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5 Best Trailer Brake Controller Under 1000 to Apply Now [2021]

Best trailer brake controller

What is known as a trailer brake controller?

A trailer brake controller is a particular type of modern controlling device. It is widely used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, SUV, bus, etc. Even you can also find it in smaller cars.

If your brake controller does not know the weight of your trailer and the condition of the trailer brake, it may occur accident any time. That’s why you need a high-quality trailer brake controller that can easily connect your trailer and control it at any time.

On a two-vehicle, it is found on the dashboard point. The primary function of the gadget is managing the power amount.

It helps to brake the car quickly and successfully. You call it a safety tool as it minimizes the possibility of unwanted accidents. Also, use the best trailer coupler lock for great result.

Best Trailer Brake Controller Under 1000 Comparison Chart:

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5 Best Trailer Brake Controller Under 1000 Reviews:

  • Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Trailer Brake Controller
  • Draw-Tite 5504 Activator IV Electronic Brake Control
  • Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control
  • Curt 51140 TriFlex Brake Control
  • Hopkins 47225 Brake-Force Brake Control with Plug-In Connector

1. Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Trailer Brake Controller:

Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Trailer Brake Controller

Item specification:
A. Category: Proportional
B. Axles Number: 1 to 4
C. Display type: LCD

About the manufactured good:
Tekonsha 90195 is a well-recognized brand that has vast popularity towards the end-users. It is offering you a natural installation feature and great output.

Yes! This is a great proportional brake controller that you can easily setup, and it works great with a trailer.

It is a four-axle controller, and it can control 8 wheels of a trailer! Also, you are getting an advanced quality LED display. This is providing you with huge information and the latest data.

Finally, I want to inform you that the product is highly durable and its robust construction makes it very sturdy. You can use it for a long time without facing any error.

Yes, the price is a bit high. In my opinion, take it as an investment. This is one of the best electric brake controller.

Hopefully, you will get the highest level of service from this object. This is the best trailer brake controller for dodge ram. They work well with the best ceramic brake pads.

It might be a little bit challenging to install a new circuit breaker and wiring. However, the installation direction is very clear and helpful. If the installation seems complicated to you, you may call a professional.

The provided benefits:

1. The LED display is made of advanced formula. Lots of data are shown here.
2. Great capacity.
3. Quick and straightforward set-up technique.
4. Flexible operation.
5. Long-lasting

No, I did not notice any severe kind of problem from this model. But many users cannot afford it for its expensive cost.

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2. Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller

Item specification:
A. Category: Proportional
B. Axles Number: 1 to 3
C. Display type: LED display

About the manufactured good:
This is another excellent model from the famous Tekonsha series. You like most its quick and simple installing mechanism. Another cool thing is the object is made of resilient materials.

That’s why it is durable and extremely long-lasting. The simple diagram makes its operating process pretty easy. The stuff is capable of controlling 3 axes.

You need to choose the right wire for wiring this controller.

Comparatively, the LED display is smaller in size. But its functions are satisfactory enough. This is the best trailer brake controller for silverado.

This comes with a lot of essential accessories. Moreover, the boost mechanism with a push button maximizes the applied force on the brake pedal while braking hard.

As a result, you get a massive breaking power. This boost feature is very impressive. I highly recommend you to consider this product. It could be your perfect selection.

The provided benefits:
1. Excellent construction.
2. Delivers a long-lasting service
3. Plug and run feature


The only problem is the small display that gives less information. But other properties are fantastic and quite helpful for sound performance.

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3. Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake ControlTekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

Item specification:
1. Category: Proportional
2. Display: LCD
3. Axles number: 1 to 4

About the manufactured good:
This is the latest version of Tekonsha series. This is offering you a large LCD display. This can deliver you the most unobstructed view and extensive data that you deserved. It is a great hardware.

This can control 4 axles tool. You will get a particular type of knob on the controller. This helps to set you various kinds of pre-calibrated. The significant property of this controller is it is highly versatile. It has a digital display that allows you to setup and preset data for proper controlling.

It can nicely work with an electric brake. Even this is relatively suitable for a hydraulic brake controller system.

