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How to Remove Chewing Gum from Car Seat – With Video [2021]

How to remove chewing gum from car seat

It may be ice cream, burger, any notorious food like chocolate, coffee, and even bubble gum, eating in the long drive while in a car is an exciting thing.

Most of the time while traveling people make their car just like their dining room.

There is nothing wrong with taking food or drinking something in the car.

But the problem is, those foods or drinks will fall on your car seat, and then the trouble begins.

Think about the foods falling on your car. In a typical point of view, it seems like nothing but a small issue. You may think to wipe out or give a simple wash to remove dust or spot.

But you are wrong. Maximum food items that fall into the car seat creates a spot. Those spots are not easy to remove. They make the appearance of the seat ugly.

Even some food or drink causes the damages to the seat life. If they start to rot, an odor will spread over the car. Some particles attack the car seats in such a way that it becomes unusable. Famous brands like Clek fllo has good fabrics, so its easy to clean.

Among all kinds of foods, snacks, and drinks the most dangerous is chewing gum. This item is one of the most used and most peoples favorite thing at the time of driving.

If on the part of the journey you take any kid, it is sure that he or she will have a considerable amount of chewing gum.

The chewing gum removing process is pretty much complicated. Sometimes it is quite impossible. Car owner then finds no option but changing the seat.

But you cannot change your car seat one after another. The changing process is very costly and time-consuming.

So what do you think?

You may be thinking that you should stop taking chewing gum in the car. You also think about considering to make a rule that “Chewing Gum is not allowed in the car.”

No, it will be a funny idea. Stopping eating anything especially chewing gum types products makes your travel tedious.

You may think that you will be more conscious. That sounds good. But an accident may happen.

Maybe you are not doing it, but your beloved kid can do this as he or she is not mature enough. Even your any stupid friend can put the bubble gum to make fun.

You may be puzzled. Because I am not telling you to stop eating and also keep you far from changing seat after being affected.

So you may be asking me “What can I do?” Yes, it is true that treating chewing gum from car seat is difficult. But I am offering you some unique and straightforward techniques.

You should avoid some methods that use oils like vegetable oil, peanut butter, or WD-40 solvent.

If you can follow the method steps by steps and apply it, then definitely you can get rid of this.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Cloth or gloves
  • Plastic scraper
  • ice pack
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Cloth towel
  • Sponge
  • Paper towels

How to remove gum from the car:

1. Ice in a plastic bag:

Take some ice piece. It may be 3 or 4 pieces. Then seal the bag. Then freeze that gum. Keep it directly on the top of the gum. Hold this ice bag minimum 5 minutes.

After that, it will begin to get brittle. Then very easily you can eliminate this item from the car seat. You can hold a towel to prevent cold feeling in your hands.

Another thing, you need to be concerned about the leakage. To prevent leakage, you can use double bags.

2. Using blade, spoon, knife:

In this way, you need to freeze the affected area fast. After getting it hard, you can use the knife.

Always remember that your knife may cut the fabric of the seat. So do the process carefully. It may take some time.

3. Eliminating gum by using white vinegar:

In this process, at first, you need to collect a small piece of cloth. Then soak it in white vinegar in warm state.

Then run it in the gum seat. Give time to vinegar to absorb the gum. After a few moments later, the gum will begin to loosen up.

Then you can remove it with tweezers or even by your hands. But this process is only applicable to cloth seat or vinyl seat car. Never apply it on leather seat car.

4. Brushing:

At first, take a medium-size bowl. Then take one tablespoon of dish powder, one tablespoon vinegar, and some warm water. Make a proper solution.

Make them like a paste. Then take a toothbrush. Then add the prepared paste on the brush.

Now scrub the brush slowly on the car seat. Then dry it with a towel. You will be surprised at the result. The seat will be clean as new.

5. Scotch tape:

Take a piece of tape. Then attach it over the gum. Put it on for some time. Then pull the tape. This will eliminate the gum from the car.

If on the first try you do not get 100 % result, then repeat the method for several times. It is much applicable to the leather seat.

6. Commercial degreaser:

You can think of the most reliable product the commercial degreaser. Just spray it on the gum.

Then soak a piece of clean cloth with warm water. Then rub it in the water. Always follow the given instruction.

7. Upholstery cleaner:

Your cloth seat can be cleaned with the upholstery cleaner. For leather seat you should use leather conditioner.

The conditioner can prevent your seats from the cracking. The above all methods are handy.

But you need to know which way is for cloth and which is of leather. There are specific methods for cloth type seat and the leather one.

8. Adhesive remover:

Also, you can use an adhesive remover that works great. Apply it gently, use a small amount of remover. Within a few minute, it will be removed, and the stain will disappear. You can use a leather upholstery cleaner for the leather car seat.

How to remove chewing gum from leather car seat:

Removing gum from the leather seat is difficult than the cloth car seat. The ice therapy does not efficiently work on leather seats.

It is only better for cloth seats. Using a blade or knife is dangerous because it can cut the leather anytime. Another problem is that wash it with water can destroy the leather.

The better option is to use peanut butter, olive oil. Tape attaching and pulling is also permitted over the leather.

But leather is costly and sensitive then cloth, so when you are removing something, you need to be more careful.

How to get gum out of a cloth car seat:

Removing gum from cloth car seat is more comfortable than leather seats. You have many ways to eliminate this.

For cloth car seat the ice treatment is the most effective and easy way. Using oil may remove the gum, but the oil will make a spot.

Olive oil to remove gum from leather:

For the leather type, this method can be very useful. The advantage of using this item is, it will hardly cause any further spot.

You will not get any oil smell. Apply a few drops. Then slowly rub it. After rubbing, wipe it with a tissue paper or any clean, warm cloth. A few moments later the oily smell will be gone.

Putting chewing gum anywhere is a bad habit. You need to be careful about it while in a car. Use my instruction to clean your car seat to make it gum free.