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6 Best Marine Battery Charger Reviews – Buying Guide [2021]

Best Marine Battery Charger Reviews

A battery charger is a gadget that is used to transfer energy to the rechargeable battery. It passes electric current into the object.

For regular work, a powerful battery is needed. The charging procedure is also an important fact.

If you can buy a quality charger, it may last for years to years. But it can be damaged in a short period if you can’t pick the right charger. On the other hand, a high-quality battery can be charged hundreds of times with the right battery charger. That’s why a charger is a very important equipment for your marine battery.

Charging plays a vital role in the vehicle. The right healthy charger can be giving an outstanding performance.

On the other hand, the lousy quality charger may make you suffer.

Deep cycle marine batteries are an extended, lasting and fastest battery. It charges in an ideal charge curve. A good ac recharge kit is also necessary.

Best Marine Battery Chargers Comparison Chart: 

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6 Best Marine Battery Chargers Review

  • NOCO Genius GENM2 8 Amp 2-Bank Water
  • proof Smart On-Board Battery Charger
  • Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH 12-Volt 2-Bank Battery Management System
  • MinnKota MK 440D On-Board Battery Charger (4 Banks, 10 Amps Per Bank)
  • MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center
  • MinnKota MK 210D On-Board Battery Charger (2 Banks, 5 amps per bank)
  • Schumacher SE-4022 2/10/40/200 Amp Manual Wheeled Battery Charger and Tester

1. NOCO Genius GENM2 8 Amp 2-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger:

It works great on deep-cycle batterie and others like AGM, gel, or lead-Acid batteries.

It is a waterproof product because it is sealed with the epoxy potting compound inside the unit. So you can rely on this item.

NOCO Genius GENM2 8 Amp 2-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger


1. Waterproof, compact lightweight, auto20 amp
2. Highly frequent and efficient
3. Diagnose itself
4. Recovers deeply discharge

Steps for charging:

1. Diagnose
2. Recovery
3. Initialize
4. Bulk
5. Absorption
6. Optimization
7. Maintenance


1. Smart charger
2. Easy installing
3. Great construction
4. Save playing


1. Small power cord
2. Short leads
3. Ordinary manual

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2. Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH 12-Volt 2-Bank Battery Management System:

Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH 12-Volt 2-Bank Battery Management System

It makes charging easier and better. It allows for efficient charging.

In storing period in winter, it acts excellently.

It has two separate charging ports; both offer 12 volts/1.25 amps. Besides, they are automatic temperature compensation that ensures optimum voltage.

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3. MinnKota MK 440D On-Board Battery Charger (4 Banks, 10 Amps Per Bank):MinnKota MK 440D On-Board Battery Charger (4 Banks, 10 Amps Per Bank)

Relatively it can save your time and rotation by having four batteries. It serves you for a long run. It increases the longevity of the cell.

In a 4 bank, MinnKota MK 440D  you can find:

Power: It can deliver you good power.

A simple guide to output:

Low output: It is applicable for low amp battery
Medium: It is suitable for occasional conditional.
High output: It can suit any condition. It is using a high amperage.

Consider battery type, smart charger, and harsh environment. Just like the best agm car battery.

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4. MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center:

MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

It is two bank chargers. If you desire 2 bank chargers for your demand, you can think about it.
It is pretty heavy but workable.

The physical dimensions of this unit are 7 11/16 inches x 13 9/16 inches. If you have limited space, check the dimension before buying a product.

Technical information:

  • The microprocessor makes your battery safe.
  • It takes less time for charging on a regular basis.
  • It delivers well charge anytime.
  • It contains notification light.
  • Multiple charging and auto temperature compensations. It gives efficient charging.
  • Energy saved by the auto cut
  • Short circuit resistant
  • Vibration protective
  • Waterproof and corrosion free

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5. MinnKota MK 210D On-Board Battery Charger (2 Banks, 5 amps per bank):MinnKota MK 210D On-Board Battery Charger (2 Banks, 5 amps per bank)

The man who needs a handy charger he can select the popular MInicona brand new model.


  • Two stages of charging make the full charge within a few minutes.
  • Credible, smart charger.
  • LED indicators show charging process.
  • Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. Take extra care to save from water attack.
  • Prevents over and undercharging.

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6. Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger and 30/100A Engine Starter with Advanced Diagnostic Testing:


  • Solid body, 4 to 5 hours charging
  • Perfect for deep cycle
  • Well, circuit design.

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You can also consider these chargers:

  • BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger Portable Battery Maintainer with Detachable Alligator Rings Clips Fast Charging Trickle Charger for Car Boat Lawn Mower Marine Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Tender 5-Bank Charger: Selectable 6V / 12V, 4 Amp Automotive Battery Charger with 5 Banks – Smart and Switchable Multi Bank Battery Charger and Maintainer Station – 021-0133-DL-WH

What to look for when buying a Marine battery charger:

Gel batteries take lower charges than flooded AGM types. Usually, we play our batteries between 50 F or 90 F. High temperature demands low voltages, and low temperatures need high voltages.

