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5 Best Truck Accessories – Review and Buying Guide [2021]

Best truck accessories

Did you buy a good class useful SUV? Ok, fine. It was the first stage of your struggle.

After getting a suitable vehicle, you need to focus on its essential accessories.

To get the most reasonable service, these play a significant role.

These items make your journey enjoyable and comfortable. Even these materials like high quality wiper blades are required for safety issues.

At first, you should know what kinds of additional tools you need for your vehicle. Then find out the perfect model for better performance.

1. Tires or Bigger Wheels:

This is the most vital element for your vehicle. For a sound and flexible ride, excellent quality tires are essential.

It helps you to drive on the rough road quickly. Also, it makes driving faster. That’s why you must pick the accurate one.

I noticed that Gladiator 22575R15 ST 225/75R15 STEEL BELTED REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire 10 Ply 10pr 15 Inch 15 ” ST225 75R R15 Load Range E LRE is an excellent product.

This is very popular with professional drivers. It ensures your outstanding performance for an extended period. Learn about the best 4 season 5th wheel from our blog.

2. Trailer Hitch:

A truck is usually used for carrying heavy loads. That’s why it should have adequate reinforce power. To maximize this capability using a trailer is a great idea. It gives extra support for bearing the high volume of load.

Different types of hitch like the adjustable hitch, gooseneck hitch is available in the market. But my top choice is, Weigh Safe LTB8-2.5 Drop Hitch. This is significantly great for its quick and straightforward installation process. You should check the best adjustable ball mount as well. Choose the high-quality hitch ball that is made with durable stainless steel materials.

Even the removal is trouble-free. The capacity is very high

You can rely on it and enjoy the result.

3. Bed Liner:

You often notice that your truck gets many unwanted spots and stripes. This is an irritating matter for you. Cause it destroys the vehicle’s beauty.

To get rid of this problem, I suggest you pick a spray can bed liner. It acts as a protective layer on your truck bed.

You can consider this model – BedRug Bed Mat BMQ15SCS fits 15+ F-150 5’5″ BED. This is made of toxic-free plastic elements.

That’s why it is 100 % safe and environment-friendly. The object is soft but extremely durable. This is pretty suitable for the maximum kinds of SUV and trucks.

4. Trailer Brake Controller:

This is one of the cool truck accessories on our list. A trailer brake controller is the most required safety tool for heavy-duty vehicles. It gives a secure breaking facility. This also regulates the wheel condition and takes a quick decision. Your braking system needs to learn about the trailer capacity and the condition trailer’s brake.

In the expert’s eye, one of the most effective brake controllers is- Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control. This is an electric brake controller. A brake controller provides more security, and you get more confident.

It provides you with a lot of advanced features. Among them, the most remarkable one is the included LED display. It has a precise viewing capability and gives a lot of data.

The end-users also like its easy to set-up mechanism. This is a highly effective brake controller, and the price is reasonable. We have an article on the best electric trailer brake controller.

5. Lights:

For a safe night journey, headlamps have a huge necessity. It gives a clear view of driving safely. Various kinds of fog lights are used for SUV. I prefer most 48 inches 88 LED Emergency Warning Truck Strobe Tow Light Bar Roof.

IT has a splendid view that vigorously eliminates the darkness. This is standard in size.

The setting process is straightforward and quick. It can work in every weather condition. I highly recommend this gadget for you.

6. Floor Mats:

A floor mat prevents dust and dirt from the carpet. It also saves your carpet from snow and mud. As a result, you can keep the entire vehicle always net and clan. This stuff should have good absorbing power.

My most favorite floor mat brand is Oxford. Is every serious are unique and maintains good quality.

Its latest model is OxGord WeatherShield HD Rubber Trunk Cargo Liner Floor Mat, Trim-to-Fit for Car, SUV, Van, and Trucks Black.

It has an ideal dimension. High-quality toxic-free rubber is used as its primary ingredient. So it is quite durable and 100% environment-friendly. The most obvious thing is the maintenance is relatively flexible.

This is water washable and quite easy to clean. After washing, it takes less time to dry. Overall, this is a fantastic, reliable floor mate.

7. Running Boards:

Running boards is another essential stuff you need to attach with your car. This is also known as Nerf Bars.

To the end-users; the silver styles boards are comparatively more popular. The item gives the users comfortable accessing and secure exiting facility.

This is more helpful to children and old passengers. In the market competition, one of the most dominating Nerf Bar is – APS iBoard (Silver Running Board Style) Running Boards | Nerf Bars | Side Steps | Step Rails for 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 Double Cab/Extended Cab.

This is a combination of resilient steel and rubber. The great thing is the item is highly UV protected. Also, you will like its ample space, and it is almost 6 inches! It gives a strong weld and attractive finish.

So it is incredibly durable and gives you a lifetime guarantee. There is no possibility to slippage because it used anti-slippage coating over the surface.

The appearance is very eye-catching and increases the entire car’s beauty. Overall, APS iBoard is a distinctive brand. You can trust it.

8. Tonneau Covers:

Use a good quality tonneau Cover to protect your truck bed from rainwater, dry leaves, dust, and other unwanted foreign materials. It acts as a great protective shield. This also keeps the goods save that you are carrying on this vehicle.

The item is varying in shape, size, and color. Take those covers that provide you with a natural folding feature. Also, focus on its form.

