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How to Clean Vomit from Car Seat – Step by Step Guideline [2021]

How to clean vomit from car seat

Everyone wants to drive their car safely, comfortably and enjoyable.

However, sometimes while driving many people faces different types of unwanted and unwelcomed incidents.

One of the most common irritating things is vomiting on the car.

It happens for tiredness and while long distance traveling.

The vomit makes the car very nasty. Moreover, vomit is acidic. So it actively causes a problem in the car seat.

To make the car clean and odor free, it needs to be removed quickly. You cannot change the seat cover every time.

It is very costly for every user. Not only the changing process is expensive, but also it is difficult and takes much time.

So removing the vomit and cleaning the affected place is a better option. However, this is not an easy task too. Cause who wants to deal with these types of things?

However, you must have to clean the seat for further use.

The hazardous effects of vomit on the car seat:

Bad odor:

It creates a terrible smell. It is really out of tolerance for the passenger. This makes the car environment a dangerous condition. The breathing becomes difficult and very harmful to health.

Germs and Bacteria:

The vomit contains a high level of harmful bacteria. Those bacteria can spread a lot of dangerous diseases.


This can create a deep spot on the seat of the car or any other place of the vehicle. The spot is very ugly looking. Eliminating the spot is hard.

Damaging the seat:

If you do not clean it quickly, it will ruin your seat covers along with other particles of the car.

Yes, the removing process of vomit from the car seat is a very disgusting job. However, you have to do this.

You need to clean it for your benefits and also for keeping your car good. I am going to show you some simple and common technique to clean your car after vomiting.

Those techniques make the work a little bit easier than your expectation.

How to get your car clean and odor free:

In the first steps, you should wipe the place as early as possible. It will minimize your further works.

1. Using baking soda:

To removing vomit, it is a handy thing. It can clean the entire place and also eliminates the bad smell. Then you can get your car just like the previous position. This item is trendy and widely used all over the world.


The process is straightforward and simple.
 Take some baking soda
 Boil some amount of water
 Then mix the drink with the warm water.
 Put the mixture in a spray bottle
 Then spray it on the specific place

By that simple process, you can quickly eliminate it from your car seat. This process allows you easy washing.

2. Applying vinegar:

The vinegar is a powerful object to clean and eliminating dirt.
This process is also very easy and straightforward. The total process is quite similar to the baking soda process.
 Boil some water
 Add the vinegar to the boiled water
 Make a mixture
 Spray it directly over the seat.
You will see that magically it removes the unwanted dirt from your vehicle. It will also remove the bad odor from the car.

3. Rinsing:

The rinsing process is carried out just by clean water. However, if you use any solution, it will give you a better result and make your work easy.

It is more applicable to the leather type car.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Absorbent cloths/paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Baking soda
  • Container for a cleaning solution
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Hard-bristle brush
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Hairdryer or fan

How to clean vomit from a leather car seat?

A leather car seat is pretty much expansive seat cover. So you have to take extra care. How to get vomit out of leather car seats are given below.
 Baking soda is better for leather car seat
 Let the seat dry quickly
 Never use a spoon or blade
 If you brush it, do it slowly
 Never rub it hard
 Try to avoid the water use

How do you clean up dog vomit?

Be careful when you need to clean the dog vomit. Remember that dog vomit contains folic acid that is harmful for humans. Therefore it is important to use scrubbings fiercely in vomit such as honey and shampoo.

How to clean dry vomit from the car?

If you take time to clean vomit immediately, then it will become dry. Then you will find more difficulties in washing it.

My suggestion is in this situation you should use just a simple brush

• At first, brush it slowly
• The solid dust will begin to vanish
• Then use a wet cloth to wipe the place

How to remove the odor?

After removing the vomit and eliminating the spot, your work is not done.

Now you have to think about removing the odor.

• You can use lemon to eliminate the bad smell. The lemon fragrance can work magically to reduce bad odor.
• Any air freshener can be used.
• You again thing about vinegar. It will also work for odor removing
• The enzyme can be used to remove smell properly.

Your car will become odor free and can breathe fresh air. Hope you will keep well in the traveling time.

If unfortunately, vomiting happens, try to wash it immediately by the above methods. My suggestion is never to delay to clean the seat.

Never worry about it. It is a common and natural thing.