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6 Best Tow Hitch Reviews for YOU – Buying Guide [2021]

Best tow hitchIn this content: We share How to pick up the exact products (among the ordinary items)

Moreover, you will get a complete review of the top 5 models to tow vehicles with an exclusive buying guide. Always use the best hitch cover with these.

To get the highest level of the effective result: these products will be the most reliable options for you. Pick one depending on your gross trailer weight. This is also important for selecting the best mechanix creeper and  best trailer hitch for truck.

Let’s get started.

Best Tow Hitch Comparison Chart:

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6 Best Tow Hitch Reviews [2021]:

1. Andersen 4in Rapid Hitch 2 X 2-5/16in Greaseless Alumiball 3461 (Best tow hitch for jeep wrangler):

Andersen 4in Rapid Hitch 2 X 2-5/16in Greaseless Alumiball 3461
About the item:

Andersen 4in Rapid Hitch (A well-known brand) is made of the high-grade aluminum frame. That’s why the entire body is quite sturdy and ensures the highest level of durability. But, the item is exceptionally flexible and comparatively lighter in weight.

It comes in a compact design with ideal body shape. Its ball size comes in universal fitting and has a whole dimension. The significant fact is this is easy to set-up and changeable too.

Also, you will get an easily accessible single axle that has greaseless ball mounts. You can enjoy a comfortable lifting feature.

It might be a good weight distribution hitch because it has a simple height adjustable feature that ensures the right level between towing vehicles and trailers. Besides, the product gives you a solid feel.

And you will enjoy a DIY installation facility. The process is quick and simple enough. (You just set the pins “side to side”) Then, attach it with the vehicle receiver correctly. Top hitch pin locks should always be used.

In this case: the great advantage is you have multiple adjustment options. You will be kept safe from the sticky problem and other issues. Additionally, it will prove you super versatile service, and you will enjoy its high performance.

As this is made of aluminum; this is firmly corrosion-proof and has a superior endurance capability. Use it with the best anti rattle hitch device for better performance.

A. Polished Aircraft
B. Greaseless ball
C. Easy setting

Quite expensive

A. Package Dimension: 16 inches x 6 inches x 8 inches
B. Weight: 12.6 lbs
C. Tongue weight: 1500 lbs
D. Receivers: 2
E. Ball condition: Greaseless
F. Certification: SAE J684 and meets V5 certification

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2. CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver for Select Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500 and Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500:

CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver for Select Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500 and Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500
About the item:

CURT 13333 is specially designed for various sorts of towing facilities. This hitch is adjustable for the maximum types of car sizes, SUV, vans, trucks, tractors, autos as well as the boat.

This is an excellent object for fishing boats and other marine vehicles.

This is a high-quality tow hitch that you can easily install by watching the manufacturer video.

Yes! The item is water resistant and also corrosion protected.
It comes in a massive storage capability.

Moreover, you will enjoy comfortable and quick fitting settings that are an ordinary DIY hack.

As well, this device maintains the GTW requirement. Additionally, you will get a massive level of endurance.

The device comes in a great ball and perfect shape dimension.

The gross trailer weight of this item is 600 lbs., the tongue weight is 10,000 lbs., and weight distribution capacity is 1,000 lbs.

You can enjoy both robotic and manual operating system. Also, you will enjoy the engineering marvel and co-curing process.

These provide a durable coat that maximizes the durability. Additionally, you can keep safe from UV light and chipping problem.

Regardless, it could be a great companion during your traveling, hunting, fishing, etc. This is great for best trailer hitches. This also works as one of the best gooseneck hitch.

A. Simple set-up technique
B. Lifetime warranty

A. No instruction guide
B. Expensive


B. Brand: Curt
C. Weight: 14.4 lbs
D. Dimension: 11.3 inches x 8.9 inches x 7 inches
E. Model Number: 13333
F. Exterior Type: Smooth
G. Folding: No

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3. Connor Trailer Hitch – 2″ Ball Mount with 2″ Hitch Ball (GTW-5000 lb.), 1623210 Ball Hitch (best tow hitch for subaru outback):

Connor Trailer Hitch - 2" Ball Mount with 2" Hitch Ball (GTW-5000 lb.), 1623210 Ball HitchAbout the item:
This full trailer offers a flexible operating system with compatible settings. The company applies high-grade technology and advanced properties (to provide the customers required satisfaction)

This hitch is coated with a black powder that makes it more resilient and maximizes the durability. Also, it maintains the GTW standard and different safety requirements. The towing capacity of this item is 5000 lbs.

Furthermore, the ball is standard in shape and extremely sturdy. Also, the rest of the components are highly robust in construction.

