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Nuna Convertible Car Seat Reviews – Buying Guide [2020]

Nuna convertible car seat reviews

In the driving time, the parents are always anxious about their child’s safety. They are always seeking a better option.

Now a day, experts suggest- Take a convertible baby car seat. Read our article on the best toddler travel bed as well.

This kind of seat helps in many ways. It can assure the safety and comfort of a child. It can minimize the bad impact after any unpleasant accident. Use the best car seat cushion with it.

About NUNA RAVA Convertible Car Seat:

This convertible car seat provides a belt tensioning plate that makes the seat belt installation easier. It comes with an anti-rebound bar. The weight limit of this item is from 5 to 65 lb and up to 50 lbs for rear-facing.

What actually makes this seat outstanding? Yes! Slick design, modern look, and rear-facing weight limits make it perfect.

Nuna Rava also includes side impact protection that makes it more reliable.

Thanks for its rear-facing weight limit that usually does not offers any other brands. This weight limit is fine for a two years old baby.

It is made with breathable knit fabric, and the design is ok for proper ventilation.

This car seat cover is machine washable. The seat is a slim and lightweight product that is only 27.2 lbs.

You are also going to get two collapsible cup holders with this item.

What is the convertible car seat?

A convertible car seat is a particular type of car seat. It can be rear-facing or forward-facing. The small baby needs rear-facing categories seat. When they grow up, you can use the forward-facing position.

What are the benefits come from the convertible car seat?

If you take it for use; you can enjoy numerous benefits and facilities. It can perfectly match with your baby. Use the best car seat cover with it, and you are all set.

The benefits are:

First, it can take the safety responsibility. The provided features can give this security. It can protect your baby in an accident.

Second, it gives the best level of comfort. The traveling will be enjoyable for your baby.

Third, the aesthetic look is fantastic. It increases the beauty.

Now a day, various kinds of convertible car seats are manufactured.

Unfortunately, the maximum is not up to the mark. Those are nothing but the waste of the money.

I will recommend you an excellent product. It is a classy and a premium item. It is one of the trustable convertible car seats.

Yes, I am talking about the renowned brand Nuna Rava. It is one of the famous brands in the market. This is a renowned and prosperous company.

The unique features and excellent facilities are the main attraction. That’s why it captures the top place in the car seat market.

If you need a particular type of product, then Nuna rava is perfect for you. It can give you a lot of unusual and unique performance. It is entirely different than other objects.

Height and weight ranges:

Rear-facing: Weight-5 to 50 lbs height – near about 49 inches
Forward-facing: Weight- 25 to 65 lbs Height- near about 49 inches
Headrest: Ten position
Recline setting: Five rear-facing and forward-facing
– No bubble
– No horizontal line
– Infant cushions
– A frame is made of steel
– Shoulder harness pad
– Hip harness pad
– Buckle holders

What are the measurements?

The highest height of harness: It is near about 16 inches
Base depth: 14 inches
The external point of most extent: 19 inches

Nuna Rava installation:

The well-known Nuna Rava always encourages using a seatbelt for safety.
They applied two tension door.

One is for Rear-facing and the other is for Forward-facing. It is beneficial for parents.

How to install the rear-facing seat?

The most challenging task is installing tension doors. You should flip the cup holders.

The next task is- Select the recline angle. Then lose the harness. Now, increase the headrest. Turn it on the top place. It will help you to get perfect tension.

How to install the forward-facing seat?

It is not too much different from the rear-facing installation process. Both of this process is quite the same.

Select the recline angle, loosen the harness, maintain the tension. That’s all you need to do.

They also added a manual instruction. You can follow it to make the installation process easy.

The entire installation is a little bit compact. But to enjoy the ultimate result, you have to make this effort.

You also have to be conscious of your baby’s height, weight.

After the installation, you will see the result. It is suitable and fit for every child. It is adjustable with the newborn babies.

It can deal with small babies. You can also apply it to the toddler. You can use it for your babies until they grow up.

What about the end-use and the maintenance?

The operating system is straightforward. The maintenance is also easy. But if you can take care of it properly, it will be more durable.

What is the correct tension door?

It is a helping feature. It helps to attach the seatbelt correctly. It can provide a great lock-off facility.

To solve all the problems, dealing with the tension door is a good decision. Cover removing:

A specific period later, you need to replace the cover.

You can quickly take off the cover from this seat. You can use a knife or other things to remove them.

To attach the cover, you have to sew it. If you can step by step do the job then it would be effortless and straightforward.

How to wash the cover?

You can machine wash. So it gets your work cut off. Cause manual or hand wash is complicated.

You can use any good detergent to wash it. After washing, rinse it properly. Then let it dry.

You should not wash it repeatedly. It can destroy the seat cover longevity.

What are the pros and cons?


  • Cup holders, Sip (side impact protection) features
  • The covers are machine washable
  • Strong steel frame
  • FAA approved
  • Tension door
  • No bubbles


  • It is an expensive item.
  • Lack of the recline indicator

Why can you rely on Nuna Rava?

Though it is not cheap, you can select it. The provided features and facilities are satisfactory. You can get to enjoy using it.

It is easy to use and maintain. The offering security, comfort, and other facilities are the characteristics of this model. It is promised to give the highest level of security..

Nuna rava manual:

After opening the box, you will find a useful and important manual guide. It contains a lot of information.

You can get the installation instruction from here. You will also get maintenance advice and using tips.

How many colors does it have?

The various color option gives this seat an aesthetic look. Those colors increase the attraction and appeal.

It includes- Capri blue, Tank, Dragonfly green, State grey, thunder grey, ink blue.

Some additional information:

  • It has cute cup holders. It also provides a nice footrest.
  • It gives a long-time warranty.

Nuna Rava Safety ratings:

It guarantees the safety issue. It never compromises it and never ignores this. That’s why at first they ensure the safety features.

Then they think about the other additional features. The safety rating is one of the significant facts to buy this item.

Nuna rava vs. Peg perego:

Both products are reliable and trustable towards the consumers. The peg perego comes with a lot of features and facilities.

It also guarantees the safety. But it cannot cope with the Nuna rava in the market competition.

Nuna rava vs. Maxi cosi 85 max:

Here, giving the ratings is tough. Cause both products are superb in performance.

I always suggest using Nuna rava.

But I cannot neglect or deny the quality of the other renowned item maxi cosi.

The Nuna rava is the best convertible car seat according to consumer reports. It is the best seat for toddlers.

It is suitable for the newborn too. Overall, it is an excellent convertible car seat. It can give the highest stage of satisfaction.

Buying this item will be a great investment. I highly recommended it for your cute baby.