It should be universal in format. Another requirement is the cover must be easily washable. For satisfactory service, you may pick the following product:

BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover 448329 2015-18 Ford F150 5′ 6″
This mentioned product is very demandable and highly effective. You will like most its trouble-free folding feature.

As a result, you can store it easily when not in use. Another cool thing is it maintenance-free and water washable.

This is hugely UV protective. The aluminum coat is used to increase its resistance capability. Moreover, the set-up is straightforward and takes less time!

You will get enough flexibility for opening or closing it. Even the price is pretty reasonable. Own the best travel trailer cover for long-lasting satisfactory performance.

9. Car tire cover:

When the tires are not in use, you need to preserve it in a safe location. The best way is by using a tire cover. This helps you to hold the tire on the back side of your vehicle.

Tire covers are two types. One is the leather type, and another is the fabric type. For a couple of reasons, I prefer fabric type covers.

The great benefit of a fabric cover is its straightforward maintenance. You can use Fremont Die NFL Tire Cover.

This is a fantastic item. It is made of high-class fabric that is entirely water-proof. Its tensile strength is very high.

It offers you different color shades, and it never fades. I noticed that black and ash color is more popular and available. This is it for 27 to 28 inches diameter tires.

10. Tire inflator:

Often your tires can puncture in the middle of the road. A flat tire is a big trouble for travelers. That’s why always keep a portable inflator with you. A good quality inflator is effortless to operate and relatively time-saving.

That’s why always keep a portable inflator with you. It will help you to fix the affected tire quickly. You can pick 12 VOLT ELECTRIC AIR PUMP w/GAUGE for Tires Bikes Cars Air Mattresses. This is a highly useful tool.

The item offers you several unique properties. This is an electrically powered tool. Best air impact wrench will also help you a lot.

It takes only 80 to 90 seconds to inflate the object. The most remarkable feature is its superb versatility.

Another great thing is the weight is very light. So you can carry it easily. Besides car tires, you can use it to pump balls, toys, seats, etc.

11. Wax and coat:

A specific time later, you should coat and wax your car. It increases the brightness and luster. This also covers the spot and stain and gives your vehicle a new look.

One of the best waxes is – Meguiars Cleaner Wax. This is a spray form and simple to apply. Its regular utilization gives your car huge benefits.

You can fix the spot and stain. Learn the difference between polish vs. wax. It will clear your confusions.

It is free from toxic elements, and there is no bad smell. That’s why it is 100% environment- friendly. The price is also reasonable.

12. Portable toilet:

Never forget to take a portable toilet during the long drive. Most of the time, you cannot get a washroom facility. In this case, a portable toilet will help you a lot.

You can use Dometic 301097202 Portable Toilet 2.6 Gallon, Tan. This is made of flexible plastic. So it is reliable and durable. Their small size makes it easy to carry stuff.

Moreover, it is a water saving toilet. Yes, the price is a bit costly but takes it for outstanding performance.

13. Stop Leak:

For an instant solution, stop a leak is a great option. Temporary it blocks the leakage and helps you to carry the vehicle to the nearby garage. You can use Bar’s Leaks HJ12 Jack Oil with Stop Leak – 12.5 oz.

It actively seals the affected place. It contains oil fluids, minerals, and other toxin-free ingredients.

The price is very reasonable. I highly suggest considering the best radiator stop leak.

14. Others:

You should also take the cleaning materials such as brush, cleaner, spray, etc. Pick good class seats, seat covers, cushions, truck tool box, and mirror. Also, have a look at jeep jk ball joints review for high-quality ball joints. Trunk organizers, serpentine belts are also great. Creeper for mechanics will be a lifesaver in case of an emergency.

You can also install dash cams in your truck. Wheel trims are also essential equipment. The bump step is another accessory that can be a good accessory to your track. You can mount it with the hitch receiver like a hitch ball mount. It is easy to maintain. When you need to carry a trailer, remove it easily, and connect your towing equipment. Also, you can use a velour floor mat in your car. A car trunk organizer provides you extra storage.

What kinds of car accessories do you need if you have a pet?

Your pet could be your best traveling partner. But you should provide the pet with adequate safety and comfort.

For its sound journey, you must give him/her a particular type of seat. The seat should be soft and has excellent absorbing power.

The product is highly versatile and extremely long-lasting. This is rear class seat cover.

You will get a natural installment feature, and it takes only a few minutes. It is pretty soft and gives your dog a comfortable feeling. This is machine washable, and you can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Do I need any unique car accessories for my baby?

You need particular types of seat and cushion for your child. It will save your baby from jerking and accidents.

This also provides comfort and relaxation. This way, the trip becomes more enjoyable to the little traveler.

Why are car accessories essential?

For a couple of reasons, you need these accessories. First of all, it ensures adequate safety and protects the vehicle parts from damage.

Also makes the ride more flexible. These also help to increase vehicle longevity. On the other hand, these materials intensify the car`s appearance.

Classification of car accessories:

You can classify it into two categories. Those are:

1. Interior accessories
2. Exterior accessories.

The accessories used in the visible part are called exterior type. Wheels, covers, light, mats, etc. are the example of exterior fixtures. On the other hand- seat, seat covers, cushions are called interior accessories.

Best winter truck accessories:

In the winter time, your big challenge is to save your car from dues and fogs. Tonneau covers are beneficial in this situation. This is also useful in the rainy season.


The mentioned accessories are essential, and you should never ignore to own it. I wish your enjoyable, safe journey.