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37 Best Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Apply NOW [2021]

Today I am going to show you several exclusive car cleaning tricks to get: A. Take away the dust particles both from interior and exterior parts B. Maximizes the longevity of the vehicle C. Give your car a new look D. Cope with the DIY hack and save labor cost Generally, most of the car […]

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How to Upholster a Car Seat – Step by Step Guideline [2021]

The car owners need to change their car parts. The reason is old parts cannot provide good service. You may need to change seat covers, cushions, glass, tire, and other elements. Seat covers need to change more time than other parts. However, the changing process is a bit complicated. You know it very well the […]

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How to Clean Vomit from Car Seat – Step by Step Guideline [2021]

Everyone wants to drive their car safely, comfortably and enjoyable. However, sometimes while driving many people faces different types of unwanted and unwelcomed incidents. One of the most common irritating things is vomiting on the car. It happens for tiredness and while long distance traveling. The vomit makes the car very nasty. Moreover, vomit is […]

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How to Remove Chewing Gum from Car Seat – With Video [2021]

It may be ice cream, burger, any notorious food like chocolate, coffee, and even bubble gum, eating in the long drive while in a car is an exciting thing. Most of the time while traveling people make their car just like their dining room. There is nothing wrong with taking food or drinking something in […]

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How to Get Chocolate Out of Car Seats – Complete Guide [2021]

In our daily life, many kinds of incidents happen. Among them some are very serious, some are a bit normal, some brings out a positive impact, and some, unfortunately, comes out with a negative result with a dangerous message. But some unwanted things are happening in our as usual daily life that makes us embarrassed […]

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How to Get Grease Out of Car Seat – Step by Step Guide [2021]

In your home or the mechanic’s shop; oil, lubricant, grease is widely used. Even wheel bearing grease can be tough for your seat. It needs to be used in the car for several reasons. Like repairing car parts or even cleaning car parts or engines. However, the problem arises when you use it in your […]

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