It offers 2 inches ball mount with 2 inches hitch ball; they are very well made product, and it also provides a 1″ nut that holds the ball in the mount.

Even, the price range is comparatively reasonable, and you can enjoy a friendly operating system. The maintenance and storage facilities are also satisfactory enough and remarkably cost-effective.

The ball mount is coated with black powder that saves the product from rust.

A. Long-lasting
B. Cheap in price
C. DIY setting

Limited warranty period

1. Size: 2 inches ball
2. Style: 2 inches drop
3. Brand: Connor
4. Model: 1623210
5. Weight: 9.o5 lbs
6. Folding: No

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4. CURT 13146 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver for Select Honda Pilot and Acura MDX:

CURT 13146 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver for Select Honda Pilot and Acura MDXAbout the item:

CURT 13146 is an excellent product. This model designed with high-grade metal with black powder coating.

As a result, this object is exceptionally durable and provides satisfactory performance.

Also, the outer part is remarkably beautiful and decay protected. This is applicable both for heavy and lower duty vehicles. You can set it easily on small cars, vans, truck, SUV, etc.

In plus, it comes in standard dimension with a more significant ball attachment. Another fact is this item is relatively easy to fix and has a flexible operating system.

Even, the maintained, cleaning and storage system is noticeable cost-efficient and straightforward.

It works well with cargo carriers, and travel trailers.

Yes, this is a bit pricey object. But, you can enjoy useful feedback. It could be an excellent investment for you. This is one of the top hitch for truck.

This item gives you more freedom to carry any towing accessories like campers, bike racks, boats, and other equipment.

A. High-class object
B. Durable
C. Simple setting facility
D. Ease of maintenance

A. A bit heavier
B. Relatively more pricey

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5. Trimax TRZ12AL Razor Aluminum Adjust Hitch-Dual Ball:

Trimax TRZ12AL Razor Aluminum Adjust Hitch-Dual Ball
About the item:
Trimax is one of the most adorable highly reputable companies in the market competition. It latest model TRZ12AL is an advantageous model.

It is made of high-grade aluminum construction and has superior functionalities. (Also, it includes quality raw elements)
That’s why the device is remarkably strong and durable for long-time service.

These large properties make the device pretty user-friendly and reliable too.

This generated with perfect shape and has a balanced weight with exact dimension. But, the most advantageous fact is you can enjoy a friendly and straight-forward installment feature.

Also, storing and maintenance is simple. These can meet up your all towing accessories needs perfectly. This is a top quality adjustable hitch.

A. Straight-forward fixing
B. Easy to maintain
C. Flexible operation
D. Durable


A. Brand: Trimax
B. Weight: 17.39 lbs
C. Model: TRZ8AL
D. Dimension: 3.8 inches x 16.9 inches x 10.9 inches
E. Model No: TRZ8AL
F. Folding: No

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6. Weigh Safe LTB6-2.5, 6″ Drop 180 Hitch w/ 2.5″ Shank/Shaft, Adjustable Aluminum Trailer Hitch & Ball Mount, Stainless Steel Combo Ball (2″ & 2-5/16″) and a Double-pin Key Lock:

Weigh Safe LTB6-2.5, 6" Drop 180 Hitch w/ 2.5" Shank/Shaft, Adjustable Aluminum Trailer Hitch & Ball Mount, Stainless Steel Combo Ball (2" & 2-5/16") and a Double-pin Key LockAbout the item:
Weigh Safe presents an adjustable ball mount settings. The rest of the properties are also high in quality and provides impressive performance.

This is mainly generated for a heavy-duty vehicle. This can tolerate high-volume load for its massive endurance limit.

Moreover, this is nicely coated with a black powder that intensifies its effectiveness as well as durability. (Made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel)

And this is completely decay protected and scratch-free. You can get a flexible set-up with a stable and comfortable operating process.

Overall, for a long time use; this is an ideal option for every vehicle owner.

A. Suitable for heavy-duty vehicle
B. Scratch-free
C. Robust construction
D. Highly effective
E. Tolerable


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What are the trailer hitches?

A trailer hitch pin clip is an essential kit that is usually attached to the vehicles’ frame. Also, it may connect with the chassis to ensure ultimate safety as well as security.

Typically, this is more visible in SUV, pick up vans and lorry. Also, concerned drivers use it in their private cars.

Most of them are attached to the bumper and welded. Some have readymade.

Classification of Trailer Hitches:

This is classified based on the trailer’s weight and shape. Also, you have to consider the tongue weight and other settings.

Generally, these are identified with roman numbers. For example The Class I refer that it can bear at least 2000 pounds weights. On the other hand, class II can hold at least 35000 pounds weight
And Class III and class IV can handle up to 5000 pounds weights.