Besides, it contains numerous mounting points. These points ensure effortless faster installation. To assure the 100% safety the trailer brake controllers keeps busy to inspect the error and delivers a quick report.

In a word, this is an excellent model. Obviously, it could be you’re the most reliable tools in the driving time. Electronic trailer brake control is getting very popular now. It works well with the tow vehicle and trailer. This is the best trailer brake controller for travel trailer.

The provided benefits:

1. Gives the maximum level of force.
2. Capable of controlling more than 4 axles.
3. Highly durable

A bit expensive

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4. Curt 51140 TriFlex Brake Control:Curt 51140 TriFlex Brake Control
Item specification:

1. Category: Time-delayed
2. Axles Number: 1 to 4
3. Display quality: Digital display

About the manufactured good:
Curt 51140 is simple in construction and a multifunctional object. The set-up process is very flexible and takes less time. Even a beginner can quickly fix it. it is good at stopping vehicles and trailers with lots of loads.

The provided manual guide gives adequate information on how to run this device. You will also get the perfect solution if you face any error.

The adjustment system is proportional, and the braking power capability is 4 axles. The digital display is apparent.

You can also read it at night time. You are getting multiple mounting points and a knob on the top area. Overall, this is an ideal item, and I highly suggest you consider this. You will enjoy the result.

The provided benefits:

1. The digital display is very high in quality. You will get a clear view.
2. Proportional adjustment mechanism.
3. Larger knob

I did not find out any major problem. It’s every feature are well functioned and highly effective.

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5. Hopkins 47225 Brake-Force Brake Control with Plug-In Connector
Hopkins 47225 Brake-Force Brake Control with Plug-In ConnectorItem specification:

1. Category: Proportional
2. Axles Number: 1 to 4
3. Display type: Digital quality

About the manufactured good:
Hopkins 47297 is a fantastic mini type tool. The model is significantly great for its super fastest and easiest installing feature.

The other properties are also devastating and entirely satisfactory. This is an auto performing object.

It has a high capacity. It can regulate at least 8 axles with the seven pre-calibrated systems.

This is a perfect model for a tinny space for its small size. The price is also reasonable. In general, Hopkins 47297 is an ideal reliable device.

The provided benefits:
1. Regulate more than 8 trailer brakes.
2. Includes pre-calibrated mechanism
3. Flexible to operate.

The dashboard display is small in size.

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6. Curt 51110 Venturer Brake Control

Curt 51110 Venturer Brake ControlItem specification:

1. Category: Time-delayed
2. Axles Number: 1 to 3
3. Display: LED type

About the manufactured good:

Curt 51110 is a unique item with an impressive quality LED display. This is variable in colors. It gives a clear view even in a darker place.

It can regulate at least six trailer brakes with its three axle unit. You will also like its simple and quick fixing procedure. After opening the box, you will get a couple of accessories free.

As a result, you do not need to buy it separately. The mounting clips are completely adjustable.

You control the clips in a perfect position. Lastly, I want to inform you that it is very sturdy and durable. Consider this as your top choice. You can own it at a reasonable price.

The provided benefits:
1. Cheap in price
2. Offers a lot of accessories
3. Highly effective
Time delayed

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7. Draw-Tite 5504 Activator IV Electronic Brake Control

Draw-Tite 5504 Activator IV Electronic Brake ControlItem specification:
1. Category: Time-delayed
2. Axles number: 1 to 4
3. Display type: LED

About the manufactured good:
Draw-Tite 5504 comes with a lot of innovative advanced features and facilities. This is pretty much reliable. You need less time and effort to install a trailer braking system.

Besides, it has a higher capacity with massive controlling power. The included LED display is excellent in quality and has a bright look. You are getting the pre-calibrated design.

This helps to generate verities of force over the control brake. On the other hand, the price is affordable enough for your limited budget. Overall, this is an excellent product in the market competition.

The provided benefits:
1. Faster installing facility. (Plug and run mechanism)
2. Large size LED display
3. Affordable
4. Takes less space.

The display is not suitable for some vehicles.