Perfect Charge Curve:

Bulk Phase: 200 amp batteries may charge 40 to 80 times. A battery takes more current when it is discharged.

AGM needs different voltages.

Acceptance Phase: Keep the battery at 14.6 v when the amperage is reducing. This will help to restore to 25% capacity.

Equalization: Light bulbs and the electrical object may be damaged by soaring voltage. While equalization, it disconnects all loads. There are multiple stages in manual type. In auto type it is impossible.

Size: Chargers size depends on batteries size. The boats that regularly stay in the port needs smaller chargers.

Charging Period:

Daily charge once. It returns 35 % capacity. Small alternators need more time. A massive charger can reduce battery life., Excessive current produces much heat.

Tips for battery long life:

You need to maintain it properly. This will assure the longevity of your battery.

1. Low discharge
2. 80% discharging is safest
3. Charge it after use
4. Never mix old batteries with a new one

Reason for quick battery damage:

The full charge batteries leave lead sulfate. It solidifies plates. After being sulfated, it loses the power to perform properly. A specific time later, the sulfated battery never returns to a healthy situation. Then you need to replace it.

Charge your batteries and equalize it in every 6-8 weeks.


It boils the electrode. As a result, the battery becomes hotter. It often happens on AGM and Gel batteries.

Excess deep discharging:

Completely discharge must be avoided. Deep discharging decreases the battery life period. Charge and release in the middle range. Equalize the flooded battery. Putting the cells in totally discharge position especially in winter, reasons sulfate.

Onboard boat battery charger:

The proper quality onboard charger displays advance technology. It allows you auto charging technique. Best built-in charger manages power support, marine, and many other numerous tasks. It can be used as a micro hybrid or CANBUS system.

It gives reverse polarity, prevents overcharging, Spark–proof. It offers unique features. For example, It is waterproof, Corrosion resistant, multiple charging, battery equalization and what not.

It seems a little bit small on heavy boat cause this is not big. The surprising fact is that it can work with three batteries quietly and efficiently. It can suits AGM and other cells.

It has a superpower with 3 separate banks. It makes the charging suitable.

The necessity of on Board Charger:

For your marine vehicle, it gives outstanding operation. The features and facilities are excellent.

Characteristic of best onboard charger:

Moisture Resistant: It is formed in a way that it can be protected against moisture that is a significant threat to the battery.

Waterproof onboard battery charger. In an atmosphere condition, it can withstand.

Battery: Specifying batteries by:

1. Types of chemistry
2. Amp hour level
3. Voltage of battery
4. Hybrid Battery.

Marine battery charger 2 bank: For a marine boat, 2 bank chargers is not bad. You can use it.

Best portable marine battery charger:

It is maximum sailors desire. An easy carrying charger is indeed a better partner for a boatman. Among the various model, you can choose Minicona Company. The MAC 105 is a very reliable portable charger. In the bellow of the article, I show the details of it.

Now I want to describe some model of the chargers. They are varying in the category. The 2 banks, portable, onboard, on board which you are going to buy, I suggest selecting the best model.

Choosing the best marine battery:

To select the proper marine battery you need to give more attention. Your right selection will provide you to enjoy excellent service from a suitable device.

Before buying, make sure that is it capable to full fill your target work. Follow the features and the entire details.


For a battery, the charger is the most significant part. Assuring the proper charger is your first condition to get an appropriate cell. Over or undercharging is responsible for damaging the battery. Search the real Ah rating and also the capacity.

To charge trolling motor, you can rely on the portable charger. In the storage moment charge, you can use plugging type charger.

Charger choosing depends on your option.

Charging period:

According to the battery size, period changes. Usually larger size takes relatively more time for charging.

Safe and long lasting:

Danger free and durability is another big issue. You need to collect a waterproof epoxy filled structure. It prevents potential shock and condensation and also removes sparking.

It must confirm the safety condition.

Only the sailor or boatman can adequately feel the necessity of marine battery. To ride in the water, you need an excellent running marine device.

A good running device requires a good battery charger. Good battery charger helps to play a good performance of the vehicle and increase the life of the boat.

How to charge a marine battery:


The below quality charger is not only responsible for the lousy performance, but it will also be a threat to the boat. Now you know the tricks to select the best battery for the marine boat. However, after selection does not a thing that your duty is over.

You also need to know about the maintenance method. You need proper maintenance to the perfect operation and longevity. Keep in mind about spoiling it. Avoid doing those. I also described the short technique to make the battery more efficient. Never ignore it.

Charge your marine object in the right way with the best marine battery charger. Enjoy your water journey.