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5 Top Rated Oil Filters of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Top rated oil filters

Are you looking for the best oil filters?

You are in the right place.

Oil plays a crucial role in a vehicle. But to get the best out of it, you need to filter it properly.

A good motor oil keeps your engine healthy for an extended period.

Some metal and harmful comes from various engines’s parts that basically trap an oil filter. If you fail to pick a quality product, your engine might be damaged.

Yes! A high-quality oil filter extends engine life. Besides, it can reduce of changing engine life. Eventually, it saves your time and money.

In this article, we will introduce some of the top-rated oil filters. Use silicon anti drain back valve. Check our article on best radiator stop leaks.

Top Rated Oil Filters Comparison Chart:

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6 Top Rated Oil Filters Reviews

  • Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter
  • Royal Purple 341777 341777 Extended Life Oil Filter
  • Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Oil Filter
  • WIX Filters – 51348 Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1

1. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter:

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

This is the most trustable object to the car owner. It provides you with excellent, reliable operation. For incredible performance, it is dominating in the market competition.

It has a powerful holding capability. Beside this, it can remove a significant percent of impurities. As a result, your engine will be more efficient and workable.

Provided properties:

Number one- Hinders: It works for preventing leakage in the shutdown process.
Number two- great efficiency: The most significant point is – it has excellent efficiency. It is capable of eliminating up to 90% of the debris.

This is one of the top-rated oil filters that can trap any small dirt particles. Besides, they use filter media that prevent to increase pressure.

Number three- Durable service: It has a big reinforcement power. It can withstand at least 615 psi pressure.
The above features prove that the item is an ideal and premium class item.

This filter works well with the synthetic blend oil or fully synthetic oil.

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2. Royal Purple 341777 341777 Extended Life Oil Filter:

Royal Purple 341777 341777 Extended Life Oil Filter

This is another surprising oil filter. It has a robust capability of preventing the contamination. It is also well-known for providing additional strength.

The included thick shell ensures excellent service. The provided center tube helps to stop the collapsing.

You may consider it as the best synthetic oil filter because it works well for synthetic oil. Besides, it also good for non-synthetic oil.


Number one- Metal end-caps:
The caps make sure a positive sealing. This unit increases the entire service quality.

Number two- gauge steel:
It includes heavy thick steel. This is incredible for assuring extra support.

Number three-Center tube:
This helps to prevent collapsing and keeps the vehicles save.

Number four-Superior filtration:

The item has an incredible filtering mechanism. It can remove a considerable amount of contaminated materials.
In general, this is a remarkable and unique oil filter.

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3. Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil FilterBosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

This is an exclusive item. You will enjoy the latest technology and superb mechanism.

The premium properties make this one of the top items on the market. This is offering you a tight sealing and excellent protection guarantee.

The filtration media of this item is great that can hold 14g of dirt. It increases engine protection because it has a high-quality filtration system for synthetic materials and natural blend.


Number one- Silicon valve: This unit only receives the clean oil.

Number two-elite flitch technology:
This helps to make the item more efficient. It can filter the oil and prevents the debris.

Number three- lubricity gasket:
This feature makes the engine and other parts smooth.
Overall, having a couple of great features, I suggest it for an expected result.

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4. ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter:

ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter
The item is recognized for its superb performance. This has excellent efficiency and reliability.


Number one- filtration efficiency: It has excellent accuracy and excellent operating power.
Number two- cellulose media: It helps to captures the tiniest particles and gives a proper filtration.
Number Three-adhesive seal: To keep the filter in the perfect position, the adhesive seal is very helpful. It helps to place it in an accurate position.
For a great filtration, this filter is excellent in class. It has a high recommendation from the experts. It works with the best engine oils.

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5. Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Oil Filter:

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Oil Filter

About the product:

For a better service, this filtration object is mind-blowing. You can set it for every type of vehicle. It has high accuracy and attractive features.


Number one- Durability: It has a great capacity to serve you for a long term. The reason is- the provided functions are incredible in operation.
Number two-Highly efficient: It is well known for efficiency. It can eliminate a significant amount of impurities and dust.
Number three- Versatility: It is versatile in operation. The item can deal with the maximum vehicle.

You need to check the oil filter when you change engine oil. If you notice, the filter is not in good condition. Take a new filter and keep secure your vehicle’s engine.

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6. WIX Filters – 51348 Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1:

WIX Filters - 51348 Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1
About the product: This is a consumer reliable oil filters. The included features are unique in operation.
It is well-known for its durability and efficiency.

It is versatile in use and simple in operation. It contains a gasket, tubes, plate, etc.

It also reduces the frequency of oil change.

For its attractive properties, it is the top choice of experts. So my suggestion, consider it as a beneficiary result.

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What is an oil filter?

Oil filter removes the unnecessary things from oil and makes it purer. It helps it to be more lubricated. It is used on different kinds of hydraulic machinery.

First of all- It can remove the contaminants from the car engine.
Secondly, it keeps the engine clean and the surface area clean.

Cleaning is essential. Otherwise, it becomes saturated with the tiny particles. These particles can cause a problem to the car engine.

There are different type of lubricant filter based on efficiency rating. Some are made of advanced synthetic fiber that removes contaminants.

These have good holding capacity and makes it metal free from conventional oil or unfiltered oil and prevents dry starts.

Filters are designed for engine protection. They help the engine to be clean on cold weather, helps with burst strength, keeps the bypass valve clean, nad pervents thicker oil from draining. Keeps spring clean.

They have good dirt holding capacity and makes engine performance capacity better.

How does oil filter work?

Number one: There is metal outside the filter. It seals the gasket. The gasket tightens against the mating surface.
Number two: The included gasket hold the base plate. The engine pumps the lube. That moves to the engine`s filter.
Number three: The dirty, contaminated are pushed away with pressure.
This way an it helps to remove dirty oil.

When you have to replace the oil filters?

Most of the manufacturer suggested changing the filters during the oil change. After running it near about 3000 miles, you need to replace it. It is most probably three months.

It will eliminate the impurities. Those impurities are a significant threat to your car engine. Besides this, it can increase the engine`s longevity. Now a day, an engine needs to withstand considerable pressure.

It faces a different climate condition. That`s why keeping an engine active and durable is pretty challenging. The fact is, only a quality engine has this capability. To maintain an engine properly, the right filter is essential.

According to the vehicle type, you should choose the filter. A wrong fitting is the cause of oil spilling. It is responsible for the low oil weight.

The oil flow helps to lubricate the parts of the vehicle. If it is contaminated, parts will not work correctly. That’s why you have to stop the contamination. For preventing this, the best solution is applying an oil filter.

The maximum modern vehicles use two types of filters. One is a canister filter, and another is cartridge filters. The canister has a single unit. It needs to be replaced when you change the oil. The cartridge filter is re-useable.

However, your primary duty is to get an active oil filter. We are going to unveil some products. In the expert`s eye, those are the best in the market.


Always make your engine workable for a good performance. For this fact, utilize the oil. Top rated oil filter plays a significant role.

Use one with anti drain relief valve.

So choose any one item from our offered lists. You will get satisfactory service.