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How to Fix a Flat Tire? [2021 Edition]

How to Fix a Flat Tire

As a car owner, you must know how to fix flat tires.

Yes, you may often face this problem in the middle of the road. In most cases, you do not get any nearby garage.

That means you have to rely upon the DIY process.  And it is the only acceptable solution at that time.

So you should always carry the required tools during the long journey. But first, you should learn this skill. Best cordless ratchet will be very helpful to get the screws off.

Many users seem the job is quite tedious. Yes, it is (from a particular point of view).

But let’s think on a different track.

To carry out the process quickly, you should be a bit tricky and smarter than the average workers.

The exciting part is I am sharing with you a unique and easiest method to fix your automobile’s flat tires. You should also keep in hand the best car tire inflator like air dragon tire inflator.

Step 1:

Find out the affected area (puncture hole):

Take a closer look and inspect the leakage part. Usually, visible inspection is not beneficial.

The better way is to inflate it with appropriate pressure. Then, you will notice the housing sound.

The more advanced hack is using a soap bar over the tire. If you get the bubble, then mark it as an affected part.

Step 2: Loosen the jack and lug nuts:

Take a wrench and loosen the lug nuts. There is a possibility of a dangerous spin. To avoid it, complete the process before jacking up your vehicle.

Now, keep your car on a hard surface. To ensure stabilization, you can use a jack stand.

After that, you should jack up the vehicle for removing the wheels.

Step 3: Take away the nuts:

Now, you can take away the nuts easily. After that, pull off this wheel from the wheelbase area.

Also, you should properly clean the leaking area.

Step 4: Plug inserting:

Thread this plug in the middle portion of the insertion kit. Then push this into the hole. For better inserting, use lubricate.

Also, this lubricating agent will help to make a durable seal.

Step 5:  Inflating process:

Now, pump the flat tire properly.

This stage is the last one and the most crucial part.

The first challenge is you should take a quality inflator for adequate inflation. Now a day, several manufacturers are presenting this kit.

If you have this kit, you do not need to go to the detailing shop. Yes, it is a DIY process, and you can save a ton of cash.

(Note: Another important thing is sealing. Before inflating it, you should seal the affected area properly. Otherwise, you cannot get the targeted result.

For effective sealing, you can use any quality sealer. This tire sealant can adequately seal the tire surface)

Replacing process:

Sometimes you cannot correctly fix a leaked or affected tire. In this case, the best option is to return a new one.

Setting a new tire is not so difficult.

At first, you should remove the old one (the same way that we explained in step 2 and three)

Now, insert the new tire. (This process is quite similar the level 4)

However, you should tighten the nuts and bolts properly.

And it never damages your wheel. But the best option is fixing it immediately.

When should I replace my tires?

If you notice visual signs of wear and tear, you can change your tire, such as cracking on the tires or releasing a lot of air.

Does the patch work after using Stop Leak?

Although it can be, the cold vulcanizing patch no more adheres well to the tire. It is not recommended.

Do I need to use a torque wrench to replace a tire?

To replace the tire, you don’t have to use a torque key. But when tightening the nuts, it is recommended.

How to fix a flat tire without a spare?

Comparatively, this task is a bit difficult.

However, for an effective result, I suggest you using Trigger Kit # PTM- 0125. It can immediately inflate the tire.

Before doing it, apply a sealant over the affected area.

Final verdict:

Now it is clear to me that replacing or repairing a flat tire is pretty simple and a DIY hack.

Unfortunately, many people spend a lot of money for this purpose. Cause, the maximum people seem that these processes are quite tedious.

But in this article, you get a clear concept about fixing and replacing. And you realize that these tasks are pretty simple.

Still, if you get confused, ask us through the comment box.