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How to Get Grease Out of Car Seat – Step by Step Guide [2021]

How to get grease out of car seat

In your home or the mechanic’s shop; oil, lubricant, grease is widely used. Even wheel bearing grease can be tough for your seat.

It needs to be used in the car for several reasons. Like repairing car parts or even cleaning car parts or engines.

However, the problem arises when you use it in your car. It might fall on the car body, seats, belts or any other place.

If it falls on the car seat, then you are really out of luck. Most of the time, the spot is difficult to remove. But some seats like all in one car seats makes it easier for the fabric.

You know very well that seat cover exchanging is a very costly process. The exchange process also takes your valuable time. The process is arduous too.

In this situation, my suggestion is a little bit different. If your car seat is damaged by grease, then think about removing it.

Yes, the removing process is difficult. But, it is a more comfortable and better option than exchanging.

I will show you some simple and most usable ordinary grease removing method. Follow those methods carefully and apply to your seat car properly.

Your vehicle seat will be as clean as new.

Among the various methods, some simple and easy ways are given below. Hopefully, those techniques will help you to get out from such kind of problem.

Technique 1:

 Essential apparatus:
1. Clean fabric
2. Knife / spoon/ scraper

Step number 1:

 Remove excess oil or grease
 Rub the place with the clean cloth
 Rubbing should be done gently
 Avoid using a very sharp knife to be safe from a cut

Step Number 2:

 Blot the dump grease
 Apply clean cloth
 Never wipe like you are pushing
 If the stain is dried then apply WD-40 to make it dampen again

Technique 2:

Essential apparatus:
1. One bucket warm water
2. Toothbrush
3. Dish wash

Step number 1:

 Add the dishwasher on the stain
 Slowly rub it
 You can also use your fingertip

Step number 2:

 Add dish wash on the stain
 Put it on for several minutes
 Now take some warm water
 Soak a clean cloth in the water
 Then scrap it on the greasy spot
 You can also use any old toothbrush

Step Number 3:

 In this stage use a dry cloth to rinse the liquid

Step number 4:

 Now you need to remove the applied dish soap
 Keep blotting until the solvent is out from there

Technique 3:

Essential apparatus:
1. Baking soda
2. Scrapper
3. Brush
4. Vacuum

Step number 1:

 Use the scraper to scrape the affected surface
 Remove the grease as much you can

Step number 2:

 Apply baking soda on the stain
 Sprinkle it on the stain
 The baking soda will absorb the grease

Step number 3:

 Brush the stain to rub the baking soda

Step number 4:

 Repeat the process if the first time you cannot get the ultimate result

Step 5:

 Use baking soda if anything is discolored.

Step number 6:

 Remove the baking soda by vacuum

Technique 4:

Essential apparatus:
1. Paper bag
2. Towel
3. Iron
4. Shampoo
(Note: Before using it, first ensure that the fabric will not fade)

Step number 1:

 Use knife or scrapper for removing excess grease
 Scrap it slowly

Step number 2:

 Put the paper bag on the stain.
 Then on the top of this, put the towel.

Step number 3:

 Make the iron warm
 Apply it over the towel
 The grease will transfer into the paper

Step number 4:

 Apply the shampoo
 Then use a clean cloth to wipe out the excess water

For a better result, you can combine the different techniques.

Method 5: Carpet shampoo

First, you need to test if it is fade or not. Use a small amount of carpet shampoo and see the result. If it fades, avoid it.

First of all, you need to remove excess grease using a knife or paint scraper. Do this part gently so that the valuable carpet does not damage.

Put the bag on the stain. Open a brown paper towel or sack and place it on the stain. Hold the iron on the stained area.

And then, you have to apply carpet shampoo and scrub it with a carpet brush.

And finally, clean it with cloth or paper towel and dry the carpet. You should remove any oils or fats inside your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Although grease and oil are slightly different, some common techniques work for both to remove stains.

How to get food grease out of car seats:

The grease does not only come from the mechanical shop. Some food items also contain oil. If that food falls on your car, then the grease of this food will create a spot on your vehicle.

So you need to use the same process to remove this.

How to clean car seats with household products:

If your car covered with grease, oil or any other material you do not need to buy any unique product to clean it. It will save your money.

Your home products are capable enough of removing the stain. You can use warm water for wet it, spoon for scraping, dish wash for washing.

If you can utilize your home product properly, then you do not need to buy any specific item to clean your car seat.

How to clean car seats with baking soda:

Baking soda has a magical power to clean anything. How to use it on the car seat is already explained in the above.

However, you can apply baking soda to clean your car seat by another way.

It can actively eliminate the stain from the car seat. In the cleaning process, the baking soda is a reliable name.

If you think that using the household product is challenging, then I will offer you a new option.

You need to consider the carbon wizard. The product will deal with the stain magically. It contains bio-enzyme and assures you the perfect cleaning.

Your car seat can get the stain from many sources. It may cause food, tea, coffee, chewing gum ore oil and grease.

Above all those items the grease attack is much dangerous and hard to eliminate. However, if you can properly do the provided method, then you can deal with grease.