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How to Use Octane Booster [2021]

How to use Octane booster

What is an Octane Booster:

The product that is made for increasing the octane rating is known as the octane booster.

This concept works on certain kinds of the engine like a powerful compressor engine.

However, other factors also play a part in better vehicle performance. So you cannot depend only on it.

Bad quality octane does not work well. The quantity is also a significant fact. Check best octane booster reviews for detailed guidance to buy one.

Less amount will deliver low performance. You should add more for getting the benefit.

There is no doubt that it magically works on your car. It will convert into crazy horses.

However, the obvious point is for your required performance; your octane level must be high. Otherwise, you will not see the difference.

Before purchasing an octane booster, your first duty is to ensure its class. You must select the correct one, then put it in the fuel tank for boosting the level of octane.

Octane booster side effects: there are no horrible side effects. It is tolerable.

It properly works in a modern car. Also, it needs a significant number of octanes.

It is responsible for deposition and emulsion. Do not worry about money. To get a car running in its limit, you have to spend money.

What is octane booster made off?

It is the combination of kerosene, MMT (manganese tricarbonyl), Methylcyclopentadienyl.

Is it harming your engine: No, it is not affecting your engine and fuel pump. For pinging and detonation problem, you need to fix it properly. You may use leaded gas.

How much octane booster should I use?

The small amount of octane will not give you a satisfactory result. The modest rate of octane of fuel causes pinging and denotation.

However, you may be thinking that at 87- octane designed engine can you give full compression without any trouble. Don’t worry; it will never create any hamper for your engine.

Usage Procedure:

1. Select a suitable class: First, you have to get a good booster among all products.
2. Follow the owner’s manual: It helps to know the level of octane your car requires. So it is a regular duty to check.
3. Know the bottle rating
4. Use it on turbocharger engine: This item is not for all cars. Turbocharger or similar type of engine works fine with it.
5. Dispense the booster into the tank before adding fuel.
6. Now add gas.
7. Utilize your product within one year.
8. Preserve it in the right container.

Using octane booster with premium gas: It is better to avoid and stay far from this.

How do I know if my car can handle an octane booster?

You need to find out the owner’s manual what is the recommended fuel for your vehicles. Remember that the higher octane fuel does not mean higher power. It does mean more resistance to pre-ignition. The requirement to meet the specified octane rating is for most personal applications only.

Octane rating is a measurement number of knocking. Your fuel usually will not ignite until the spark plugs are lit. Knocking occurs when it is inflamed spontaneously by compression. A higher octane number expresses that it can withstand higher compression before igniting.

How to raise the octane level?

Expert advice is: Do not try yourself with these types of experiment. If you want to do this, ask help from a specialist car technician. Otherwise, your engine might get damaged.

Best level octane booster in the market:

1. stp octane booster
2. Klotz octane booster
3. royal purple octane booster
4. toluene octane calculator
5. turbo 108 octane booster

Homemade octane booster formulas:

First formula: Toluene

  • The mixture of 92 premium octane
  • 10%-94.2 octane
  • 20%- 96.4
  • 30%-98.6

Second formula: Xylene

  • The mixture of 92 premium octane
  • 10%- 94.5
  • 20%-97.0
  • 30%-99.5

Third Formula: MTBE

  • 92 premium octane
  • 10%- 94.6
  • 20%-97.2
  • 30%- 99.8

Octane booster maximizes octane point in fuel. However, I again repeat, consider the quantity and then apply to the modern car.