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Throttle Body Cleaner vs Carb Cleaner – Difference and Benefits [2020]

Throttle body cleaner vs carb cleaner

There is a specific difference between the throttle body and the carb cleaner. Their features, application, and overall performance are entirely different.

If you notice acceleration or startup problems, it might be for the carburetor problem, and you need to clean the carburetor with carb clean.

Typically, some materials gather into the different carburetor’s part. So you should clean it when you notice any performance issue.

If your carburetor is getting jam, it can’t supply fuel properly, and then it can’t produce needed power.

As a car user, you need to know this particular difference. Many users are not aware of this.

Carb Cleaner

The carb cleaner is a potent solvent. This solvent can clean the carburetors without dismantling. It sprays on the float chamber for cleaning the inside portion to get the rapid results. The outside spray cleans the exterior.

What are the Carb Cleaner Applications:

The carb cleaner comes with several excellent applications.
Number one: It can clean without dismantling.
Number two: This is a useful fuel delivery
Number three: The carb cleaner is pretty suitable for two-stroke and four carburetors.

How to Use Carburetor Cleaner:

AT FIRST -Remove the air filter
Then – Spray the exposed surface in the carburetor throat.

Now- start the engine. Spray the float chamber.
Next- Stop the engine and clean the outside surface.

Finally, adjust the idle and the fuel mixture.

Top 3 Carb Cleaner Reviews:

1. CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner, 12 oz Aerosol Can, Clear:

CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner, 12 oz Aerosol Can, Clear

This model is very well-known in the market. This has some unique features. That’s why it is a significant competitor in the market.

It is good for air and fuel economy. This is one of the best carburetor cleaner. It will not harm oxygen sensors and also catalytic converters.

About the product:

  • This uses VOC formula.
  • This can incredibly dissolve the deposits. For example- sludge, gum and the varnish.
  • The item has a faster cleaning action.
  • Never affects the oxygen sensors.

2. Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.

Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.

It can remove deposits from the carburetor, and finally, it improves your engine performance and fuel economy. You can’t use this item for cleaning the fuel injector, but you can use it as a choke cleaner.

It also works great for removing carbon deposits. You need to remember that you can use it on the throttle body, but you should use throttle body cleaner to get perfect results.

About the product:

  • Very light-weight product.
  • It helps to overcome the hard starting. Also helpful for rough stalling, rough idling.
  • It can quickly remove the inside and outside. This way, it improves the fuel economy as well as engine performance.
  • It gives superb effective clean and dries quickly.

3. Petutu Carb Carburetor Cleaner Cleaning Brushes Kit, Small Wire Brush – 20 Needles:

Petutu Carb Carburetor Cleaner Cleaning Brushes Kit, Small Wire Brush - 20 Needles

About the product:

  • This is a perfect cleaner for motorcycles. Also very useful for cleaning needles, tattoo devices, air tools, stoves, air nozzles, etc.
  • Made of stainless steel and high-density nylon.
  • It comes with excellent elasticity.
  • Easy inner accesses make the clearest wash.
  • The detachable key ring makes storage easy.

Does carburetor cleaner work?

Yes, it is excellent in performance. After adding the fuel, it passes through the injector. Then it washes away the loosened deposits. These deposits regulate the fuel economy, increases fuel efficiency.

Throttle body cleaner:

The throttle body regulates the air amount that takes the engine air when it becomes dirty. So before taking it in the shop, clean it yourself for at least 10 minutes. Clean the spark plug.

To clean it:

First, Check the plastic duct placed in the air filter.
Then, remove the duct and place the throttle cable.
Now, spin the throttle mechanism.
Finally, spin the spray the cleaning solution. A moment later, wipe the curd.

Best Three Throttle Body Cleaners’ Reviews:

1. CRC 05078-12PK Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner, 12 fl. oz, 12 Pack:

CRC 05078-12PK Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner, 12 fl. oz, 12 Pack

This is an excellent cleaner. In the market, it has a good impression and reviews. This lightweight item is handy for washing. The CRC is incredible for perfect and smooth operation.

This excellent characteristic makes this product a trustable one. To the car owners, this model is reliable and trustable. I highly recommended it to every car user.

2. CRC MAF & Throttle Body Single-Use Twin Pack, 1 Kit:

CRC MAF & Throttle Body Single-Use Twin Pack, 1 Kit

About the product:

  • Number one– Designed to clean the airflow sensor.
  • Number two– Used advanced Cozol technology.
  • Number three– Works for increased horsepower. It also improves the fuel ratio and MPG.

Applying areas:

  • Gasoline
  • Housing
  • Airflow sensor

Overall, this is a super cleaner.

3. CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner, 5 Wt Oz:

CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner, 5 Wt Oz

For having superior properties, it is one of the top choices of experts. To remove dirt, dust, and oil or grease, it works great.

Even you can use it to treat fabric stains. This cool item is highly recommended. That’s why I suggest you consider it as a great result.

How often to clean the throttle body?

As it controls the engine air, very quickly it becomes dirty. So a specific time later, you need to clean it.

Please wash it before taking in the soap. To clean it, you have to give adequate time. At least spend 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning.

Throttle body cleaner alternative:

Someone has a tendency to use kerosene, petrol instead of the throttle body. These will make your hand dirtier.

In my sense, those are not my better option. You cannot expect a useful result. But comparatively, those are cheaper.

Basic difference-Carb Cleaner vs Throttle Body Cleaner:

Number one: The idea is- Use the carb cleaner for cleaning the throttle body.
Number two: The throttle body improves the airflow by covering a coat. A carb cleaner may remove this coating.

Number three: For electric sensors: throttle body is thousands of times safer than carb cleaner.

Number four: leaning purpose: The throttle body faces too much massive particle. It also faces liquid and oil. To prevent this from sticking, the better option is to use any surfactant. On the other hand, the carburetor remains very aggressive solvents.

Number five: Chemical Structure:

Both TB and carb remain 20% to 30% acetone. The carb is more quick and aggressive to evaporate and to melt. On the opposite side, TB is less aggressive and slower.

Number six:
The carb cleaner is applied for dissolving the thin layer. The TB is used for breaking the severe carbon apart.


I hope you liked our articles on throttle body cleaner vs carb cleaner. Their structure, performance, and applying area are entirely different.

So pick the best carburetor cleaner and the best for throttle bodies. Use them properly. Pick one that is VOC compliant. Easy to apply. If possible, provides free shipment.