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5 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Reviews [2021]

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Reviews

Synthetic air compressor oils are essential for every air compressor. Finding the right oil is crucial for the efficiency of the air compressor.

It can also reduce the sludge, varnish, and other harmful substances, which can lead to massive degradation of performance and lead to premature abrasion.

High-quality synthetic oil can make a great impact on the air compressor. It increases longevity, and it can start in cold weather smoothly.

This oil directly helps in producing chilled oil temperature and provides cooler compressed air. mAke sure you are also using the best ac recharge kit.

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Comparison Chart:

5 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Reviews:

  1. Royal purple 01513 Synfilm recip 100 High-performance synthetic air compressor lubricant.
  2. Powermate Px P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil
  3. OEM All Season Select Synthetic Lubricant, 1L
  4. DEWALT D55001 Synthetic Compressor Oil, 1 Quart
  5. Porter Cable PXCM018-0080 1-gallon Synthetic Blend Non-Detergent Air Compressor Oil

1. Royal purple 01513 Synfilm recip 100 High-performance synthetic air compressor lubricant:

Royal purple 01513 Synfilm recip 100 High-performance synthetic air compressor lubricant

One of the most popular full synthetic brands for the professionals and car lovers is royal purple.

This brand always had been delivering the best oils. Their provided oil always delivers top performance. And royal purple 01513 is one the outstanding product of Royal purple.

This lubricant is equivalent to SAE30. It helps in producing extra strength and energy for extending the best air compressors for the home garages life.

One of the reasons for the high-performance rate of this lubricant is the royal purple signature synergetic additive, which gives it higher viscosity. 

Besides this, the texture of this oil is exceptionally smooth and works elegantly inside the air compressor.

This oil also cancels out disturbing sounds and provides a quieter experience. This oil is best for moderate or high-temperature climates.

This is a good non-detergent synthetic blend compressor oil that you may pick to get better performance.

This oil loses its usability in cold climates. This product also costs moderately, but its performance over shines its cost. Use it with the best oil filter for the ultimate result.

2. Powermate Px P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil:

Powermate Px P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

One of the cheapest full synthetic air compressor oil options is Powermate Px P018-0084.

Even with its low pricing, it provides high performance. This lubricant helps to low the friction in the machine and also protects the internal parts from wear and discharge valves from any detriment carbon deposits.

Powermate is one of the reputed company which came up by providing there well functional oil. 

This oil is all session oil. One can use it in any giving temperature. It can be even used at a high temperature of 235 degrees and also can be used as low as negative 30 degrees.

This product is moderately priced and is right for your air compressor. With its unique quality, it is one of the better options. Good quality oIl drain pan is also necessary for a clean car.

This is a full synthetic and recommended for air compressors. It offers a wider temperature range, and it becomes more stable for being full synthetic.

3. OEM All Season Select Synthetic Lubricant, 1L:

OEM All Season Select Synthetic Lubricant, 1L

No three on our list is OEM all-season selects synthetic lubricant. By its name, we can know about one of its main features, and that is it will be suitable for all seasons.

All season select is a synthetic based product which is designed for all temperature and to maintain optimal performance overall. It performs way more than any standard conventional item.

It also protects from wear and helps in preventing carbon build-up. It’s straightforward to use, and it is also suitable for an extensive range of products.

Its price is moderate compared to its services. Overall it’s a great product and can use it without any problems.

4. DEWALT D55001 Synthetic Compressor Oil:

DEWALT D55001 Synthetic Compressor Oil

Dewalt D5501 is one of the best item in the market. This oil provides maximum lubrication for almost all temperatures. Besides this, it improves the compressor’s work rate. 

It also protects the internal parts.it even allow easier start-up at low temperature. Like all other products, it protects from carbon build-up.

Its protection system is better than any other product on the list except royal purple 01513. But still, it’s very efficient and works smoothly.

It is high-quality oil, which is very good for protection. If one uses Dewalt D5501, then he\she won’t need to worry about valve carbon build-up.

5. Porter Cable PXCM018-0080 1-gallon Synthetic Blend Non-Detergent Air Compressor Oil:

Porter Cable PXCM018-0080 1-gallon Synthetic Blend Non-Detergent Air Compressor Oil

At the end of our list of best five air compressor oil, we have Porter cable PXCM018-0080. This product works unexpectedly very well.

This oil can work on any air compressor. And like other products on the list, it protects the internal parts and avoids carbon build up in the compressor. If you use this oil, your engine will start easily even at a very low temperature.