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8. Draw-Tite 20191 I-Stop Electronic Brake ControlDraw-Tite 20191 I-Stop Electronic Brake Control

Item specification:
1. Category: Proportional
2. Axles Number: 1 to 3
3. Display type: LED

About the manufactured good:
This is a beginner-friendly natural operating model. The price is also reasonable. The company is providing you with a couple of fancy accessories.

It includes mounting clips and screws. Those materials help to install this device easily and quickly. As it is proportional in class, this gives you a simple calculating facility. For this reason, you can find out the speed rate and take a quick decision.

The provided benefits:

1. Highly visible display
2. Great capacity
3. Very efficient
4. Quick set-up procedure

We could not find any complaints from the users.

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9. Reese Towpower 74642 Brake Control

Reese Towpower 74642 Brake ControlItem specification:
1. Category: Time-delayed
2. Axles Number: 1 to 2
3. Display System: Indicator Light

About the manufactured good:
The great thing of Reese Towpower is it straightforward in construction. On the other hand, this is pretty affordable. Instead of LED or digital display, it contains a light indicator.

The red light gives direction for various settings. This is a two-axle mechanism, and it can control near about four trailer brakes.

Besides this, it is highly versatile and compatible with the maximum kinds of heavy vehicles. If you need a cheap brake controller, think about Reese Towpower.

The provided benefits:

1. Affordable
2. Versatile

1. The indicator light cannot provide detail information
2. Limited adjustment

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10. Hopkins 47284 Reliance Digital Trailer Brake Control:Hopkins 47284 Reliance Digital Trailer Brake Control

Item specification:
1. Category: Time-delayed
2. Axles Number: 1 to 4
3. Display: LED

About the manufactured good:
Hopkins 47284 is cheap in price but excellent in quality. Its particular time-delayed mechanism automatically controls the minimum 8 trailer brakes. Digital electronic brake control works very fast.

The provided LED is handy. It indicates the car settings as well as brake setting. But its unique character is the display shows the braking force amount. Even the adjustment is trouble-free.

It is easy to install. It is easy to level adjustment or adjust the level of customized braking. It works with the motion-sensing accelerometer. It is for acceleration and deceleration.

The provided benefits:
1. 12 volts power controller
2. Great controlling ability
3. Exclusive LED display

1. Not smooth like other controllers.

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4 Advantages from a trailer brake controller:

Every trailer owner realizes the necessity of this magic stuff. In the bellow, I shortly expressed the significant advantages that come from this tool.

1. First of all, this is pretty simple to control. It accurately monitors the towing vehicle mechanism during the trip.
2. The device includes an advanced diagnostics mechanism and customizable LCD technology. It helps to regulate the brake component efficiently.
3. Its entire body is sturdy enough but quite flexible to operate. On the other hand, this is very affordable in price.
4. This is free from maintenance cost.

However, different companies are involved in manufacturing the best brake controller items. Every user like you, want to pick a good thing.

Considering your demand, we find out the most market leading brands for review. For a couple of facts, these are preferable to the end-users. These have a good impression on the expert’s eye.

Below, I briefly and transparently described those items characteristics, capacity, working principle, the advantages, and drawbacks.

Several buying tips for a beginner:

1. Hydraulic or electric?

There are usually, 2 kinds of trailer brake controllers you will get in the market. One is the electric type, and another one is the hydraulic type. Make sure to use anti-lock brakes. it automatically adjusts with the speed.

The electric model is prevalent and widely used everywhere. Besides this, it maintains the industry standard. It is cheap and the response time is satisfactory. On the opposite side, the hydraulic controllers are the latest in design and comparatively more costly.

You can ask, should I prefer hydraulic or electric? In my sense, this is not a vital factor. Whatever the type is checking its quality and servicing ability is essential while choosing a trailer brake controller for electric over hydrolic.

2. Voltage:

If you fail to select the voltage limit, it will affect your vehicle seriously. The experts recommend the voltage limit or amount of voltage between 12 volts to 24 volts. That’s why make sure that you are choosing the perfect voltage for your car to avoid damage.

3. Axles number:

This is the most critical factor. You must know the items axles number. It represents the entire items capacity and power.

Generally, the standard rates of axles are 1 to 2, 1 to 3 and 1 to 4. Based on your trailer quality, you have to pick your required axle range.