You will even get wheel hitches or 5th wheel hitch.

Electric Trailer Brakes:

Relatively the electric tow breakers are made of more advanced formula. And these provide additional facility and support than the regular hitch items.

Now a day, it becomes pretty popular with modern drivers. I include 7 pin setup property, umbilical cable plugged and many other unique features.

How to select a tow hitch? Best tow hitch ultimate buying guide:

A trailer is used to carry boats, caravans, vehicles, and many other automotive. That’s why the essentiality of tow hitches is noticeably high.

And you need to be taking the exact product to get the expected service for a tough time frame.

To get the perfect tow hitch cover or receiver hitch; you can follow the given tricks.

A. Rust Prevention:

The coated trailer can prevent the rusting possibility actively. This comes with adjustable height as well as settings. Even, the replacement is relatively more uncomplicated and time-saving.

B. Durability:

It should be made of durable stainless steel(better to prefer the aluminum sheet), And it should be free from corrosion and quick damaging. But, you cannot compromise with flexibility.

C. Installation:

It should be easy to fix and DIY process. Also, the entire process must be cost-efficient and time-saving.

D. Others:

Check the tongue weight, price tag and warranty period. Always you should the brand value and experts recommendation.

Even, the customer review is an essential fact before buying a tow hitch lock for your vehicle with easy installation. It works with a winch.

Best rated adjustable hitch:

The adjustable hitch refers: The object can fit for the maximum types of vehicles efficiently. Additionally, this can be applicable for multi-purposes works.

That means: These types of hitch have high-volume of versatility and deliver the universal application. Moreover, comparatively, these tools are more productive, satisfactory and efficient too.

When it comes, to choose the adjustable standard hitch adapter; my first choice is CURT. Cause, this brand is reputable and ensures a superior service to its customers.

It is every model comes in unusual and unique derivatives. But the common property is: the entire model provides impressive performance. They come with proper bolt and holes to connect the plates.

Furthermore, you will get a fast and flexible set-up and maintenance. Also, you can prefer, Andersen and Trimax.
These are also reliable and acceptable options to the end-users.

The sockets should be properly connected while driving.

Significant parts of tow hitch cargo carrier:

1. Ball mount
2. Trailer ball
3. Receiver hitch

Equalizer hitch:

This is a particular type of trailer snag. This is used for a flexible drive and gives the maximum grade capacity. Also, it provides correct sag, intensifies the steering quality, and controls the sway system perfectly. Go for the swivel one.

Trailer hitch receiver:

Generally, trailer hitches are configured into two types:

1. Receiver type
2. Fixed-drawbar

The receiver type catches consist of a specific form portion. This portion used to mount the vehicle frame (has face opening option) and it can move the ball mount.

The bike racks and cargo carriers are the ideal examples of catch recovers. Beware of trailers tongue weight.

The critical difference between hitch and receiver:

A hitch can directly attach with the vehicle tow. It includes a preset tongue that is consists of ball platform.

On the other hand, a receiver is a receptacle type unique ball mounts. Go for the square receiver.

Except for this diversification, both of the tools are quite the same and work as a great carrier.

Weight distribution hitch with sway control:

The weight distribution process helps to get a smoother and level ride performance. It can maximize the capacity limit consistently.

Also, this can deliver correct trailer vehicle sag and improves the steering effect. Even, this is usable for sway control (accurately).

This confirms a supple ride and gives less strain on the automobile. Always keep an eye on the weight capacity.

Moreover, this can unlock the towing capacity accurately. That means: hitch lock is an excellent component for a safe trailer. Use double lock if possible.

But, to fix this tool: At first check the owner’ manual and the particular requirements.

(Note: In this case: Better to fix the tongue weight constant)

Most of the experts recommend that the tongue and trailer weight should be the same.

Trailer hitch ball:

This component is mainly used for a flexible pivoting. (Smooth turning). It is attached with the front mount of hitch’s ball and the main point of trailer coupler. Use a powder coat finish if necessary. This works well with a hidden hitch.

It is the most crucial component of a hitch. That’s why during the buying time: Always check the ball form.

A. It must be perfect in shape and has an ideal dimension
B. It should be extremely decay-proof.
C. It should have high-grade of endurance limit. (It has to tolerate high-volume of pressure)

D. This tool must be firm but flexible.

Wrapping up:

All of the recommend goods are ideal for towing high level of loads properly. Cause, these are made of flexible materials and deliver the best performance.

Always use good safety chains or wiring harness.

You will enjoy its effectiveness and active service with the best tow hitch tube. Watch out for gooseneck towing hitch as well.