But it also provides maximum lubrication. It also protects from rust and many more. It might have some flaws, but still, it’s a great product.

Types of Oil for Air Compressor:

Currently, the synthetic air compressor industry is very competitive. There are lots of synthetic oils made for these.

But all the synthetic oils are not the same. Nor every synthetic oil is perfect for every type. Thus finding out the ideal synthetic oil for the air compressor is crucial.

Choosing out the perfect air compressor oil entirely depends on the model.

With the right synthetic air compressor oil, your onboard air compressor would be smoothly functional and would ensure the quality of the air compressor for a long time.

 Multinational oil companies bring out their own synthetic air compressor oil, which is suitable for a different condition.

The weather of the earth is very diverse. Every place in this world has different weather conditions, and different kinds of oils are made for them.

How to Choose the best oil for air compressor?

To get perfect fuel for the air compressor, the recommended type of synthetic air compressor oil should be used.

 While choosing an air compressor oil, one should keep their eyes on the viscosity. (the state of being thick, sticky, and semi-fluid inconsistency due to internal friction.)

Besides viscosity, one should always keep in mind about the temperature range, oil change frequency, and additives.


Temperature is one of the fundamental aspects while buying synthetic air compressor oil. There are different temperature ranges for synthetic it.

Thus it is always recommended to buy suitable synthetic air compressor oil. The temperature of an area can be low or high. 

In this situation, temperature directly changes the viscosity, which leads to the premature behavior of the air compressor.


Checking oil viscosity before buying air compressor oil is very important. Every air compressor has a recommended thickness.

Viscosity means the texture and weight of the oil. If the thickness is too low, then it means the weight of the oil is low, and besides that, it means that the texture of the oil would be watery.

On the other hand, if the viscosity is high, it means the weight of the oil is kind of dense and the texture is thicker.

Thus it’s best to use the recommended viscosity.

Air Compressor Oil Change Frequency:

Keeping the oil change frequency in check is essential. If the oil is not changed over a certain period, then the oil would not function properly and would damage the air compressor.

Usually, there is no fixed time to change the oil. It is generally recommended to change the oil once every year.

But some items require a frequent oil change. Thus the oil change frequency depends on the compressor and how much it has been used.


Branded providers of synthetic air compressor oil usually add many elements to the oil, which are generally beneficial for the compressor.

But in some cases, the additives are not suitable for the compressor. Thus being a bit careful will help in the long run.

Synthetic vs. Standard Air Compressor Oils:

Synthetic oil and standard oils are both extracted from the depths of the earth. They share the same source, but they are not the same.

Synthetic oils are way more refined than the standard ones. Besides that, synthetic fuels can be made artificially.

This is a better option while choosing between standard and synthetic. It comes with loads of advantages. The main benefits of synthetic oils are shown below:

  • They are way cleaner than any standard compressor oil
  • They are also longer lasting than any conventional compressor oil.
  • They are even less expensive
  • They are also not contaminated easily
  • They are also very smooth thus the internal friction of the parts is extremely low and doesn’t damage the internal parts

Synthetic oils outclass standard oil in every possible way. Besides, all these synthetic oils are not costly and provide better performance.


1. What kind of oil for an Air compressor?

Answer: There are many types of oil, but people use standard conventional oil and synthetic oil. Out of those two synthetic oils is the most preferred by the people.

2. Do all compressors need oils?

Answer: No, all compressors don’t need oils. There are some compressor models which oil whatsoever.

3. How much oil does an air compressor need?

Answer: It completely depends on the model. In general small compressors needs about 6-8 oz. But it is better to use the recommended amount of oil for the compressor.

4. Do Oil Brands Matter?

Answer: It doesn’t matter that much. But some of the big names like Royal Purple are a game-changer. Some of the big brands provide exceptional deals, and some are costly. Even if that is costly, they also worth it.

5. When should I add more oil to my compressor?

Answer: if you poured less than the recommended amount, then you need to add more oil to your compressor.

6. What should I do if I overfilled the oil?

Answer: If your air compressor is overfilled, try to take out some oil and try to low it to the recommended amount. Otherwise, it might damage the compressor.


We mentioned our top 5 best synthetic air compressor oil. There are about thousands of air compressor oils, and we still think above five are the best.

Among the five, without any doubt, the best is Royal Purple 01513 Synfilm Recip. It is a bit on the expensive side, but without any doubt, it is the best.

Royal Purple 01513 Synfilm Recip is an all-rounder. It outperforms and outclasses any other products in the market.

The above list is a recommendation, so it’s up to you and what you are comfortable using.