4. Display:

The display is a particular type of indicator. It used to give you an informative visual report. From a screen, you will know the wheel condition, and it will help you to take a quick decision.

5. Setting options:

To create a different adjustment, setting option property will help you a lot. Even you can control the applied force. As a result, you can enjoy a couple of breaking experience. Generally, the feature is known as boost feature. It is for protection.

6. Simple to install:

Every user deserves an easy and faster-installing capability. To enjoy this facility pick the highly reviewed good quality item. Make sure it stays compact. Apply it to the correct port.

7. Size:

Size is another important fact. Depending on your dashboard measurement, you have to select the size. If your dashboard is too small, you cannot pick a great material. Use a dash mounting clip or mounting brackets.

8. Warranty:

The classy brands can offer you at least 1 to 2 years warranty.

How to set-up the trailer brake controller?

You know that fixing a controller is pretty easy for everyone. Even the new, users get no trouble to set it. However, to ensure a successful installation, follow the given instruction for the best controller for horse trailer. Use a proper trailer brake controller kit.

1. At first, look at the dashboard. Remove the interior panel and check the entire controller.
2. Connect the wiring harness.
3. Screw the controller
4. Finally, adjust the settings


How to use trailer brake on a Chevy Silverado:


Frequently asked questions:

Q. How many types of trailer brake controllers are available?

A: Basically, those are classified into 2 categories.
1. proportional
2. Time delayed

1. Proportional:
This type of proportional brake controls are prevalent and widely used to consumers. People like its auto-adjustment feature. That’s why you will get the perfect amount of force on your brake pads.

It has a small CPU that makes the device a mini computer, and you will get the correct calculation. Comparatively, this is more effective and advanced than time delayed controller to help the driver.


1. Linear braking system and smooth
2. Delivers faster brake
3. Gives the accurate calculation


1. The internal design is quite complex
2. The price is very high

2. Time delayed:
This is the oldest version controller in the market. Its design is simple and gives you a free adjustment capability.

Also, you are getting an auto-calculating facility. Even the price is pretty reasonable for your limited budget. Try to avoid the time delayed brake controller.

1. Comparatively cheaper than a proportional controller.
2. Easy trailer brake controller installation and easy adjustment
3. Simple design

1. It is responsible for more wear and tear.

Q. What types of display is good?

You will get three types of display. That is-
1. LED
2. Digital and
3. Indicator light

In my opinion, the LED display is the finest of all three categories. Yes, the price is a bit costly, but this is highly visual and delivers detail information about your wheel.

My second choice is the digital display. This also delivers satisfactory feedback. On the other hand, the indicator light is an old system. But still, you will get an indicator display in many good class latest models.

Q. Is the provided manual guide is beneficial for a new user?

A: At first, you need to know that every brand is not offering you an instructional guide. If you get it, you can get extra support. You can understand the machines details, maintenance tips and solution for unpleasant troubleshooting.

Q. When do I need a trailer brake controller?

A: This is essential when you have a trailer, and its weight is up to 1000 lbs. But it is not crucial for less than 1000 pounds trailer. Make sure there is proper trailer brake controller wiring done.

Q. What happens if I ignore to use a brake trailer controller?

A: If you do not brake trailer controller, you may face severe types of trouble while you are driving.

It will make your breaking job delayed and difficult. This can cause horrible road accidents. It is for emergency purpose.

Q. Does a boat need a controller?

Yes, like road transport, a heavy duty marine vehicle with heavy loads also requires a brake controlling device.

When its combined weight is up to 800 kg, then it requires a hydraulic braking system. But for a single axle, you do not need to attach any controller.


At the end of the discussion, my final advice is never ignoring the safety requirements. If you have a heavier trailer, you must take good quality and efficient trailer brake controller.

Remember that, it is essential for a safer and secured journey for you, your passengers and also for the passer-by.

These products have a massive demand for buyers. In the eye of experts, these are the leading products in the market competition. Check out the travel trailer cover reviews as well.

Yes, those items performance and durability are satisfactory. The maximum goods are cheap, and the operating process is simple. I wish you a safe and comfortable journey.