it is more straightforward in the application and the design is more compact.
b. It has better flexibility and strength.
c. Easy replacing and free from maintenance tasks.

2. Demerits:
Sometimes it shows an error but cannot find out any visible damage.

Q: When should I replace it?

A: According to the scholars` guideline you should replace it after running 50000 to 60000 miles. To maximize its lifespan, you should check it at a certain period later.

Q: what are the considering facts when buying a serpentine belt?

A: Serpentine belt buying tips and tricks:

Follow the following facts during purchasing time.

1. Size:
Check the selected item specification. Take the perfect measurement and make sure that the size will fit your car.

2. Raw material:
Without the good-class elements, the end-product will not provide you with the expected service and durability. The included item should be firm but flexible.

The best options are EPDM rubber, the synthetic type, and Ethylene Propylene.

These are pretty smooth and great in performance. But always avoid neoprene. Cause, it has a considerable possibility to slip.

3. Compatible:
Compatibility is another vital requirement, and it intensifies the acceptance limit to the customers. So check the belt and assure that it will fit with your vehicle perfectly.

4. Others:
Inspect the rib pattern, durability and prefer the brand value. Try to get the goods at a reasonable rate. Another important fact is, it should be noise-free and secure to replace.

Q: What happens to a car when the serpentine belt breaks?

A: Its primary function makes the alternator running that charges the battery, air condition system and the engine. If the belt breaks down the total order will shut down immediately.

You may drive without AC, but it also affects the battery severely. It increases the batteries heat. So after breakage, you should replace it instantly.

Q: What is the primary function of a serpentine belt?

A: It also called the drive belt. It connects with the tensioner, idler, and pulleys. It supplies power on AC, alternator and the cooling system. While the engine on running, it starts its function and works continuously until the engine shut off.

Q: What are the critical difference between Serpentine Belt and Timing Belt?

A: Serpentine belt vs. timing belt:

Both of these belts are essential parts for a car engine, and they have different functionality, and these two items are not alternative to each other.

The time belts placed on the exterior side and move the crankshaft. On the other hand, the Serpentine is used for controlling the AC, battery, etc.

Q: What is the sign of a loose serpentine belt?

A: Loose serpentine belt symptoms: The following things indicate that it loses its working capability.

1. The squealing sound from the vehicles` front:
This occurs for misalignment and slippage. If you face this, you should replace it immediately.

2. Ac becomes unworkable and power steering:
It this situation the cooling system falls, and the batteries become hot. It is a significant threat to safety.

To prevent this problem, you should set it correctly and replace it in a certain period later.

3. Others: Engine overheating, cracking and wears is the vital sign that your belt needs to be replaced.

Final Verdict:

Safety is the original and first condition for every car owner. A serpentine belt plays a significant role to provide the adequate protection and security of your automobile.

It is essential to get a serpentine belt that maintains decent quality and gives a sound operation. In this case, my mentioned goods could be the most acceptable selection for you.